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Double Edge Theatre , Ashfield, Mass., 2011
Photo by Shawn Poynter

"Double Edge Theatre's mission is to create a 'living culture' by developing the highest quality of original theatre performance, based on the long-term imaginative work of its ensemble of artists and their rich interaction with the communities in which the work takes place—and by cultivating a permanent center of performance, training, research, and cultural exchange at The Farm in Ashfield, Massachusetts."
Photo challenge!

Overheard in a recent meeting, Center for Rural Strategies President Dee Davis declared that rural America is the next cool place.

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We will feature photos from the field in our weekly newsletter from here on out, declaring rural as the next cool place.
Just one more week! Submit an idea for the Rural Arts and Culture Summit!

The 2019 Rural Arts & Culture Summit will take place October 3-5 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This year they are particularly interested in session ideas that address the idea of "Creative People Power" in rural places.
EPA looking for applicants to Local Government Advisory Committee

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking applications for new members to the Local Government Advisory Committee and the Small Community Advisory Subcommittee . Applications are due March 15th .
Organizers Hope Teachers' Survey Will Help Fill Jobs in Rural Classrooms

" What’s great — and not so great — about teaching in a rural school district? Rural education leaders are using teacher input to help them recruit a new generation of educators."