Issue 5

In the heartwarming days of June 2020, a tale of love and aspiration began to unfold. Jugnu and Sweety, embarking on a new journey as a couple, symbolized the boundless potential of a fresh start. Sweety's desire to embrace her new life in the USA was met with open arms, as she stepped into the corporate toastmasters club, an arena where voices were meant to flourish.

In just three months, the transformation within Sweety was nothing short of remarkable. The spark of her growth ignited a brilliant idea, one that would light the way for countless others. The concept of an Empowerment Toastmasters club emerged, a sanctuary where voices, often stifled by doubt, could rise and be heard.

Yet, as with any uncharted path, uncertainty loomed. The notion of creating a club from scratch was a challenge like no other. With the guidance of a mentor, the blueprint for success came into view: build a team, lead with vision, and embrace the lessons that come with the journey.

The search for kindred spirits to share in this pursuit was a tale of perseverance. Among the disappointments, a partnership blossomed – Renee Yao and our protagonist united in a shared belief in the cause. Together, they rallied kindred spirits who yearned to champion the values of Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement, and Diversity (LEAD).

The path ahead was not without its hurdles. To breathe life into the vision, the new club needed supporters. The quest to recruit 17 non-toastmasters seemed daunting, but passion proved to be a compelling ally. With each new member who crossed the threshold, the fire of purpose burned brighter.

In the capable hands of Renee, marketing genius and driving force, a digital gateway emerged. A website adorned with weekly blogs became a beacon, drawing kindred souls from every corner. The online realm was woven with threads of connection through platforms like Meetup, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The birth of this club was not merely the creation of a meeting space; it was a crucible for personal growth. The journey from ideation to reality echoed with the wisdom of forming a team, leading with heart, and nurturing unity. Looking back, every challenge revealed a steppingstone, and every obstacle, an opportunity.

And as we stand here, embracing the culmination of our collective efforts, remember that we all possess ideas that stir our souls. What is your dream, your passion? Within these words lies the essence of a universal truth: together, we can nurture your aspirations into existence. Growth awaits those who dare to tread the path less traveled.

In this spirit, we gather to celebrate our second in-person event of the year, a testament to resilience and shared purpose. Mark your calendars for October 21st, when the District Showcase awaits. A special addition graces this year's program – "Your Story Matters" Every narrative, every journey, contributes to the mosaic of our shared experience.

Renew your commitment to growth, for we stand as stewards of possibility. Our promise is to uplift, to support, and to guide your journey. Reach out, and let us shape a brighter future together, as we renew our vows to Toastmasters and to ourselves.

Together we grow.

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Save the Dates: District Showtime – Fall Speaker Showcase

Check out contests for Table Topics, Humorous Speech and Your Story matters!

Club winners or nominated participants advance to: 

Stages of the showcase:

0. Submit the “Intent to Participate” [Deadline Aug-15]

1. Contestant identified to represent your club: [Deadline: Sep-15]

2. 8 online Semi-finals: [Sept-16 – Oct-15]

3. Final Showcase (in-person): [Oct-21]

Checkout more details @ District Showtime

Every Toastmaster has a story to tell, about their highs and lows, about their tribulations and triumphs, about the impact of Toastmasters.

What is yours? Do you want to share it with your fellow Toastmasters and the community? 

We encourage you to record a 4-6 minute video of your story and upload it to YouTube. Kindly share the video link with us by filling out the submission form by September 15th.

For more details check out Your Story Matters


What is the quintessential quality that defines a true leader? Does the flame of acceptance burn brightly within you? Can you look into the mirror and honor the unique person staring back, flaws and all? Can you extend that same grace to others?

WHY VOLUNTEER IN VARIOUS DISTRICT ROLES IN TOASTMASTERS? The WHY Series: Each role comes with its challenges, but it is worth pursuing and learning! Learning happens when you are uncomfortable!

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