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I-15 Base Line Road Ribbon Cutting
December 13, 2016
10:00 a.m.

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December 23, 2016 through  January 2, 2017

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About Us
The San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) is the council of governments and transportation planning agency for San Bernardino County.

SANBAG is responsible for cooperative regional planning and furthering an efficient multi-modal transportation system countywide.

SANBAG serves the 2.1 million residents of San Bernardino County.
SANBAG Becomes the SBCTA Starting January 1, 2017
As of January 1, 2017 the San Bernardino Associated Governments will officially be conducting business as the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority and San Bernardino Council of Governments. 
With the passage and signing of SB 1305 in August 2016, the agency's various transportation entities will consolidate into one new singular statutory entity, the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA).  In an effort to increase awareness of the agency's Council of Governments activities, that entity will begin doing business as the San Bernardino Council of Governments (SBCOG).  In addition, after the first of the year, you will begin to see this new brand identity associated with our agency.

Measure I Revenue Receipts
Measure I revenue for the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year budget was estimated to be $160,000,000.  Actual Measure I receipts for Fiscal Year 2016/2017 July through September are $41,123,141, in comparison to $39,298,056 received during the quarter ending September 2015/2016, with an increase of 4.64%.
You can view Item No. 4 of the December Board of Directors Meeting Agenda  for a summary of the current Measure I receipts by quarter and cumulative total since its inception. The quarterly receipts represent sales tax collection from the previous quarter taxable sales. For example, receipts for July through September represent sales tax collections from April through June.

Interchange Phasing Strategy for San Bernardino Valley
On December 7, the San Bernardino Associated Governments Board of Directors voted to incorporate a phasing strategy into the Valley Interchange Program.  The Valley Interchange Program, which includes the 31 interchanges listed in the Expenditure Plan plus seven additional interchanges identified during the Nexus Study development, has experienced significant increases in cost estimates and significant reductions from the originally forecasted Measure I revenues. The combined impact of these deviations was seen in the cost estimates for all programs within the agency. The 2013 update of the Development Mitigation Nexus Study indicated estimated costs for the full Valley interchange program at $1.96 billion.
As a result, A phasing approach has been explored to determine if and how Measure I dollars could be stretched across a broader cross-section of Valley interchanges. This is anticipated to be a way to derive maximum public benefit from the limited Measure I dollars available for the Valley Interchange Program. A phasing strategy would target improvements for the most congested ramps or nearby intersections, where feasible, with the ultimate interchange reconstruction deferred for some of the interchanges.  For more information you can view Item No. 11 of the December Board of Directors Meeting Agenda.
2017-2018 State & Federal Legislative Platforms Approved

T his week the Board approved the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority's (SBCTA) 2017-2018 State and Federal Legislative Platforms.  The SBCTA Legislative Platforms serve as the foundation for understanding the perspective of the Board of Directors on key issues that are anticipated to be considered during the course of each legislative session.  The platforms will guide staff's analysis and recommendations on pending legislative and regulatory items in the upcoming session.
In developing the 2017-2018 Platforms, staff submitted the 2015-2016 State and Federal Legislative Platforms for review and comment to the City Managers Technical Advisory Committee, the General Policy Committee and the Board of Directors.  In addition, staff conducted meetings with members of the congressional and state delegation, regional agencies, and committee consultants in preparation of the proposed legislative platforms .  
Seeking Qualified Firms for I-10 Toll Service Provider
The I-10 Corridor Contract 1 Project involves the design and construction of two tolled express lanes in each direction of I-10 from the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County line to the I-10/I-15 interchange. A new Express Lane would be constructed in each direction extending from the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County line to Haven Avenue in Ontario and the existing high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction would be repurposed as an Express Lane to provide two Express Lanes in each direction. East of Haven Avenue to I-15, two Express Lanes would be constructed.
At the December SANBAG Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved the Toll Service Provider Procurement Process for the project.  This process includes a provision for staff to release a request for qualifications for the design, implementation, installation, operation, and maintenance of the toll collection system.  The process identifies a best value competitive procurement, whereas the contract is ultimately awarded to the proposer who provides the best value to the agency through a combination of capabilities, technical understanding, and price. The estimated cost of the Toll Services Provider (TSP) contract is approximately $30 million, which includes initial capital expenditures and Toll O&M expenditures for a period of five years.

26,645 approved projects
16,056 completed projects
$303,588,511 value of completed projects
115.1 million KWh saved annually
31,459 tons of GHGs reduced annually
59.5 million gallons of water saved annually

HERO investments stimulate direct economic opportunity in San Bernardino County.