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St. Anthony  Park Neighborhood News
January 2017
Neighborhood Honor Roll Volunteer Awards Night

Congratulations to our Honor Roll Awardees! We excitedly announce this year's winners, all nominated by their fellow community members to win this award. The event will be held on January 27th from 5:30-7:30pm. Awardees have compensated tickets, but anyone else who wishes to attend can purchase tickets for $15. You can read more about the event or purchase tickets here.

St. Anthony Park 2017 Awardees:

Les Everett, a longtime transportation and environmental advocate, was nominated for his many years of service to St. Anthony Park. Les served diligently for many years on the Transportation and Land Use Committees of the St. Anthony Park Community Council, and worked on issues ranging from bike lanes to environmental sustainability with passion, consideration, and dedication. He will be greatly missed in our neighborhood.

Workhorse Coffee Bar joined the neighborhood in 2015 and has already become an open, welcoming, and inclusive place for neighbors, employees, and visitors in the community to gather. The coffee shop hosts the Smallest Museum in St. Paul, offering local artists an area to showcase their mini works. Workhorse has woven itself into the fabric of the neighborhood, enhancing our community's vibrancy and connectedness.

Regula Russelle has been involved for a long time on many topics in the neighborhood, but most recently Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park. Regula demonstrates an unfailing support for other people and genuine love of community, which she communicates in everything she says and does with other people. Neighbors remark that she defines the very idea of "neighborly".

Transportation Equity Update

SAPCC continues to work on transportation equity at a statewide level. Joining with other organizations like the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability and the Sierra Club, SAPCC has advanced advocacy on serving a higher percentage of households in the state by high quality and frequent transit, putting adequate funding behind Metro Mobility to serve passengers with less mobility, to refuse to cut transit services, and to fund programs in both the Metro and Greater Minnesota as well as active transportation projects. Much of this work centers around a commitment to eliminate racial and economic disparities not only in St. Anthony Park and St. Paul, but more widely in Minnesota overall. We remain committed to securing a multimodal transportation system that enhances the connectivity, social and economic environments within communities. 

Gremlin Theatre Returns to SAP

Gremlin Theatre is renovating space in the Vandalia Tower complex, an exciting, multi-use development, into a new 120 seat theatre and performing arts facility that will serve as home to our company and enable us to provide much needed performance space to many other theatre and performing arts groups in the Twin Cities.
Conveniently located right off I-94 at 550 Vandalia Street and within walking distance of the light rail Green Line, Vandalia Tower has become a bustling artistic hub for organizations from the Independent Film Project to the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network and contains the offices and studios of many artists and performing arts groups. Fronted by Lake Monster Brewery, Vandalia Tower features a large courtyard and welcoming patio to greet patrons upon arrival, complete with rotating food trucks on evenings and weekends and a tap room for audience members to wet their whistle and mingle with the neighborhood.
The new performance space will feature a thrust stage with audience members sitting up close and personal; no more than four rows deep with excellent sight-lines on all three sides. There will be a large new lobby and box office with high ceilings and easy access to the building's new and abundant bathrooms for patrons. The theatre will be fully wheelchair accessible and plentiful free parking is available in the lot surrounding the building.
Once up and running, Gremlin plans to stage full production seasons in this performance space as well as host performing arts groups of widely varied backgrounds, keeping the theatre in use year round. 50% larger than our previous theatre with significant artistic and aesthetic upgrades, this new performance space will be a great step for our company, enabling us to grow as an organization and better serve our artists and public.
SAP Elementary School Traffic Discussion Open House

Open House
February 16, 2017 
6:30 pm
SAP Elementary School

St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) representatives will host an open house for neighbors to hear about the construction plans and to discuss traffic solutions for St. Anthony Park Elementary School. Plans include adding a second story to the school among many other changes. Construction is slated to start this summer. Representatives from SPPS will present on the plans and ask for feedback on transportation and rerouting work during the construction process in order to lessen the impact on the neighborhood while the construction occurs.
Sign Up for the Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner 2017
Saturday, March 4, 2017; 5:30pm -9:45pm

The following information is posted on behalf of the volunteers who organize the annual progressive dinner:

Please join your neighbors on Saturday, March 4th for the annual St. Anthony Park Progressive Dinner. It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, enjoy a special meal, and have great conversations! Come alone or come with a friend, but you must register by February 24 to confirm your participation. Walk-in registration on March 4 cannot be accepted. The event starts with appetizers at Centennial United Methodist Church St. Anthony Park at Como and Hillside. At that time, you will receive your customized schedule for the evening.

To sign up, visit SAPCC's website.

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Visit or join a Community Council committee! All are open to the community and new members. 

Land Use
--First Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Board of Directors--Second Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Transportation--First Monday of the month 6:30-8pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Environment--Fourth Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Equity-- First Friday of the month, 8-9:30am
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

About Us
The St. Anthony Park Community Council is a non-profit citizen's organization of residents working together to maintain and enhance the quality of life, residential character, economic vitality, and physical development of St. Anthony Park. The Board meets monthly as do our four committees: Land Use, Transportation, Equity, and Environment. Any resident may join the committees. The Board is elected with five delegates and two alternates each from North St. Anthony, South St. Anthony, and Business.
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