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St. Anthony  Park Neighborhood News
June 2016
Tennis Court Community Survey

As suggested by the City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department, the St. Anthony Park Community Council's (SAPCC) Equity Committee and staff designed a survey in collaboration with City staff to offer neighbors an opportunity to respond to the proposal by Joy of the People (JOTP) to resurface the South St. Anthony Park Rec Center tennis court.

JOTP has held two community meetings and has presented at the Land Use Committee on this project. We have now moved into the direct community contact portion of their engagement. 

US Bank and the MN Vikings awarded JOTP a grant for this project. If the project is approved by the City of St. Paul, US Bank will provide roughly $50,000 and JOTP will supply the other roughly $50,000 to resurface the  recreational tennis court with an artificial turf in order to provide an alternative playing surface. The surface proposed by JOTP is an artificial short grass turf certified by the International Tennis Federation. Learn more about the turf  here .

You can find paper copies of the survey at the SAPCC office and at the Hampden Park Co-op. We will host the link to the survey on our website's homepage at

Your thoughts are important!  Take the survey here

If link is broken, copy and paste URL into your browser:

Drive 25 Campaign Makes Waves at the Art Fair

The SAPCC Transportation Committee has started a Drive 25 campaign to increase pedestrian safety in the neighborhood. Asking neighbors to drive 25 miles an hour in St. Anthony Park where the posted speed limit is 30, the Transportation Committee notes, will help reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries in the neighborhood.  At their unveiling at the SAP Art Fair on June 6th, the group collected almost 70 signatures. 

Why should I drive 25?
Your driving speed matters for two reasons:
  • stopping distance
  • crash severity
Traveling at 40 mph, the average driver who sees a pedestrian in the road at 100 feet ahead will still be traveling at 38 mph on impact. If they had been driving 25 mph, the driver would have stopped before the pedestrian was struck.

Why does risk change so much with higher speed?
Because kinetic energy increases much more quickly than velocity. The increase isn't linear: the damage done by speeding increases much faster than your speed increases. 

Then why are our speed limits 30 mph?
Because state law says it can't be any lower, even if St. Paul wants it to be. There are a few exceptions (if a street has bike lanes or other amenities), but the standard speed limit cannot be any lower than 30 mph statewide.

You can see campaign signs posted at key places in the neighborhood. The committee printed a small number of signs to kick the campaign off and will wait on results to see whether or not to do another run of signs. 

Coffee with Cailin 
Ever wonder about construction updates? Want to hear about the upcoming developments in the neighborhood? Do you have ideas for the neighborhood you would like to discuss with someone? Ever wonder what the Community Council does?

In our efforts to expand our community engagement efforts, our Outreach and Operations Coordinator, Cailin Rogers, will spend a morning in a coffee shop every other week to answer your questions and discuss neighborhood projects. Stop in for a cup of coffee at one of the locations and times listed below for a chat and to add your voice to the conversations at the Community Council. We recognize that not everyone in our community can make it to evening meetings, or spend a few hours discussing myriad topics. Come talk about what's important to you for whatever time you have. We may not have all the answers, but we can help you find them.

Friday, July 1:
 7:30 am - 9:30 am
Workhorse Coffee Bar
2399 University Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55114

Friday, July 15:
7:30 am - 9:30 am
Colossal Cafe
2315 Como Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

Let's Build a Bridge Success 

Community members came together to build a bridge on June 11th. Funding from a Friendly Streets Initiative (FSI) grant allowed the residents of  Desnoyer Park and St. Anthony Park to envision a better version of the bridge that connects them: Pelham bridge. With low railings, a sidewalk only on one side, and tight bike lanes, the Pelham bridge serves as a dangerous and unpleasant connection between two beautiful neighborhoods. 

The bridge building event allowed residents at the community picnic to envision a better version of the bridge to connect two neighborhoods. With oversight and assistance from Leonardo's Basement, an organization dedicated to building things from imagination, kids and adults alike were able to create a more aesthetically pleasing, safer version of the Pelham bridge that you can now find outside of the Desnoyer Park Recreation Center on Pelham Blvd. The neighborhoods intend to share the approximately 15 foot bridge with other organizations or groups who want to use the bridge for teaching or creative purposes, since the bridge can be transported between locations.

If you have any questions or comments about this project, please feel free to direct them to
Air Quality Monitoring Opportunity Through MPCA

Come to a meeting to learn about a short-term community outreach project by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to have residents use small hand-held air monitoring sensors. Up to 25 individuals will be loaned (for free!) an AirBeam air monitor sensor that they can run with a cell phone app (Android phones only) called AirCasting. They can be used for one month.

The hand-held AirBeam monitors measure fine particulate matter (PM2.5), temperature,relative humidity, and noise in a local space. A user can collect data anywhere in the neighborhood and can choose to send collected date to AirCasting to add to an automatically generated mapping system to show spatial locations of the pollution levels in our area.

MPCA staff will staff the meeting to describe the project and answer questions. Betty Wheeler of the St. Anthony Park Community Council's Transportation and Environment Committees will organize the distribution of the AirBeam sensors.

SAPCC and MPCA will host two meetings to organize this event, based on the most popular dates. Share your availability here.

Questions? Reach out to Betty Wheeler at

Jennings Students Build Wheelchair Ramp and Steps

Jennings Community Learning Center advisor, Tom Wendt,  led  Jennings  students in a project  to create a wheelchair ramp and accessible steps on a house for an elderly woman trying to  stay in her own home as she becomes less able. Rebuilding Together - Twin Cities , an
organization dedicated to accessibility, livability, and community, offers community members an opportunity to get hands on learning experiences while supporting their neighbors. Jennings students took full advantage of this opportunity this past month and connected an incredible learning opportunity to civic engagement. This project helped to fulfill two of Jennings' core values: community engagement and hands-on learning. 

Fourth of July Parade

SAP's annual Fourth of July Parade will happen again this year on the 4th!

At 11:00, the parade will march down Como Ave. to Langford Park where Fourth of July participants can play horseshoes, volleyball, and tennis. Music provided by the St. Anthony Park Community Band and Pig's Eye Jass Band at the Langford Park bandstand will provide entertainment for a day of patriotic activities, including an announcement of this year's Patriotic Essay award winners.

Taco Tour on Lake Street

What: The third annual Taco Tour on Lake Street! Discover the spicy flavors of the Latino food district on Lake Street by touring 10 authentic restaurants offering their own versions of the iconic Mexican specialty.

When: Sunday, July 17, 10:00-5:00pm

Where: Start point at K-Mart Minneapolis 
10 W Lake St. Minneapolis, MN

Register: Taco Tour is a free event for everyone regardless of whether you join the tour by foot, bike, or your own car. Also, check out the free van services. 

Job Opportunities  

Lake Street Council

Habitat for Humanity


Voices for Racial Justice
Get Involved
Visit or join a Community Council committee! All are open to the community and new members. 

Land Use
--First Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Board of Directors--Second Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Transportation--First Monday of Every Month 6:30-8pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Environment--Fourth Wednesday of Every Month, 7-9pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Equity-- date changes
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

About Us
The St. Anthony Park Community Council is a non-profit citizen's organization of residents working together to maintain and enhance the quality of life, residential character, economic vitality, and physical development of St. Anthony Park. The Board meets monthly as do our four committees: Land Use, Transportation, Equity, and Environment. Any resident may join the committees. The Board is elected with five delegates and two alternates each from North St. Anthony, South St. Anthony, and Business.
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