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St. Anthony  Park Neighborhood News
October 2016
Board Election Candidates

This year, we have four candidates running to represent their community on our Board of Directors!   Find out more about the candidates online here.

  Melissa Williams (South St. Anthony Park)
"As a family, we've been very involved in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood and are quite familiar with the issues the district has been addressing in recent years. My husband has worked at Hampden Park Co-op and served on the District Council for about a decade. I've been heavily involved in the co-op and its board for about the same time. My understanding of the neighborhood's dynamics, experience with administrative process in educational and business environments, and skill in communications, make me a strong candidate to serve on the SAPCC Board. I've spent my entire adult life teaching, assisting others in articulating their visions, and navigating bureaucracies to achieve my goals." 

Max Herzberg (South St. Anthony Park)
"As a current member of the SAPCC Board of Directors and Equity Committee, I am already familiar with the issues facing South Saint Anthony Park and the district as a whole. Over the course of the past year, I have developed relationships with fellow board and committee members, Council staff, and community members. These relationships have been, and will continue to be, key to the thoughtful decision making inherent in the work of the SAPCC Board of Directors. Finally, my community volunteer work in St. Paul has focused primarily on educational and community equity. I will be able to draw upon these experiences as the St Anthony Park Council continues to develop its equity focus for years to come."

Bettsy Hjelseth (South St. Anthony Park; Emerald Gardens)
"I believe I would make a good candidate to serve on the Board of Directors because I am very committed and hardworking. I enjoy attending Board meetings and getting to meet new people. I will bring a positive attitude, open mind, and strong work ethic to each and every meeting and event that I attend."

Charlie Christopherson (North St. Anthony Park)
" I believe thoughtful consideration is the key. Along with respectful discussion from all sides." 

We will host elections in person at several locations and times from Nov. 2nd through Nov. 6th. Check out the website for more details on locations and times as we get closer to the date!

Online voting is open now! Read the candidate bios to get started   
Joy of the People: Field of Joy Update

Joy of the People (JOTP) has worked over the last several months to collaborate with SAPCC and members of the community. One of their outreach strategies, a community committee, met for the first time on October 20th. The group discussed an updated version of JOTP's Field of Joy project. The initial stage of this project includes building an 8v8 turf field located on what is now grass behind the rec center instead of the resurfacing of the tennis courts. The SAPCC Board will review a plan update presented by JOTP staff at the November 10th Board meeting at 7:00pm at Jennings Community School.

The group also reviewed the Wildflower Project's proposal to install a wildflower garden in the northeast corner of the park. Fundraising for the garden will occur over the fall and winter with work slated to begin in the spring.

JOTP plans to continue its work with SAPCC. Members of JOTP plan to move forward with supporting food access for low income members of the St. Anthony Park Community this winter in collaboration with SAPCC. Alex Manning from JOTP has joined SAPCC's Equity Committee to deepen this relationship.

Future community committee meetings will connect neighbors to the ongoing work of JOTP, their upcoming events, and open lines of communication on various projects at the South St. Anthony Park Rec Center. If you're interested in joining the committee, please contact Alex Manning at
To read the minutes of the October meeting, go here

New Development Updates

The addition of the Green Line has made SAP quite the spot to locate! Several developments have begun construction or are in the early stages of planning.

2700 Project
This project, along University Avenue (at 2700 University) right on the border with Minneapolis, will host largely market rate luxury apartments with a few affordable units interspersed. The first floor of the building will likely host a joint coffee shop and bar.

Ground has broken on the microunits project  across the street from Carleton Artist Lofts at 2326 Territorial Rd. for the 79-unit apartment building. Most of the units will be between 350-450 square feet and will rent between $800-$1000 per month.

Union Flats
Dominium, the developers of the Hunt Electric site at 2300 Territorial Rd., have come to SAPCC's Land Use Committee with initial drawings and plans to discuss in past months. They plan to attend the upcoming December meeting to give an update on the project which will host 216 affordable units for workforce housing. This project was recently awarded funding from the Met Council to move forward.

Dominium has also purchased the Weyerhauser site bordering Prospect Park. This development may include up to three sections: senior affordable housing, affordable workforce housing, and market rate housing. The developers have been involved in conversations with SAPCC, the City of St. Paul, and the Towerside Innovation District in order to plan for a developer that serves as a community asset for both SAP and Prospect Park.

Vandalia Project
The project at Vandalia and University across the street from the Dubliner by Aeon will continue to move down the pipeline. This project was also awarded funding from the Met Council for their senior affordable model. Aeon has been to the Land Use Committee several times over the past couple of years to work with the committee and the broader community to design a project that will fit the neighborhood.

C&E Flats
The flats in the building connected to C&E Lofts at the intersection of University and Raymond have been under construction for a few months now. You can see the demolition and rebuilding going on right now! The project will build five stories of market rate apartments on top of the existing storefronts on the first level at this location.

For more information on developments, email or join a Coffee with Cailin gathering!
Como Ave. Reconstruction Meeting

Como Ave. will undergo reconstruction this summer and residents have the opportunity to have a say in what the street looks like! Come meet with the City Engineer who will direct the project and give input to the plans.

Como Ave. Reconstruction Meeting
Tuesday November 15
6:00-7:45 pm
SAP Library

Coffee with Cailin 

Ever wonder about construction updates? Want to hear about the upcoming developments in the neighborhood? Do you have ideas for the neighborhood you would like to discuss with someone? Ever wonder what the Community Council does?
In our efforts to expand o ur community engagement efforts, our Outreach and Operations Coordinator, Cailin Rogers, will spend a morning in a coffee shop every other week to answer your questions and discuss neighborhood projects. Come talk about what's important to you for whatever time you have.  
Upcoming dates:

Friday, November 4:
 7:30 am - 9:00 am Workhorse Cafe 
2399 University Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55114
*Special this month: in-person Board election voting* 

Job Opportunities

Hawthorne Neighborhood Council
Housing Administrator

Metropolitan Economic Development Association
Project Manager

Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity

Met Council
Housing and Redevelopment Authority Coordinator

Get Involved
Visit or join a Community Council committee! All are open to the community and new members. 

Land Use
--First Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Board of Directors--Second Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Transportation--First Monday of the month 6:30-8pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Environment--Fourth Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Equity-- First Friday of the month, 7:30-9:00am
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

About Us
The St. Anthony Park Community Council is a non-profit citizen's organization of residents working together to maintain and enhance the quality of life, residential character, economic vitality, and physical development of St. Anthony Park. The Board meets monthly as do our four committees: Land Use, Transportation, Equity, and Environment. Any resident may join the committees. The Board is elected with five delegates and two alternates each from North St. Anthony, South St. Anthony, and Business.
Newsletter written by Cailin Rogers. Questions, comments, or suggestions? Email