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March 1, 2017 
St. Paul Makes Major Park Land Purchase in South SAP

In a collaboration between developers, the City of St. Paul, St. Anthony Park, and Prospect Park, the City of St. Paul made a bid that was accepted by the developers of the Weyerhauser site to purchase roughly 2.25 acres of park land at their location in South St. Anthony Park. The working group formed by SAPCC's Land Use Committee to work closely with developers and the City of St. Paul has closely watched the Weyerhauser development in South St. Anthony Park throughout its process. Formerly an industrial site, the developer Dominium purchased the land several months ago with the intention of turning the space into something more residential. The working group convened to have discussions with the developers early on to urge a community-orientation for the project. The members, made up of appointees from the SAPCC Land Use Committee and representatives of Prospect Park, the neighborhood which borders the property, continued to meet together and with City of St. Paul planners and legislative aides to plan for the site.

After identifying neighborhood interests on the site including, bike and pedestrian connections to and through the property, contiguous parks, gathering spaces, a connection to Franklin, and stormwater reduction as well as re-establishing a grid and connectivity to the broader neighborhood, SAPCC submitted a letter to Councilmember Russ Stark and representatives at Dominium. Since then, there has been significant progress on two of the neighborhood interests identified in the letter: contiguous park land and the street grid. The City of St. Paul and Dominium reached a sale agreement formalized by a unanimous City Council vote on February 22 to approve the purchase as set aside as contiguous park land. Dominium also agreed to donate additional land for new streets on the land. The City of St. Paul will hire a consultant to design a plan for the park property, and SAPCC plans to be an integral part of the planning as it moves forward.

With plans for workforce housing, senior housing, and potential plans down the line for more development on the second half of the site, we are excited about the progress being made here and we are excited to continue our involvement in the planning. Thank you to each of our volunteer members of the working group. We would not have had a voice in the process without the hours they have dedicated already.

Join the Steering Committee for the SAP Ten Year Plan
Join us in planning for the next ten years of the neighborhood! Our Community Council has convened a steering committee for the neighborhoods Comprehensive Ten Year Planning process which has begun! Join the group for once monthly meetings (planned around the schedules of its members) to set the direction for the neighborhood and involve yourself in helping guide the outreach and communications process from inside the St. Anthony Park Community Council.

Don't have enough time to commit to once monthly meetings and emails in between? Reach out to for more options on how to be involved in a smaller capacity.

Kasota Ponds Clean Up

As spring comes around the corner, the SAPCC Environment Committee has started planning for the annual Kasota Ponds Clean Up! Join our neighbors at 9:00 am on Saturday April 8th (rain day: April 9th) to help protect and preserve our local wetlands.

Volunteers needed! We'll meet at the parking lot of 2536 Kasota Ave., west of Highway 280 for snacks and to suit up! SAPCC provides gloves, safety vests, trash bags and more. The clean up usually ends by early afternoon, and we will happily take whatever time you can give that morning!
Jennings Community School D.C. Field Trip Fundraiser

One of our neighborhood charter schools is sending students on a trip to Washington D.C. to learn about political systems. The students have been tasked with helping to fund raise and would love your support for their trip! Their school is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and you can donate to the trip online here.
Below is a letter from one of the students helping to plan the trip providing more information and asking for your support. Read the letter here:

Dear Neighbors,
Our school was founded to provide students opportunities to learn through genuine experiences, including the opportunity to travel to many different destinations throughout the country and the world. This is one of the features that makes Jennings Community School unique. Our students are able to visit historical places instead of reading about history in books. This year we are planning to visit Washington, D.C. to see our national capital. Students have planned visits to the new African American History Museum, Capitol Hill, Howard University, among others in order to study the ever-challenging landscape of politics and governance.
Students are preparing for this trip by studying US government and its history.  We are also organizing fundraising events and participate and planning for the visit. The estimated cost per student is about $1200.00. Students are responsible for half of the amount. They are individually raising $300.00 and are responsible to raise another $300.00 per student as a team. So far, after only one week, students have sold about $1400.00 worth of World's Finest Chocolate bars! This week students will also open a school store to sell healthy snacks and beverages, all compliant with school nutrition rules. In order to be eligible to go on the trip students have to achieve 95% productivity over the period of two quarters or improve their performance by at least 50%.   
As students we want to thank our neighbors in St. Anthony Park for supporting us these opportunities and for all you do for the school. We really appreciate your support. We would ask you to consider supporting our Washington, D.C. learning experience by donating whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Your donation will be used to help some of our students who are experiencing financial troubles and could not otherwise go on the trip.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

R'Elle Robinson
Student Board Member
You can donate online at or send a check to Jennings Community School at 2455 University Ave. W. St. Paul, MN 55114. All donations to Jennings Community School are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Sign Up for the Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner 2017
Saturday, March 4, 2017; 5:30pm -9:45pm

The following information is posted on behalf of the volunteers who organize the annual progressive dinner:

Please join your neighbors on Saturday, March 4th for the annual St. Anthony Park Progressive Dinner. It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, enjoy a special meal, and have great conversations! Come alone or come with a friend, but you must register by February 24 to confirm your participation. Walk-in registration on March 4 cannot be accepted. The event starts with appetizers at Centennial United Methodist Church St. Anthony Park at Como and Hillside. At that time, you will receive your customized schedule for the evening.

To sign up, visit SAPCC's website.

Green Line Walkability

SAPCC Executive Director, Suyapa Miranda, had the opportunity to speak about walkability in our neighborhood for a project with the Dist rict Councils Collaborative (DCC). Watch the video here.

From the DCC: "Transportation models forecast 40,000 weekday riders on the Green Line by 2030. Models also predict that 68 percent of all Green Line riders walk to their stations and that riders might walk up to a half mile or more to reach their station.

Yet residents working with the DCC identified many concerns about safety and the physical condition of the pedestrian realm along the Green Line. In station area planning workshops, many residents talked about unfriendly pedestrian environments, missing sidewalks, poor lighting and unsafe street crossings. These problems were particularly prevalent in areas of the corridor with a history of disinvestment and large numbers of transit-dependent people.

The DCC was concerned that this created an inequality in the pedestrian realm. Leaders feared those with the greatest need, including the elderly, people with disabilities and families with children would have difficulty accessing public transit.
The DCC worked with residents over a period of years to research walkability along the Green Line. Called Last Mile to the Green Line, the initiative supported residents in gaining knowledge and applying what they learned to advocate for change along the corridor."

MPCA Public Meetings

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is holding a series of public meetings to discuss the Volkswagen Mitigation Settlement and to answer questions people may have regarding settlement details. They will be taking input on how people think Minnesota should use funds from the settlement. Learn more about the Volkswagen violations here.

Upcoming meetings:

Monday, Mar. 6, 6:30-8:00 pm 
Plymouth Congregational Church, Jackman Room
1900 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis 55403

Wednesday, Mar. 15, 6:30-8:00 pm
MN Pollution Control Agency Brained Office
7678 College Rd. Suite 105 Baxter 56425

Additional meetings may be scheduled as the project moves forward. They will continue accepting public comment until March 31. You can email comments to

Job Opportunities

St. Anthony Park Seniors
Service Coordinator

Payne-Phalen District 5 Council
Executive Director
Community Organizer

Metro State University
Director of Advocacy and  Public Leadership

Volunteer Opportunities

Ten Year Planning Steering Committee
Email for more information

Kasota Ponds Clean Up
9:00am on April 8
2536 Kasota Ave.

Join the SAPCC Environment Committee
Once monthly meetings on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm at the SAPCC office, 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E (ring the bell to open the door). 
Read more about the committee here.  
Get Involved
Visit or join a Community Council committee! All are open to the community and new members. 

Land Use
--First Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Board of Directors--Second Thursday of the month 7-9pm
(Held at Jennings. 2455 University Ave. W.)

Transportation--First Monday of the month 6:30-8pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Environment--Fourth Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

Equity-- First Friday of the month, 8-9:30am
(Held at SAPCC office 2395 University Ave. W. Suite 300E)

About Us
The St. Anthony Park Community Council is a non-profit citizen's organization of residents working together to maintain and enhance the quality of life, residential character, economic vitality, and physical development of St. Anthony Park. The Board meets monthly as do our four committees: Land Use, Transportation, Equity, and Environment. Any resident may join the committees. The Board is elected with five delegates and two alternates each from North St. Anthony, South St. Anthony, and Business.
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