March 25, 2020

Social distancing and self-isolation takes some getting used to. Our community is grieving the loss of daily routines, neighborly connections and usual sources of relaxation and stress-relief.

At the Y, we can't greet you at our Welcome Center, connect before a fitness class, hit a few tennis balls with you or exchange a smile in the hallways. It is temporary, we know, but  it is harder and longer than we realized when we first closed our doors.

So your Y is trying to ease into this transition to our new way of being (for now). 

We've captured our smiles and our sentiments so you know you are loved, you are missed and you will be welcomed back (when the time is safe) with warmth, gratitude and kindness.

It's your Y's way of staying connected and helping us all remain resilient during this trying time.

"I miss all of you so very much. As a people person, my daily contact with my Y friends is something I really miss. I am so grateful that our Y is allowing me to work from home and that part of what I get to do is call members! After talking to people I'm used to seeing every day, I feel a boost of positive energy, and I have stories or anecdotes to pass on to my family that I am locked up with. 
We're going to make it through this my friends!"

"Please reach out to us and each other. Try video chatting: there's nothing like seeing the smile of a loved one. I've been video chatting with my mom every day. I look forward to the time when I can see your smiles in person, get back to the seemingly mundane but ultimately indisposable little moments that knit us all so closely together. I love you all!"
--- Love, Laura Pettigrew, Y Membership Coordinator

"Our lifeguard staff send a BIG hello to all  our water folks! We miss you and wish you well!" (photo from our Thanksgiving potluck)
--- Love, Your Y Lifeguard Team

"We miss you so much and can't wait to play together again. Even though we are apart and we miss our Y family, we are doing our best to giggle and play as much as possible. Love and fun and playtime are not canceled. We love and miss you all." 

Hang in there, Mamas and Daddies!
--- Love, Brittany Mora, Playcare Director

"I miss your beautiful faces. What a crazy time to be
 alive. I hope that each of you are doing well, and have support and plenty of toilet paper. I truly miss you and your energy.  You enrich my world and I can't wait to see you again soon.  Sending you so much love and a little laughter too."
--- Love, Colleen Glick, Y Group Fitness Instructor and LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Program Coordinator

"A special shout out to all of my morning kiddos at Edgewood Elementary and my afternoon kiddos at River Road! I miss you all every day, and I can't wait to do science and art with you soon. My days are just not the same without coloring in the morning and swinging at the playground with  you in the afternoon. I am counting down the days 
until we get to be together at school again. In the meantime, be sure to find something positive in each and every day! Can't wait to see you all again soon."
--- Love, Amelia Delgado, Youth Development Teacher

"I miss you all so much and hope this finds you healthy and safe in these crazy times. I have been keeping busy working from home to help our youth development team provide what care we can to those who need it in our community, doing lots of yoga and breathing,
 cooking a lot of food (my sourdough starter is LOVING all the attention and use), and finding time to be creative. I cannot wait to be present with you all again in  Mindful Motion, to laugh through Barre class, and say hello to you in the halls of the Y once we are able to gather again. May you be well, may you be happy, may you be at peace!"
--- Love, Amber Alexander, Youth Development Program Coordinator and Y Group Fitness Instructor

"I miss you. I hope you are meditating or doing a little yoga on your own. Taking a walk in nature or gazing at a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers--- you'll find peace and joy there.  Be well and BREATHE!"
--- Love, Sarah Finney, Y Group Fitness Instructor and Y Marketing Associate

"YMCA Basketball misses all of you!!  Hope you can get outside for a little b-ball practice. Can't wait until we can start up our programs again at the Y!"
--- Love, Robbie Petetit, Youth Sports Director

"Nature has a positive impact on your well-being.  Experience the benefits when you can, from your own rock."
--- Love, Kate Kevern, YMCA's Diabetes Prevention

"Program Coordinator and Group Fitness Instructor
I'm missing you all so much--playing games, having dance parties and having parents pop in from time to time to remind me about the adult world!
I hope all of you are happy and healthy. Can't wait to get back to our normal routines soon."
--- Love, Ari Barlev, Playcare staff

"I know I've been missing in action since BEFORE the COVID-19 situation really made itself known. I was out with a fractured bone in my foot."

"I'm hobbling around in a post-op shoe and trying to get this foot healed up, all while taking advantage of the fantastic weather and perfect excuse to stay home in my garden."

"I'm staying in shape by stretching, floor exercises, yoga (where I don't flex my foot), Qi Gong, gentle dancing and a few spins on a neighbor's outdoor exercise bike. As I always say, the key is to keep moving! You can always modify to suit your situation."

"I'm looking SO FORWARD to dancing with you all soon! Be well."
--- Love, Jennifer Andrews, Y Group Fitness Instructor

"I am missing everyone!"
--- Love, Curt Whiting, Y Membership Representative

"Oh my gosh... I miss you like crazy! CRAZY! I cannot wait until we get back together. I've been active and exercising but I am pathetically excited about how sore we are going to be after our first class back... We all know we have a strange definition of fun but it's gonna be great!" 

"I know this is a strange time and it is so difficult to not be able to be social in a face-to-face way. I hope you all are keeping in touch with friends and family and staying connected and asking for help when you need it."

"I'm sending love your way ---  I hope it reaches each of you and your loved ones too! Stay strong and healthy! I miss you so much!"
--- Love, Shelly Tiemann, Y Group Fitness instructor

"I trust you are all finding creative ways to stay fit, engaged and healthy. Spring is here and I'm putting my surplus energy to use in the garden and long walks by the river. Hope to see you all soon.  Stay safe!"
--- Love, Doug DeWitt, Y Group Fitness Instructor

Y Fitness Instructor Nancy Hopps sends her love in the form of a poem. 

We will end with your Y's own Cari Lyn Stanton, who closes her yoga classes with:

The Light within me
 recognizes and salutes the Light within each one of you.
When you stand in your Light and I stand in my Light,