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Chapel Dates


20th & 21st
27th & 30th

Theme- "Stewarship"

Held in Classroom E from 6-6:45pm

* If you are interested in leading worship during chapel, please email Dr. Becky Emerson. Community service hours can be earned.

Upcoming Events


* March 1st- Registration Open
   - Summer Registration NOW OPEN!!

* March 13th - 16th
  - Coffee, Cookies, & Popcorn Social 

* March 17th- Saint Patrick's Day
  - Offices Open

Past Events
Brazilian BBQ 2017
Food & Fellowship


Mr. Z showing us how it's done!
Can't wait for next year!!


What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?

Last Month Winner
Paule M Levigne

Last Month Answer

*First person to email gets a BIG prize and all others who answer correctly throughout month get an additional prize!  
Nilce Moraes, M.S.
Professor "Limelight"
Nilce Moraes, M.S.

We are pleased to announce this month's winner, Professor Moraes.  She has a genuine concern for those who are hurting and providing them with a sound Biblical and professional guidance. She is also taking a team to Ariel, Isreal this June 2017(Populi Dashboard has more information). She has a passion for travel and will go where the Lord leads her as she enjoys serving more than touring. Make sure to stop and ask Prof. Moraes what her "Life Verse" is?!
"Campus Selfie" of the Month
Fernanda Costa

" I love my College :) Brazilian Barbecue for the win! "  

Do you want to be next month's winner?! 

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