Shrimp Note for Weekend of August 12 & 13

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We open at NOON at the SCHRIMP SHAK - 2301 Sandy Ridge Rd

and in Summerfield - 7301 Summerfield Rd (Dove Medical)

Close at 6PM


We open at 9 AM at both locations

We close at sell-out or until..

Cheerwine - 2913 Sandy Ridge Rd 5 PM

Summerfield - Dove Medical 3 PM

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Hi Guys.

Shrimp seasons used to be very predictable. The shrimp came in when the water got warm and they left when the water got cold. This day and time you can’t depend on that. The 21-25 size shrimp we had last week should have been close to 16-20’s this week. Well, if they are out there, the shrimpers could not find them. So, shrimp selection has changed since Monday. See below.


I need to reiterate a couple of things about the newsletters and pre-orders.

The Monday TRIP ALERT newsletter’s menu reflects what we have ordered and hope to bring in. Most of the time it is mostly accurate, but it is subject to change due to product availability, particularly shrimp. Lots of times we don’t know for sure until Tuesday or Wednesday. All known changes will be reflected in the Wednesday SHRIMP NOTE.

Which brings us to the confirmations we send out. Confirmations have two purposes. First part is to let you know that we received your order. The second parts says “We will let you know if there are any issues by Friday morning.” We will alert you of any orders placed that we can’t fill as soon as we know it. Sometimes we don’t know for sure until we finish packing pre-orders Friday morning. When we find out, we do our best to let you know. I have to admit that this past weekend we had so many orders that we barely finished by noon and I may have missed one or two. You can always call or text met if you are unsure.





AMERICAN SNAPPER: We have gotten more than expected so the 1# max is a 2# max. 




21-25 CT/lb,  Headless, Greentails, Large, PF, South Carolina    


40-45 CT/lb,  Headless, Brownies, Medium, Fresh, North Carolina


26-30 CT/lb,  HEADS-ON, Brownies, Large, Fresh, North Carolina              




Check the menu below for more of the freshest, bestest, and localest seafood that we can find.


And as always, we deeply appreciate your continued support. Without “u”, these is no “us”.


You can contact me any time if you have any questions, comments, or cuss words.

Michael Ned




Q: What did the geometry teacher say when the class had trouble solving a problem?

A:  "Let's try a different angle."


Teacher: "Kids, what does the chicken give you?"

Mary Jane: "Meat!"

Teacher: "Very good! Now what does the pig give you?"

Bobbie Sue: "Bacon!"

Teacher: "Great! And what does the fat cow give you?"

Little Johnny: "Homework!"           

Sandy Ridge Location: We will be in the Schrimp Shak (the "c" is silent) on Fridays from noon til 6 and under the tent at Cheerwine on Saturdays from 9 til 5 (or sellout).

Summerfield Location: In the Shrimp Shed Fridays from Noon til 6 and Saturdays 9 til 3 (or sellout).

Schrimp Shak - Sandy Ridge Road Fridays Site

Cheerwine - Sandy Ridge Road Saturdays Site

Shrimp Shed - Summerfield Fridays & Saturdays Site

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