August 25th
Many business owners live in a constant state of fear, inadequacy, and reactiveness. Your guts and persistence got you this far. But it might be time for a new strategy. You take care of people all day…but who is making sure that you are thriving? It is time to lean into your leadership and take charge of your company! Having a successful brand that stands out in the market is empowering. Knowing who you are as a leader feels amazing. Helping your team and leading them to grow personally and professionally is inspiring. Creating new customers and superfans is magical. Making a (big!) profit is awesome! I want to show you how to party like a boss star by designing a business that is uniquely YOU. It’s time for you to love the biz you’re with and run the business of your dreams!
August 19th
Are you starting a business and just don’t know where to begin? The FREE Startup Roadmap workshop will provide you with the basic steps to start a business as well as help define and communicate your business idea or concept!
August 26th
A one-page, visual, strategic management tool to quickly and easily define and communicate a business idea or concept in a focused but flexible way.