MARCH 2022
Plan Your Website
for Online Success - March 9th
In this workshop will cover all the things to think about when planning your website:
  • Making a list of your website needs
  • Defining your ideal customer
  • Clarifying your websites key benefit statement
  • Developing a call to action
  • Structuring your homepage
  • Deciding on content you’ll need/want on your website
  • Mobile considerations
  • Measuring website traffic and conversions
  • Platforms and provider considerations
Then we will take all of the above and actually develop the answers for each business owner with a group format!
Southwest Montana Boots to Business Reboot - March 10th
The Butte SBDC is proud partner with the Big Sky VBOC ( Veterans Business Outreach Center) to host this “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” course, a foundational piece of Boots to Business (B2B). The curriculum provides assistance to those interested in exploring business ownership or other self-employment opportunities by leading participants through the key steps for evaluating business concepts and providing foundational knowledge required to develop a business plan. Participants are introduced to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial business concepts and resources available to access start-up capital, technical assistance, contracting opportunities, and more.
Waiting for the Phone to Ring?
- March 10th
Please join the Montana PTAC for a high level training on how the federal government and state of Montana purchases products and services.

Who should attend? Any business in any industry who is interested in learning more about how the government buys things. It is not a requirement to already be registered in SAM or eMACS to attend the training, but we will not be going over the registration process in this training.
Startup Roadmap - March 17th
Designed for individuals who would like to start their own business. This is a great overview of things to know about start-up costs, financing options, and business planning. A wealth of information and resources are provided free of charge.
Billings Boots to Business Reboot: Intro to Entrepreneurship - March 22nd
This “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” course is the foundational piece of Boots to Business (B2B). Participants are introduced to the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to launch a business, including steps for developing business concepts, how to develop a business plan, and information on local resources available to help right here in our community. In addition to content delivered by subject matter experts, participants will hear from a panel of successful veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.
Workforce Revolution:
Do You See Me? - March 23rd
What lens are you looking through to recruit talent into your organization? Do you see the needle in the haystack? There are organizations here in our community that work with a diverse group of, what could be your now and future workforce! These organizations work with individuals in our home force at a variety of life stages and education levels from exposing them to STEM careers in elementary school, to guiding them through workforce re-entry processes, to connecting them to apprenticeship opportunities that give them the skills to get them one step closer to their career goal.

This session will be interactive. Our goal is to connect YOU to these different organizations and groups that YOUR organization can get connected with to fill current positions you have AND to build a stable pipeline for the future of your organization.
Value Proposition - March 24th
Your Value Proposition is the reason why customers turn to your company over another. It solves your customer’s problem or satisfies your customer’s need. In this workshop you will work on discovering your company’s value proposition by answering these questions.
  • What value do you deliver to the customer?
  • Which one of our customer’s problems are you helping to solve?
  • Which job are you helping the customer get done?
  • Which customer needs are you satisfying?
  • What bundles of products and services are you offering to each Customer Segment?