SaveYour.Town - Future Trends
- January 11th
SaveYour.Town Montana is hosting a virtual watch party to discuss future trends in rural areas.
Startup Roadmap - January 20th
Designed for individuals who would like to start their own business. This is a great overview of things to know about start-up costs, financing options, and business planning. A wealth of information and resources are provided free of charge.
Building A Digital Advertising Campaign - January 25th
Stop "boosting" posts and start creating a serious digital advertising campaign for your business! This workshop will discuss the various outlets to promote your business through digital advertising while getting the most for return on your investment. Learn how to establish goals for your campaign while reaching your ideal customer.
Value Proposition - January 27th
Your Value Proposition is the reason why customers turn to your company over another. It solves your customer’s problem or satisfies your customer’s need. In this workshop you will work on discovering your company’s value proposition by answering these questions.
  • What value do you deliver to the customer?
  • Which one of our customer's problems are you helping to solve?
  • Which job are you helping the customer get done?
  • Which customer needs are you satisfying?
  • What bundles of products and services are you offering to each Customer Segment?