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January 2021
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STARLINK January Releases:

20 Minute Mentors:
  • I am Teaching Online Next Term, What Do I Have to Know?
  • How Can I Get Stated with the Virtual Classroom?
  • How Can I Convert a f2f Course to a Hybrid Course?

Trends & Issues:
  • Episode 160: Teaching Online, Video Conferencing, Remote Learning, and Teaching Strategies & Instructional Design
  • Episode 161: Teaching Online, Remote Teaching, Hardware & Software, and University Issues
  • We look forward to seeing you online!
“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!” - Cammy Bean
Keeping students engaged in online learning was a key challenge many teachers and educators identified after all instruction went remote this spring.

As educators plan for schools to restart online and in-person later this summer, many are working to improve students’ experience with videos and other remote learning platforms.

Keep reading to learn some of the ways to keep students engaged in a virtual classroom.

Within the field of distance education, the concept of the virtual classroom has gained significantly in popularity in recent times. Essentially, a virtual classroom can be described as a shared online space, which attempts to recreate the real-time teaching and learning associated with physical classroom settings, without the need for people to be in the same place. Moreover, a similar level of interaction between students can also be offered.

Whether educators are using blended learning, hybrid learning or HyFlex instruction models, here are some tips to effectively use technology to engage students online.

As colleges and universities progress through a challenging academic year, keeping students engaged during online instruction remains a top priority for educators.

Sure, having the right technology is key to successful online courses. But equally important, professors and instructors must know how to effectively use collaboration tools to foster student engagement.

Let’s review some features on popular solutions...

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