March 24, 2020

Y staff collects food boxes during the holidays.
Nonprofits across the country are rising up to aid their communities in the face of dire circumstances --- skyrocketing jobless rates and cases of COVID-19, declining medical supplies within hospitals and urgent care clinics, and rising rates of anxiety and depression.

It's no different here. 

Oregon's charities are frontline responders providing food, shelter, child care, outreach, medical services and other critical assistance to those in need in our communities.

You may have already heard that your Y has partnered with 4J and Bethel School Districts and the city of Eugene's Recreation Department to provide child care services to first responders, medical professionals and others in essential businesses.

We've also joined Willamalane, city of Eugene Recreation and Parks and Open Space, and River Road Park and Recreation District to offer online options to stay fit while staying home.
U.S. Representative
Peter DeFazio

Partnering with other organizations is not something new because of the coronavirus. Your Y has a 132-year history of working with Lane County's organizations and nonprofits to meet evolving community needs.

However, the current economic downturn due to this global pandemic will undoubtedly result in a reduction of contributions and other sources of revenue that are the  lifeblood of nonprofits.  

About half of nonprofits have less than one month of operating reserve cash. It makes sense because nonprofits aim to invest all of their net income back into their programs and services to support their mission.

In addition, 10 percent of America's workforce is employed by a nonprofit, so any effect from coronavirus on nonprofits will hit a significant number of employees hard.  At the Eugene Family YMCA, 250 people are employed. 

U.S. Senator
Ron Wyden

Your Y is asking you to encourage your senators and representatives to take dramatic and immediate action to support the Y and other nonprofit organizations, as our efforts are needed like never before.

This is an important request for you to publicly state support to Congress.

The e-mail template partly reads:

"America's charitable nonprofits need an immediate infusion of $60 billion to maintain operations, expand scope to address increasing demands, and stabilize losses from closures throughout the country. The following policy recommendations will help the nonprofit sector stay engaged serving the American people:
  • Nonprofits employ 12 million workers. YMCAs employ 260,000 staff nationwide. We need to retain them. 
  • 1 out of every 5 Americans receive services from the nonprofit sector.
    U.S. Senator
    Jeff Merkley
  • Nonprofits need business continuity relief as we are on the front lines serving people, especially those in need.  
  • Payroll tax credit relief will help nonprofit organizations, as it is the most significant tax we pay. 
  • Provide an "above-the-line" or universal charitable deduction for contributions through the end of 2021. 
Charities serve as the nation's shock  absorber when crisis hits. Please help us serve our communities by acting quickly to pass $60 billion in support and the policy proposals suggested above."

Please take a few moments to support ALL your community's nonprofits now. It's easy:  CLICK HERE