“Safety Stories”
By Sue Kost, MD
After working at the same place for 25 years, I changed job venues almost a year ago. One of the things that struck me in my new (bigger, more complex) environment is the difficulty in communicating relevant patient safety information quickly and effectively.

In my former place, our sedation team consisted of a handful of providers in one unit. We met daily around our “MESA” board (reviewing issues with Methods, Equipment, Safety, and Associates), and safety concerns were written on a whiteboard, leaving them visible until addressed. In my current position, I’m one of more than two dozen providers who staff four sedation units—communication is a challenge!

Various strategies are employed (meetings, email, home-screen messages) but one of my favorites is the daily “Safety Story”. The charge nurses read an enterprise-wide Safety Story at the morning huddle in each unit. The messages are short and de-identified, but the “story” format makes the content seem relevant and easier to remember.
I’m curious about how other places communicate safety concerns. If this is a topic that piques your interest, let me know at suekost61@gmail.com. Maybe we can survey our group and learn from one another.
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