Mankind is a great, an immense family...
This is proved by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas. -- 
 Pope John XXIII

Please join the merry monks and oblates of Saint Leo Abbey
for the December 3, 2017 Christmas party.  Be part of the joyful family.  
Abbot Isaac thanks the oblates for his beautiful mozzetta

At a recent Oblate Sunday a secret collection was taken up to pay for a custom-made mozzetta for Abbot Isaac. It is one of the last vestments he needs. The gift was a surprise for his tenth anniversary as abbot. He was surprised, pleased, and asked that his special thank-you be given to all the oblates. It was a perfect gift. 

Quotes Abbot Isaac used during the oblate-program spiritual retreat

Here are some of the quotes the abbot used in the spiritual retreat November 10-12 that might help those who participated to remember or have something to think about it.
Know an old story?

Abbot Isaac is seeking stories about the monks from the past.  Read his informative letter.

Thank you spiritual-retreat experts, meeting planners, event coordinators, helpers, hosts

You worked before, during, and after the oblate-program spiritual retreat November 10-12.  Your good presence made a smooth weekend for all.  Thank you. You were always where any help was needed.

George and Beth Davis
Felicia Morrell
Justin Lawrence
Father Fidelis
Hector Ferrer
Richard Fanelli

December 3 Christmas Party -- key points for your party list -- check it twice, it's nice

The whole Christmas pie:

1. RSVP if you are coming to lunch before the party.

2. Your ticket to the party is to bring a dessert. What will you bring? Can you help bring supplies or help setup and cleanup? Click here and list your dessert and how you will help. Felicia Morrell will coordinate the party setup and cleanup.  She will also lead in the decorating of the Lake Room. If you have unneeded Christmas decorations, now would be a good time to donate them to the abbey. 

3.  Optional. Want a monk's name so you can get him a gift from his wish list?  Click here.

4.  Optional. Want to contribute any amount for a special gift for Abbot Isaac? Click here.

5. When you give your gift to your monk at the Christmas party, do you know a good ice breaker question to ask your monk?  Well, the monk is already prepared to answer it.  But you have to know what the ice breaker question is. Click here.

6. Want a list of names of all the monks so you can mail or hand him a Christmas card? Click here .

7. Want the schedule for the day of the Christmas party? Click here.

8. Here are two items that will get you on Santa's nice list for sure: Write your full name clearly on the gift tag if you get a monk a gift.   Bring a serving spoon if your dessert needs one. 

9.  Baskets needed.  Everyone please bring your best basket filled with blessings and smiles for everyone you see at the party. We have had a good year. Everyone has made it more meaningful. You should be pleased with this year that will end immediately before vespers on December 2. Come to the Christmas party to celebrate and to thank the monks and Abbot Isaac. Be joyful child of God. You are part of a great abbey.

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