December 3, 2017 Christmas Party
December 3, 2017 Christmas Party Desserts

If you are coming to the Christmas party bring a dessert to share. It is the tasty part of the party.   

If you have not indicated your dessert on Perfect Potluck, please click on Perfect Potluck, list what you are bringing.  

It helps Felicia Morrell and others working on the party planning to know what may be missing so they can bring what is needed. 

If you have not signed up on Perfect Potluck and don't know how to sign up at Perfect Potluck  you may email or call Felicia Morrell and let her know what dessert you are bringing and how you can help with the party.  or 813-788-5870.  

If you have Christmas decorations you can donate to Saint Leo Abbey, email or call Felicia. 

I signed up at Perfect Potluck. On Sunday, where do I take my dessert?

Beginning 8:30 am Sunday, you may put your dessert on the tables in the Lake Room. Third-floor of the abbey. 

Please bring a serving utensil for your dessert if it needs one.  

Please put the name of your dessert on a tent card if people might not know what it is. Or if it has unusual ingredients, like " German Chocolate Sauerkraut Fudge Cake." If someone brings one I will take a piece and Brother Stanislaw may too. 

There will be some time immediately after lunch to unwrap your dessert.

Please do not bring a dessert needing refrigeration. But you may bring your own cooler with ice to keep your dessert cool. 

Setting up tables and decorating the Lake Room  

Felicia Morrell, Pat Grimm, Jackie Hartley, and others will be setting up tables and chairs in the Lake Room and decorating the Lake Room this week through Saturday.

If you can help with the set up or decorating,  email or call Felicia Morrell and let her know when you can come.  or 813-788-5870.  

O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL 11:10 am Sunday Rehearsal

What? A rehearsal for our singing of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" will be in the Lake Room at 11:10 am which is immediately after Mass. Everyone come for a fun practice of our song.  We will sing to the monks during the party.

When you sing you pray twice. What's more Benedictine?   God will turn our  Joyful Noise into something good.

Why are we singing?  

Our choirmistress, Rita Sarmiento said, "Our beloved monks continuously throughout the year sing such beautiful hymns, psalms, and prayers. We thought it fitting for us to sing for them "O Come, All Ye Faithful" during our Christmas Party." 

She added, "I truly believe they would enjoy and appreciate it wholeheartedly."

What is needed to make this possible?

YOU -- each and everyone of YOU.

What if I can't sing?

"If you have a voice you can sing. Some better then others, but we all have a voice.

"For certain I know all of you will be singing from the heart and our monks will be listening with the ears of their hearts.

"Let's not forget the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. We will all sound like a choir of angels.

"'O Come, All Ye Faithful' Let us share together in 'Joy' the birth of Lord in our hearts."
Rita will coordinate and get us organized for the rehearsal and the singing during the party. 

Remember to come to the rehearsal of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" immediately after Mass in the Lake Room on the third floor of the abbey. 

Here is a beautiful version to practice with. This is the version we will sing!! 
Brother Manuel 

Brother Manuel is a monk from Mexico who has been visiting the abbey.  While here he made new habits for the Saint Leo Abbey monks.  He will return to Mexico and his abbey shortly after the Christmas party. 

We are fortunate that he is able to attend the party. He even has a wish list item and his name was given to one of the oblates.  

Let's give Brother Manuel good memories of Saint Leo Abbey by showering him with Christmas cards (in Spanish!!) so he knows that he is an honored guest and returns home with lots of Christmas cheer.

Brother Manuel is a skilled tailor and he is also a hermit monk at his abbey. But what is really important is that his presence means you will be attending the International Oblate/Monk Christmas Party!!


Special thank-you gift for Abbot Isaac, Oblate Director

1. This is completely optional. This Abbot's Gift allows everyone to participate in a Christmas gift to Abbot Isaac.

This gift is a special thank you for all Abbot Isaac does for the oblates. And, Abbot Isaac does not have a wish-list Christmas gift this year. No oblate will draw Abbot Isaac's name out of the electronic hat. So this special Christmas gift is a way for everyone to have the abbot as "their monk" for the Christmas gift.   The special Abbot's Gift will be an gift card.

2. All those who participate in this optional gift will have their names on a Christmas card given to Abbot Isaac.

3. You may give any amount towards this gift to Abbot Isaac. An gift card will be purchased in the amount of the total amount received.

4. If you want to participate, please email
stating you want to participate in the Abbot's Gift, include your full name and the amount you want to contribute to this group gift to Abbot Isaac.

5. Make your check payable to  Saint Leo Abbey. Mark your check "Abbot's gift." Then mail it to the oblate office:

Saint Leo Abbey Oblate Office 
PO BOX 2350 
SAINT LEO, FL 33574-2350

6. Please ensure check is mailed or delivered no later than December 27. The Christmas card with the names of the participants will be given to the Abbot with the gift card.