RSVP for Oblate Sunday May 6, 2018


  • If you plan to eat lunch at the Abbey on May 6, please RSVP so the abbey kitchen ladies know how much food to prepare.


  • More information about class assignments will be coming in a subsequent email.

Makeup Novice Ceremony

  • A makeup novice induction ceremony will be held by Abbot Isaac during the oblate class after lunch. If you missed the March 4 ceremony, are still eligible and want to become a novice oblate, please be sure to come to this Oblate Sunday. If you have questions about your application please reply to this email.

Donate to help Brother Apollo's Pilgrimage

Brother Apollo is going on an El Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage in Spain. If you want to donate to help with his transportation and expenses while in Spain, please write a check to "Saint Leo Abbey" and in the memo section of the check, write "Brother Apollo - Spain"

Bring your check to the May 6 Oblate Sunday and drop it in the Oblate Sunday donation basket outside the Oblate class, or mail the check to:

Saint Leo Abbey
Business Office
PO Box 2350
Saint Leo FL 33574
Video: Brother Lucius graduated from St. Leo University

The monks of Saint Leo Abbey attended the graduation of one of their brother monks Saturday, April 28, 2018. Abbot Isaac, OSB, presented the diploma to Brother Lucius. Abbot Isaac is also a member of the university's board of trustees. Congratulations to Brother Lucius. I hear Brother Lucius has already started on his master's degree.
Video: Abbot Isaac's Benediction at graduation

At the end of last Saturday's graduation at Saint Leo University, Abbot Isaac, OSB, gave a beautiful Benediction. In the Abbot's prayer he asks that the 2018 class receive the "gift of wonder, understanding, and compassion." May we all be blessed with such gifts.
Third Session: Volunteering at the abbey
After the Oblate Class

We will learn about how and where to volunteer at the abbey, share our volunteer stories, and discuss the importance and need for volunteers.

The third session is from about 2:50 pm to 3:55 pm.
Read the Doctors: May 2 Feast of Saint Athanasius, Bishop & Doctor of the Church
More about Saint Athanasius

He said about the denial of the divinity of Jesus:

"That the Son is not only like to the Father, but that, as His Image, He is the same as the Father; that He is of the Father; and that the resemblance of the Son to the Father, and His immortality, are different from ours:

"For in us they are something acquired, and arise from our fulfilling the divine commands.

"Moreover, they (the Fathers) wished to indicate by this, that His generation is different from that of human nature; that the Son is not only like to the Father, but inseparable from the substance of the Father; that He and the Father are One and the same…as the sun and its splendor are inseparable." Learn more..

And Benedictines also love Saint Athanasius because he wrote the Life of Anthony which helped the growth of monasticism. Buy 20 of Saint Athanasius's books including the Life of Anthony for under $2.00 in Kindle. Here on Amazon.

Follow the Saints. Read the Doctors.
Bishop, Doctor of the Church

He was the champion and defender of the Church against the Arian heresy, which denied the Divinity of Christ.

"This image of the saint trampling down Heresy is on the ceiling on Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome."

About the church of the cover picture.

The picture is from the inside of the Santa Maria sopra Minerva (Our Lady above Minerva - A pagan goddess). The church was built above Minerva's temple in Rome.

"This is the only mediaeval Gothic church within the ancient walls of Rome (there is another, ruined one at San Nicola a Capo di Bove on the Appian Way). However, several neo-Gothic churches were built by various religious orders in the city in the late 19th century, so it is not the only one per se." Learn more...

Source of Picture. Used subject to license.

Know Your Abbey:
What is the new addition on the first floor of Saint Leo Hall?

Answer: A new entrance door. Somewhat like a swinging portcullis. No invaders shall enter.