LIST OF NOVICE OBLATES UPDATED Friday April 12, 11:00 am


If you submitted an application to become a novice oblate or to make your final oblation and are not on this list, please reply to this email and we will track it down:

The 2019 Class of Novice Oblates of Saint Leo Abbey

Andrew Henderson
Barbara B. Martucci
Debbie Smith
Derrick Long
Domenic R. Martucci
Eric Munro Amundrud
James Michael Melin
Joe in Dec.
Joseph Sainato
Kerensa Mayling Smith
Lamar Coleman
Lawrence W. Clark
Marleny Henderson
Mary Morehead
Mary Louise Hawn
Michael Stephen Belusko
Michael Angel Martin
Patty Schrader
Rachel E. Dobbs
Timothy Gerard Robinson Jr.
Valerie Marie Hinman
Wayne C. Henderson
William Robert Ragan

The following people will make their final oblation and become the 2019 Oblates of Saint Leo Abbey 

Brian Giles
Edward E. Johnson
Gerald E. Dye
Martin Dawkins
Richard Bingham

Revised Sunday Schedule

Sunday April 14, 2019:

9:30 am Those making final oblation arrive at church

10:00 am Mass

** 11:30 am Sunday, April 14, REHEARSAL in Abbey Church if you are becoming a novice oblate or making your final oblation

12:00 pm Novice and final oblation ceremonies - Abbey church

1:00 pm Oblate Family & Friends Picnic with the Monks - Carpenter Shop, inside and outside

Those making final oblation should arrive at the abbey church at 9:30 am to receive their oblation package.  Either before or after Mass those making final oblation will fill out BUT NOT SIGN the final oblation, which will be signed at the altar during midday prayer.  

You may want to bring a special personal item or wear a favorite piece of jewelry to make the ceremony more memorable for you and your family. 


Thank you to everyone who filled out the online RSVP -- wonderful.  It really helps with planning.  There will be a total of about 65 people -- from the oblate program and the monks. 

Please RSVP and signup to bring a food item and help with the picnic. Click here.

When you arrive Sunday  please take your food or supplies to the Carpenter Shop 

If you have questions about the picnic, please call Brother Giovanni 813-228-8015.

See you Sunday!!

May 5, 2019. No Oblate Sunday.



For any questions, you may also call John at 813-228-8015