Father Damian DuQuesnay, O.S.B. 
Dedication of the Father Damian Garden, March 8, 2015 

1. Funeral Mass for Father Damian 4:30 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2015. 

2. Article by oblate novice Jackie Hartley, "A Novice idea: A year in the life."

3. RSVP for May 17 Benedictine Circle 

4. Prayer Newsletter


5. Past broadcast emails


6. Know your abbey. Two new pictures.


7. Are you missing?












Saint Scholastica
This wonderful sister of Saint Benedict knew the love of God and its power.  Here is her story from Chapter 33 of the Life of Benedict.

A brief definition of "Benedictine oblate" is here.




Are you expanding your Benedictine library? The Novice and Oblate Resources Page on the blog has many books fit for any proper library. 

Dear Oblates, Oblate Novices, and Friends of Saint Leo Abbey,
1. Father Damian DuQuesnay, O.S.B., Mass

A Funeral Mass will be offered for Father Damian DuQuesnay at 4:30 p.m., Friday, May 15, 2015 in the Abbey Church. 


Visitation begins at 10 a.m. 


2. Article by Oblate Novice Jackie Hartley

Her first article is "A Novice Idea: A year in the life." The article tells how she came to Saint Leo Abbey by way of the abbey's Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and the book she is writing.


3. RSVP for May 17 Benedictine Circle
Please RSVP for the May 17 Benedictine Circle.
4. Prayer Ministry Newsletter
Please email your prayer requests to: 


To receive the Prayer Ministry Newsletter giving all the prayer requests you need to "opt-in" -- please reply to this email with the following information:


"Please add me to the Prayer Ministry Newsletter email list.


"My name is: _______"


5. Past broadcast emails
Since December 1 past broadcast emails are posted in PDF versions HERE.

6. Know your Abbey 
The three panels near the end of this email contain links to:

Left: Rule of Saint Benedict

Center: iBreviary -- use your phone or tablet to pray with the monks at home or at the abbey (FREE).
Right: Saint Gertrude

The two panels near the bottom:

Left: A view of the abbey from across Lake Jovita.  The long white building to the left is Saint Charles Hall where the monks reside. It was completed and ready for occupancy in about 1959.  The abbey's lake house is in the center at the edge of the lake. I do not know what the white building to the right was used for at the time of this picture.

Right: Looking across Father Damian's garden 2015
7. Are you missing?

1. Black and red insulated food bag left at picnic.


2. Brown runner.  There is a brown runner left over from the Christmas party. 


3.  Red knife with sheath. There is a nice red knife someone left.


If you are missing these items, please reply to this email.


Abbot Isaac, O.S.B., Oblate Director


Brother Stanislaw, O.S.B., Novice Director


Abbey Reception Office
(352) 588 8624


Gift Shop, Brother James, O.S.B.
(352) 588 2606


Guest House & Retreat Center: (352) 588 8184  


And try Ken Conrad's wonderful Kindle version.

This is the one used by Saint Leo Abbey monks.  There is a paid version by another publisher, but it is not always exactly the same as the one used at Saint Leo Abbey. So this FREE one is the one to get.
The only female saint called the Great. More info. Her amazing book of prayers is part of the reasons she is honored as one of eight sunrise saints in the Abbey church. Her light greets you along with that of Saint Walburg.
Saint Leo Abbey in 1960s?
Taken from across 
Lake Jovita.
Abbey Church Bell Tower
Looking across Father Damian's garden 2015