Pentecost , oil on canvas, 1732 by Jean Restout
[French Neoclassical Painter, 1692-1768].  The 12 apostles and five women are among those filled with the Holy Spirit as the Easter season ended May 24 at vespers. Perhaps from left to right on the upper platform are John, Salome, Peter, Mary wife Clopas, the Blessed Virgin Mary, James, Mary the mother of James and Joses, and Mary Magdalene.  
I think Matthew is in the group forming the lower
part of the circle, which one is your Matthew? 
Jean Restout also painted the Death of Saint Scholastica in 1730. 
1. Pray for Abbot Isaac

2. May 29, 4:30 pm Prior Clement ordination

3. June 7 Oblate Sunday, please RSVP 

4. June 21 Benedictine Circle, please RSVP

5. July 11, 10:00 am Br. Benjamin & Br. Apollo Simple Vows

6. Charles Woodhouse photo essays

7. Jackie Hartley - A novice idea

8. The Saving Grace 

9. Prayer Newsletter

10. Volunteer drivers

11. Facebook


12. Those Benedictines after Pentecost


13. Past broadcast emails


14. CDs at Gift Shop


15. Know your abbey


16. Are you missing?












Saint Scholastica
This wonderful sister of Saint Benedict knew the love of God and its power.  Here is her story from Chapter 33 of the Life of Benedict.

A brief definition of "Benedictine oblate" is here.




Are you expanding your Benedictine library? The Novice and Oblate Resources Page on the blog has many books fit for any proper library. 

Dear Oblates, Oblate Novices, and Friends of Saint Leo Abbey,
1. A Prayer for Abbot Isaac
From our Abbot Isaac, O.S.B.:

"This is a prayer the Oblates may pray for me. The prayer was made when we met with Pope Benedict three years ago.

Thank you,

2. May 29 Prior Clement
Friday, May 29, 4:30 pm Prior Clement will be ordained a deacon in the Saint Leo Abbey church. Everyone is invited to attend this special ceremony.
3. June 7 Oblate Sunday
For reading assignments and to RSVP go the the Oblate Sunday page on the website.

Abbot Isaac has asked us to read a wonderful letter about Benedictine spirituality and the monastic life.

Quote from the letter by the General of the Trappist and Cistercians, "Using the words of the Fathers, I will speak to you about what I have been doing ever since I entered the monastery and even more so since I was asked to take on the service of general authority."

This should be the life and heart of an oblate -- as their state in life allows. We should be desiring and working toward a life with God. 
4. June 21 Benedictine Circle

For the new book and to RSVP go to the Benedictine Circle page on the website.

5. July 11 Br. Benjamin and Brother Apollo
Saturday, July 11 during 10:00 am Mass (Feast of Saint Benedict), Br. Benjamin and Br. Apollo will make Simple Vows for one year. 
6. Charles Woodhouse Six Photo Essays 
Six Photo Essays of his travels to find ancient sites in Italy are a good account of Italy's long monastic past and interesting places in Italy. 
7. Jackie Hartley - A Novice Idea

Her first article is about how she came to Saint Leo Abbey and the book she is writing.

8. The Saving Grace

Abbot Isaac said,


"We have a lot of toothpaste, soap, and shaving cream as well as shampoo.


"What we are in a big need of is: Mouthwash: Maybe Colgate, Scope, or Listerine. Those are the more common brands, I believe. However, whatever the oblates can help us with is a blessing."


Visit The Saving Grace page. 



For Oblate Sundays:


Find quality personal care items that are BOGO or with a good coupon. Help our dear monks. That's The Saving Grace.


And remember our Drive-Thru drop-off service Oblate Sunday is provided by Dan Spears -- drive up and say Hi!!


Dan is there from 9:30-45am.


9. Prayer Ministry Newsletter
Please email your prayer requests to: 


To receive the Prayer Ministry Newsletter giving all the prayer requests you need to "opt-in" -- please reply to this email with the following information:


"Please add me to the Prayer Ministry Newsletter email list.


"My name is: _______"


10. Volunteer Drivers for Monks

From Abbot Isaac: 


"We need to have some volunteers to be drivers for the monks when they have medical appointments. These are usually  around the area, Dade City and Zephyrhills. The volunteer drivers will free some of the younger monks to do other jobs in the house."


If you can volunteer, please reply to this email.

11. Facebook
Please help spread the good word about Florida's only Benedictine abbey and the oblate program especially if you are on Facebook.  Visit the Saint Leo Abbey oblates' Facebook page. Comm ent, like, share.  

There is even an Instagram for abbey oblates at SaintLeoAbbeyOblates. 

Find and greet modern-day pilgrims where they are on their journey. We still welcome them, but today we can also use the Internet. 

If you know the roads taken by the modern pilgrims, follow the Saint Leo Abbey oblates social media.    

12. Those Benedictines of Pentecost
"But if He [Jesus] rules over this earth for all ages, it is
from His throne in heaven that He is to rule, until the
angel's voice is heard proclaiming that 'time is no
more'; and then He will return to 'crush the heads' of sinners.

Meanwhile, long ages are to flow onwards in their course, and these ages are to be the reign of the Holy Spirit. But as we learn from the evangelist, the Spirit was not given until such time as Jesus was glorified. So that our beautiful mystery of the Ascension stands between the two divine reigns on earth: the visible reign of the Son of God, and the visible reign of the Holy Spirit.

Nor is it only the prophets who announce the succession of the second to the first; it is our Emmanuel Himself, who, during the days of His mortal life, heralded the approaching reign of the divine Spirit.

We have not forgotten His words: 'It is expedient
for you that I go; for if I go not, the Paraclete will
not come to you.' Oh ! how much the world must
have needed this divine guest, of whom the very Son
of God made Himself the precursor!"


From The Liturgical Year, by Dom Gu?ranger, pages 269-270.

"Dom Gu?ranger, abbot of Solesmes from 1837-1875, was one of the leading monastics and liturgists of his generation, and his writings were highly influential both in France and abroad."

13. Past broadcast emails
Since December 1 past broadcast emails are posted  HERE.

14. CDs at Gift Shop
Brother James says he just received more CDs -- the most the Gift Shop has had in a year. Look for the CDs next time you visit the abbey.  Remember the Gift Shop is open Tuesday through Sunday.
15. Know your Abbey 
The panels near the end of this email give more information about Saint Leo Abbey:

Top: Two anniversaries in 2016

Left: Rule of Saint Benedict

Center: iBreviary -- use your phone or tablet to pray with the monks at home or at the abbey (FREE).
Right: Saint Gertrude the Great-- one of the eight sunrise saints in the abbey church.
16. Are you missing?

1. Brown runner.  There is a brown runner left over from the Christmas party. 


If you are missing something, please reply to this email.  The owners of three previously listed items have been found! Thank you to the owners. 


Abbot Isaac, O.S.B., Oblate Director 


Brother Stanislaw, O.S.B., Novice Director


Abbey Reception Office
(352) 588 8624


Gift Shop, Brother James, O.S.B.
(352) 588 2606 


Guest House & Retreat Center: (352) 588 8184  

The First Benedictine
May 12th was the 129th anniversary of Gerard Pilz, O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict), the first Benedictine who came to Florida to establish a permanent presence. His work and that of many other dedicated monks led to the founding of Saint Leo Abbey. As 129 years ago, the Saint Leo Abbey Benedictine monks of today welcome all guests and visitors. You are invited to walk the abbey grounds, sit by Lake Jovita, pray with the monks, or go on a private retreat in the guesthouse -- for your own private retreat call the Abbey Retreat Office at (352) 588-8184.

Next year in 2016 is the 130 anniversary of the first Benedictine and the 100th anniversary of the completion of Saint Leo Abbey's Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. 

And try Ken Conrad's wonderful Kindle version.

This is the one used by Saint Leo Abbey monks.  There is a paid version by another publisher, but it is not always exactly the same as the one used at Saint Leo Abbey. So this FREE one is the one to get.
The only female saint called the Great. More info. Her amazing book of prayers is part of the reasons she is honored as one of eight sunrise saints in the Abbey church. Her light greets you along with that of Saint Walburg.