Acedia (mosaic, Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière)
Dear Oblates, Oblate Novices, and Friends of Saint Leo Abbey,
September 6 Oblate Sunday 
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Please RSVP by the Sunday before the Oblate Sunday.

Quote from "THE SADNESS CORRODING OUR DESIRE FOR GOD," the oblate class assignment:

"Since acedia stirs up all the other vices, it cannot be cured by a single contrary virtue. What is needed is a varied, multi-layered therapy: tears of compunction (and non-verbal cries for saving help); recourse to God's Word (to oppose the inroads of vice); meditation on death (to evaluate the present in the light of eternity); patient, persevering resistance (avoiding little compensations and putting one's trust in the Lord). It is easy to see that all these remedies or weapons lead to an encounter with God. In the last analysis, acedia is a flight from God and is only cured by the patient, practical search for his Face" --- Dom Bernardo Olivera,
Abbot General Cistercians and Trappists.
September 20 Benedictine Circle
For reading assignments and to RSVP please go to the Benedictine Circle page on the oblate website.

Join the discussion about Saint Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle.

Link to MP3 audio of Interior Castle.  Thank you Rosanne.
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How to check & update your home address & phone number in the Saint Leo Abbey Oblate database
How to check & update your home address & phone number in the Saint Leo Abbey Oblate database
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Abbey Contacts

Abbot Isaac, O.S.B., Oblate Director
Abbey Reception Office
(352) 588 8624
Gift Shop, Brother James, O.S.B.
(352) 588 2606 
Guest House & Retreat Center:(352) 588 8184 

Fall and Winter are Coming
The annual Oblate-Program Spiritual Weekend Retreat is coming. Depending on Abbot Isaac's schedule, it is usually held in the fall. Everyone is invited. Live on monastic time, share prayer time and meals with the monks. Attend Abbot Isaac's conferences. 
Yes, we can begin to think about the cooler weather in December and the annual Christmas party with the monks.   
Everyone is invited.  Those attending are requested to bring a dessert and may, on a voluntary basis, give a gift to a monk.
Thank you to all those in the Saint Leo Abbey oblate program.

The abbey thanks you and daily prays for you.  


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