The Transfiguration
Lodovico Carracci 1594

Dear Oblates, Oblate Novices, and Friends of Saint Leo Abbey,
October 30-November 1 retreat
Everyone is invited. The retreat will be led by Father Abbot Isaac, O.S.B.

Theme: "What do you know about Jesus?"

You do not need to be a novice oblate or oblate to attend the Oblate Program Retreat.

$215 per person. $100 per person if you do not stay overnight.

October 18 - Benedictine Circle 
RSVP and reading assignment, visit the Benedictine Circle.

A new book will be started on October 18.

No Oblate Sunday in November or December
With the Oblate-program retreat and the Christmas party, there is no Oblate Sunday in November or December.
Is your home address missing from the database?
Please check to see whether your home mailing address is included in the database for the oblate program.  Many are missing.   Please use the Update Profile/Email Address link at the bottom of this email.   

Abbot Isaac is updating the abbey's mailing list for the letters he sends in the U.S. Mail. His letters are beautiful communications about the abbey, the liturgical seasons, and our life of seeking God.

If you have any questions or problems, please reply to this email or watch this step-by-step video.
How to check & update your home address & phone number in the Saint Leo Abbey Oblate database
How to check & update your home address & phone number in the Saint Leo Abbey Oblate database
If you have any problems with checking  your address, please watch this video.  Everyone receiving this email should check their address unless you signed up for the email list using the online form after December 1, 2014. Thank you very much.

Abbey Contacts

Abbot Isaac, O.S.B., Oblate Director
Abbey Reception Office
(352) 588 8624
Gift Shop, Brother James, O.S.B.
(352) 588 2606 
Guest House & Retreat Center:(352) 588 8184 

Fall is Here! and Winter is Coming
October 30-November 1
Register for the annual Oblate-Program Spiritual Weekend Retreat. Everyone is invited. Live on monastic time, share prayer time and meals with the monks. Attend Abbot Isaac's conferences. 
Yes, we can begin to think about the cooler weather in December and the annual Christmas party with the monks.   
Everyone is invited.  Those attending are requested to bring a dessert and may, on a voluntary basis, give a gift to a monk.
Thank you to all those in the Saint Leo Abbey oblate program.

The abbey thanks you and daily prays for you.  


Saint Leo Abbey Oblates
33601 State Road 52
Town of Saint Leo, FL