The monastic meerkat,
not a mere cat.

The abbey's monastic meerkat has a tip when you are at the abbey

We like the dryness of the desert.  It helps keep away mold.  Please don't turn off the air conditioning units on the third and fourth floors, leave them on.

That's the tip for today.  

Did you know that meerkats live in the southern part of Africa in the vast Kalahari desert?  Most animals in the Kalahari have a 40% lower metabolic rate than their counterparts in other parts of the world.  This allows the animals there to survive in the Kalahari's intense heat and with less food and water.  Of course, they keep the air conditioning units running all the time in their extensive underground dens.

And for those who have not seen any monastic meerkats at the abbey, you are correct, the abbey does not have any. They just make excellent spokeskats for more AC.



For any questions, you may also call John at 813-228-8015