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I'm Victor McGlothin, National Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur.   I am  also an education advocate who believes in eliminating  the Achievement Gap separating  our inner-city students from the success they deserve .  Please join me   in this  national campaign to "Save Our Students".  

"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb 

The Student Formula: How to Win in Inner-City Classrooms & Champion Mentoring Curriculum are both designed to inspire students to take more ownership of their success and shows them how to do it.   

Let's work together to eliminate the achievement gap, go far together and  Save Our Students.  They're counting on us!                  


Meet Victor McGlothin

Victor McGlothin almost lost an athletic scholarship due to poor reading skills. The successful entrepreneur and former bank vice-president has earned Master degrees in Human Relations and Business, written 14 books and three film projects. 

Victor lives in the Dallas area with his family.  

The Student Formula

The Student Formula is a winning game plan for students to excel in inner-city classrooms.  Designed to narrow the achievement gap, this educational tool addressees deficits between suburban and inner-city schools.

This book offers strategies for every student to improve their study habits, reading skills, and test scores.   For a caring parents and mentors who want to help our children perform better inside and outside of the classroom, this book is a must! 

What People Are Saying...

"The Student Formula succinctly offers strategies and suggestions to combat indecisiveness, build self-esteem, and introduce life/survival skills."
Renee Graham, Co-Director Essex County Provisional Teacher Training Program - Montclair, NJ

"Profound! Whether you're an educator seeking insight into pedagogy and best practices or a parent helping a child to be more responsibility for their own learning, The Student Formula is the book for you. Kudos to Mr. McGlothin!"
Paula D. Brown, COO/ Deputy Supt. at A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy, Dallas, TX

Champion Mentoring Curriculum

Victor has designed a training program for students who want to win in inner-city classrooms. For the past 20 years, he has motivated audiences at schools and colleges with messages that target achievement. He has also helped thousands of adults to perform their jobs more efficiently.  Now, he is setting out to help millions of students make better grades, better decisions, and prepare themselves for more rewarding lives after high school.   

This curriculum offers answers to every student wanting to improve their study habits, reading skills, and chances for a better life. It also provides an avenue for their parents, who always wanted to help their children perform better in school but didn't know how.

It takes a village to raise our children and we should use the best tools available.  The Student Formula and Champion Mentoring Curriculum offer something that school mentoring programs across the country have been hoping for.  We've designed a program that provides Parenting Tools and Tips to maximize our children's opportunities to win.     If you're an educator looking for new ways to inspire and motivate students like never before, this it is!   

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Victor provides the following services:
  • Keynote Presentations for Academic Conferences, Seminars, Corporate and Non Profit Events
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Custom Education Programs
  • Motivational Speaking for Young People, Parents, Teachers and Youth Workers
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