Editor's Note: AOAC International is soliciting input on five new Draft Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR) documents produced by the AOAC Stakeholder Panel for Dietary Supplements (SPDS) for Kava, Resveratrol and Skullcap. AHPA Chief Science Officer served as the chair of the Skullcap working group and several AHPA members have served as experts during this process. Comments on these new SMPRs are due by February 26, 2018. 

January 16, 2018

OPEN FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: New SPDS Draft Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR) 

January 16, 2018: AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) announces the availability of draft standard method performance requirements (SMPRs) for: 

These SMPRs represent the SPDS Working Groups' deliberations. In accordance with AOAC standard developing procedures, the draft document must be posted for an open public comment period. 

Comment Submission Process 

The public comment period opens on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 and closes Friday, February 26, 2018. Comments will be compiled and reviewed, and the documents may be revised, if necessary, based on comments received. 

Comments must be submitted using the form provided. Marked up documents will not be accepted. If you have any questions about this, please contact Christopher Dent, Standards Development Coordinator, at cdent@aoac.org

  1. AOAC requests that the following guidelines be observed in providing comments: 
  2. For specific comments, please state the line number and/or range of line numbers in each document for which the comment applies. 
  3. Provide rationale as to why the editor should consider the comment. 
  4. Specify if the comment is editorial, content, or general comment. 
    1. Editorial comments provide additional clarification or correct typographical errors. Please suggest alternative wording for typographical corrections.
    2. Content-related comments provide technical clarity and comprehensiveness. Please suggest the appropriate technical language. Documents will be reviewed by AOAC for technical accuracy and clarity. 
    3. General comments reflect a perspective on content documented/undocumented in the drafts. Please provide language that documents the perspective or position.
  5. All comments are due by February 26, 2018. AOAC reserves the right to not accept comments submitted after the deadline. 

You may review the draft SMPRs using the links above. To provide comments to the draft Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR), follow the link below: 

For technical information on how to provide comments, contact Christopher Dent, Standards Development Coordinator at cdent@aoac.org or via telephone: 301-924-7077 x 119. For general information, contact Dawn Frazier, Executive for Scientific Business Development, at dfraizer@aoac.org or via telephone at 301-924-7077 x 117.

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