Calling All Stars!

"Secret Garden" Auditions Begin Next Week
Auditions for Marquette students to take place Monday, Jan. 14th and Tuesday, Jan. 15th; any partner school student is invited to attend on Monday, Jan. 21st at the Rudy Hart Theatre
Though the spring semester is but a day old, it's not too soon to begin thinking about the spring musical!

This March, Marquette Catholic High School, in conjunction with its partner schools, will perform "Secret Garden" beginning Friday, March 8th.

In anticipation of one of the school's largest collaborative efforts, theatre director Amy Crane will conduct auditions for Marquette students on Monday, January 14th and Tuesday, January 15th with callbacks occurring on Wednesday, January 16th.

Auditions will begin promptly at 3:30 pm inside the theatre and any Marquette student planning on attending is expected to have prepared a solo from either a Broadway musical or a Disney film. No recordings will be allowed, but students are invited to bring sheet music. Additionally, candidates should dress comfortably and ready to learn a dance. Readings from the script will also be part of the audition. Students should plan on staying for at least two hours.

Any student enrolled in grades 2-8 at one of our partner schools is encouraged to attend auditions on Monday, January 21st at 5:30 pm at the Rudy Hart Theatre. No prior experience or prepared material is necessary for the Children's Ghost Chorus. Only those ages 9 and up who are interested in the solo role of Colin need to prepare one verse and chorus of a Broadway song with an accompaniment recording (no vocals). Students are also encouraged to dress comfortably to learn a short dance.

Anyone with questions is asked to inquire with theatre director Amy Crane (