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March 15, 2022

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Introducing the Security and Biometrics Analytics eBook

Computer Review announces the interactive Security and Biometrics directory. The online directory tracks the activity of over 1500 companies in 58 countries daily. The real-time information identifies development driving technology, including various opportunities as they become available.

The pioneering companies, organizations, and research labs, which are working on developing advanced security technology, are reviewed in the directory. They represent the essential digital security market  worldwide.

The online information is well organized and includes company descriptions, markets, analytics, news, blogs, research, executives bios, job listings, and more. Here is a simple user guide to the interactive online information for our valuable customers:

The Security Technology database is available online at $12.95 per month or $150 per year. For more information see Security Technology at

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How are new technologies enhancing security in our daily lives?

Technology has been improving human life since the stone-age. Yes, stone-age! As the stone tools like chopping tools and Heron's windwheel also come under the term “technology”. 

Anything that makes daily life tasks easier for us comes under this term. Technology has developed a lot by now. These things are being used in most sectors whether it is health, education, transport, communication, food, or agriculture, every sector is now dependent on technology.

In this modern society, people are also using biometrics for security purposes. In this article, we are about to share some information about the biometrics security system.


Biometrics are the physical measurements or statistical analyses for the identification of individuals. The most common options include fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, and retina scans. There are other forms of biometrics too. The main purpose of biometrics is the authentic identification of individuals.

Biometrics have been classified into three major groups:

1. Biological biometrics use features like DNA or blood for identifying a person. It may also include other genetic traits. These features are assessed through a sample of your body’s fluids.

2. Morphological biometrics are based on the physical traits for a person's recognition. These features include your eye, fingerprint, or the shape of your face. Security scanners are used for validating these features.

3. Behavioral biometrics is the tricky one. It is quite astonishing how much technology has developed that it can now even use your behavior to recognize you. This one is based on patterns specific to each person including recognition of typing patterns, voice, mouse and finger movements, website and social media engagement patterns, walking gait, and other gestures. Being a newer technology, it is considered less reliable, but we can hope for potential promising improvements in this biometric technology.

Nowadays, biometric data is used for accessing information on personal devices like smartphones. There are also other potential uses of biometrics too. Moreover, biometric information is being held on smart cards which work as national identity cards too. The recognition system reads an individual's biometric information on the card and compares it with the information stored in the database.

Advantages of biometrics

Biometrics offers us the following advantages:

  • No more fear of getting your information stolen or misused.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • No need to update again and again as it mostly stays the same throughout a lifetime.
  • Non-transferable.
  • Efficient.
  • Requires less space for storage.

Disadvantages of biometrics

  • Running a biometric system can be expensive.
  • Biometric data, though less prone, still can be hacked.
  • Sometimes, false “accepts” and “rejects” take place too.
  • Fails in gathering all of the biometric data correctly due to any error can lead to failed identification of a user.
  • Sometimes, a fingerprint scanner may not be able to identify the user due to any cuts on the finger of the person. That’s why when we go for biometric verification, the dealing person does not allow us to store or verify the biometric data if we have any cuts on our finger.

Some top security-technology companies

Following are a few security-technology companies that are researching and developing new tools and techniques to help people in improving security. You can see more companies in our security technology eBook list.


Zimperium offers enterprise-class protection for mobile devices against cybersecurity attacks.

ThreatConnect, Inc. 

ThreatConnect security platform unites people, processes, and technology behind an Intelligence-Driven defense.

Senstar Corporation

Senstar security solutions use intelligent video and innovative perimeter intrusion detection to safeguard people and property.

Physical Sciences Inc.

Developing prototypes of new technologies for national defense, homeland security, and the health industry.

Axon Enterprise, Inc.

Axon Network offers TASER smart weapons and law enforcement public safety products connected by evidence management software.

Canary Connect Inc.

Canary makes home security products that connect your home to your phone in HD video, 24/7.

United Security Technology

UST provides advanced security solutions in the areas of Alarm Systems, Perimeter Surveillance, CCTV, Access Control, Directions, Parking Solutions, Barrier Gates, Structured Cabling, Visitor Management, Audio Visual, Home Automation, Process Automation, Green Power Solutions, and After-Sale Support.

Transguard Group

Our team of consultants, systems integrators, and security experts have global and cross-sector experience and have created some of the world’s best security-enabled companies, events, and operations.

Secual Inc.

A Japanese company providing home-security and town-security products and solutions.

ADACS security

A security company that delivered traditional security services whilst also installing and importing high-quality cutting-edge security products.


The use of devices like smartphones, tablets, and even wearable tech is increasing at a very fast rate. People now have several different devices that store their medical records, bank account details, and other confidential information. People are using these technologies increasingly to store their personal valuable information. To keep this information safe, biometrics is the preferred choice. We can see that many smartphones are using facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint scans instead of passwords to increase the security of information stored in their phones. Even for payments, biometrics is being used as it is an easy and more reliable means of verification.

This saves the user's information from being stolen or hacked. Scientists are now developing more robust technology for detecting face spoofing and protecting against various kinds of cyber-attacks by artificial intelligence. With the development of such technologies, face recognition will be used more widely in the world. By integrating deep learning technology and artificial intelligence, this technology is going to be more advanced in the future.

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