1.  Find the authors you like and share their flyer links on your social media pages. Each tour page has all of the details about the books and the author. Take what you need to add to your blog, social media walls or website.

2.  View the featured authors on tour by clicking here . Let Ella D. Curry know that you are joining the tour by emailing her at:  edc_dg@yahoo.com

A blog or website is NOT required! You can post to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook walls. Go to the author's tour page, grab the images, promotional text and the link to Amazon and post it where you hang out online.

There are 3 ways to join the Seducing the Pen Book Tours

a.  Share the banners from Ella D. Curry's social media pages at least 5 times on your social media pages. Tag Ella D. Curry in your posts. Use the hashtags: #CrownHoldersLead and #SeducingThePen so that we can follow you.

b.  Receive a review copy of the book(s) and post a video book review on your social media page, Instagram or YouTube within 15 days of receiving the books.

c.  Post a written book review on Amazon AND email Ella Curry a copy of the written review to be shared on Black Pearls Magazine's website.

Please email Ella D. Curry at:  edc_dg@yahoo.com  and let her know that you want to join the fun by writing reviews for the featured books and hosting an author.