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"So Long" Is Not "Goodbye"!
More On Our Moving!

Yes! That is a picture of our scheduled new home at 545 Hampton Manor Court, Valparaiso Indiana 46385. Pretty neat!

With the move there are many things that will not change and, obviously. some that will change.

Things That Will Not Change

Service - We will continue to conduct our longarming business. We will continue to offer our friendly, professional services with the same high quality.

At our present location we have served customers by mail from Pennsylvania, Texas, Mississippi, Hawaii, Ecuador, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Arizona, and Washington. We will be expanding our postal offering to serve our current clients of 400 quilters to include Ohio.

We love our quilters. Leaving the face-to-face contact is the only sad part of this move. After we do a little research, we will post a list of local quilt shops and those that can be found along the way along US30 so that you can explore new shops. This will be of aid to those of you who have already said they will be driving the 3 1/2 hour drive to our new "digs".

Batting - We will continue to carry Quilters Dream Batting in poly only due to space considerations.

Backings - We will continue to carry Kona 118" natural and white as well as 108" black.

Patterns - Ruth will continue with her Raggedy Ruth Designs at a slower pace as other "freebee" patterns on the web have put a dent in our professional designed sales.

Training - Ruth will continue and expand her presence as an Innova longarm trainer.

Web Presence - Our web-sites will remain the same as well Facebook. [Yes, I did say web-sites as we have , , , and .]

Phone Numbers - The office 419.358.0656 will continue to function and forward. Rick's & Ruth's cellphone numbers will also not change.

What Will Change

Binding - We will not be offering binding services in Valparaiso. Donna would not relocate with us and we will not pay mileage plus travel time.:-)

Backing Fabric - We will only accept backs that are 100% woven cotton.

Longarm Rental - We will begin renting time on our longarm machines in addition to using them ourselves.

Why The Change

There are two reasons. One reason is that we want to be near Peter & Ann, our son and daughter-in-law. My medical conditions have made it important to be near support. [Plus, grandchildren would be an extra!]

The other is that we are working on a new book on designing with the Innova. We expect, as with the last book, we will be heavily involved with Accomplish Quilting, just over the border in Michigan.
Enjoy your blessings!
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