Technology Education Trends- September 2015 

Selfies: Not all about the Duck Face

The age of social media has made us very familiar with the '"duck face". Your news feed may make you feel like a doctor or dentist as we look at our friend's "mouth agape - tongue out" selfies.  You may find yourself asking "what's the point?" and fearing the narcissism that seems to be running amok in with the next generation.
Laura Pappano wrote in the July 31, 2015 article  The Scholarship in Selfies for the New York Times, 
"Selfies raise important questions about identity, culture and technology.  Like: What do selfies say about what we choose to document, how we craft images for different groups (family on Facebook, friends on Instagram), or reveal or hide about our identity?"
Around the World in 360° Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie
Around the World in 360° Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie

Family Selfies 
Do your family selfies look a bit too contrived, or more like a family of baboons? has 8 Tips for Taking a Selfie with Kids.  
Any mom with an extra chin knows to take a selfie from above, but do you  check the background? Remember those tongue pictures mentioned earlier? The same goes for your laundry or worse your bathroom! You don't want to become an internet meme.
The most helpful tip:
"HDR is your friend.  If you've wondered what HDR means on your smartphone camera, it stands for High Dynamic Range. In simple terms, it can make your photos look really awesome because it will take a series of three and then combine to give you the best light to dark ratio. The only issue is that you have to be completely still; HDR with active photos will make them look worse, not better."

Selfies in the Classroom has posted "10 Ways to Use Selfies in the Classroom." Among it, the Irish Educational blog's suggestions are:
  • Each child takes a selfie that they can use in this activity. Partner class up. Children need to describe their selfie to their partner while their partner draws a quick sketch of the selfie. Afterwards, they can compare and contrast. Excellent for listening, speaking and descriptive skills.
  • Have children take a selfie with their favorite book or one they are currently reading. The class "What I'm reading" selfies can be compiled into a monthly video to encourage reading.
Shelly Terrell has shared a  "Back to School Selfie Adventure" in Tech & Learning. Follow the link for her power point template, as well as her list of "selfie missions."  This list of missions doesn't need to be kept in the classroom, they make great ideas for family vacations or reunions too!
For more classroom ideas see 
Selfie Booth - Green Screen Photo Fun!
By Jakks Pacific Inc. 
Step right into the Selfie Booth and enjoy tons of green screen photo fun! This app works best with the Selfie Booth from Jakks Pacific.   

Travel, Explore, Celebrate!, and Imagine. These backgrounds transport you into loads of different places and situations from posing in front of the Eiffel Tower to swimming in an illustrated underwater scene!   

Customize and decorate your photos with lots of themed stickers, then save to your camera roll and share with friends and family.

Selfie Shave-My Face Makeover
by TabTale

Android and  iOS 
Rated E for Everyone
Taking selfies has never been this much fun!  
Strike a pose, take a selfie and start shaving your hairy face at this salon! Give yourself a makeover or choose from 2 super hairy, messy clients! From tweezing to shaving to hair styling, there's so much fun to be had! Use special salon tools to pop pimples and remove warts.  You can even pick lice out of your messy hair! Ewwwww, gross!

Facecon: Selfie Emoticon
  by Prompt
Android and iOS
Rated E for Everyone
Everyone can be a part of animated stickers with one photo and Facecon!

Lots of free unique stickers~ Facecon Shop
Choose the hair style, face shape and fashion clothes, create an unique profile photo of you!
Kids' Camera
By Enxine

Rated E for Everyone
Kids' Camera is serious fun with pictures.Use one of the beautiful backgrounds to share a funny selfie of your kids or baby. Or let them play alone including their faces in scenes and modifying them.

Create and share fun selfie pictures
 with 30 different cut-outs with fun drawings

Kids' Camera is recommended for very young kids and allows them to play putting their own face or their friends' to the bodies of animals, people from around the world.
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