September Specials, News & Updates
There’s still time to sign up for our September Silent Retreat! Details below. Space is limited.
Fall back into your wellness routine with these amazing fall specials!

  • Running until September 15th!

20 Yoga and/or Pilates Mat Classes for Only $160 
  • This is a savings of $90!
  • Good for 4 months from date of purchase 
  • Can be used on zoom classes on in-studio 
  • 1/2 system credit can be used unless you purchased our July special 

All 10-class Packages are 20% off!
  • This includes both regular and reformer/WOW classes 
  • Good for 4 months from date of purchase 
  • Can be used on zoom classes on in-studio 
  • 1/2 system credit can be used unless you purchased our July special 

Purchase all on our web site or give us a call!
  • running until September 15th!

Sign up for Diana’s 5-Month Health Coaching Group by September 15th and save $150! Or… renew your next 3 months saving $50! 

  • See all that’s included in the details section of the program (more details and testimonials below)
  • Email Diana with any questions 
  • See below for the opportunity to work with Diana in a very compressive, longer program. "Get it All Together". This program has limited spaces so please respond asap if you are interested.

Testimonial: "I began Diana’s health coaching program a little over 18 months ago and I am so grateful I did. I have learned much about myself and a variety of topics. Through information gained from functional diagnostic testing Diana has helped me eliminate foods that were causing my body inflammation and has added supplements to support my body’s functioning. I have discovered the joy in eating to nourish my body not simply feed it. Diana has performed physical fitness assessments as well. She has helped me understand how to exercise effectively and more importantly efficiently. Sharing her vast knowledge of breathing practices, breath coherence and meditation has allowed me to connect better my mind and body. My overall health has improved tremendously. My chronic headaches and joint pain have disappeared. I am falling asleep faster and remaining asleep. My mid-day fatigue is gone. I have so much more energy. Change does not happen overnight, and transformation is a process. Diana was there every step of the way helping me stay the course and cheering on the change." ~ Jennifer Archambeau

Sign up for our 2021 200hr Yoga Teacher Training by October 31st and receive 20 Free Yoga classes! 

PLUS… the early bird discount of $200 savings is available until October 31st, too! Pay in full and receive another $150 off! This, all together, is a savings of $540! 

  • Contact Diana for the details of the program
  • Spaces are limited and people are reserving their spots already! Sign up soon! 
  • Full program details below in the newsletter.
  • Spaces are limited!

Sign up for the ‘essence of yoga’ 300hr Yoga Teacher Training by October 31st and receive $500 off and 20 FREE yoga classes! 

  • This is a savings of $740 total and is super rare!
  • Email Diana for the details of the course: 
  • Full program details below in the newsletter.

Take a look at what one, current student has experienced in the YTT training: 
Testimonial: "Working with Diana on my 300 hr YTT certification has been enriching and so informative! She is highly skilled not only in yoga but also extremely talented in the areas of anatomy, Pilates, energy work, sound therapy, nutrition and trauma. My teaching has improved specifically in regard to safety and effectiveness and my students recognize my passion for learning.  Diana’s cueing is second to none!! The thing with Diana… she leads by example and reinforces the need for continuous education so that we can better serve our students on their journeys, on and off their mats.” ~ Lori Smith
It's nomination time again!
We are SO very honored to have received such amazing nominations from 2020 and 2021 through The Toledo City Paper, Mature Living, and The Toledo Blade. During these very trying times for all small business owners, we all would be so honored to have your continued support. Voting for the best of Toledo begins September 1st. You can vote daily from any emails you have. 

Your time and support keeps small businesses going! We are in many categories (see from last year below) and would be very honored to receive your votes!

We are SO grateful for all the nominations we have received in 2020 and now in 2021!

Toledo City Paper 2020:
  • Best Yoga Studio 
  • Best Yoga Teacher: Diana Spiess 
  • Runner-up Best Holistic Health Center 
  • Runner-up Best Boutique Fitness Studio 
  • Top 6 Nominated Personal Trainer: Diana Spiess

Toledo Blade Reader’s Choice 2021:
  • Best Pilates/Yoga Studio 

Mature Living 2021:
  • Best Fitness Center 
  • Best Personal Trainer: Diana Spiess 

We are honored and grateful to have received these recognitions along with those from the Toledo City Paper for 2020!
Letter from Diana
The beginning the season of releasing what no longer serves us.

       The air is becoming crisper, the clouds look different, the trees are starting to show signs or transition, the animals are becoming busier, and the angle and length of sun rays are shifting. The season of releasing and transitioning to a slower, more restful time is among us. It is such a powerful time, and it gives us an opportunity to shed tensions, burdens, stressors, and anything that does not serve us on our journey any longer. Just like the trees are about to shed their leaves for a restful time before renewing in the spring, so can we do the same. 
            So often, we question the process of manifesting that is spoken of often. It seems that what we are working toward never comes…or takes forever. In such cases, there’s often too much “clutter” energy that is taking up too much space near us for the manifestation to occur in its material form. Everything is energy. Our physical body is only energy slowed down enough for our 5 senses to perceive it. All material things are the same. Everything begins as dispersed energy: like thoughts, feelings, emotions, and intuitions. Once we connect with our callings on a dispersed, energetic level, we have to make room for them to manifest in a more condensed, physical way. The new leaves coming in the spring will be prepared for with many, thousands of dispersed small molecules in the dirt that will work through the tree to come together to create leaves because it has made room by shedding the current leaves. 
            We have this amazing opportunity to allow the same transformations for ourselves. The trees do not have free will. This is what can get in our way and why it’s so important to choose to release…choosing to allow the natural process. Just like older clothes, items from childhood that we no longer use, or any items we keep store in our home space which then limits the new, we do the same energetically. I have witnessed so many finally make the decision to release and feel such a lightness happen. Then, as they allow the new callings to come in, they fill with pure joy and excitement! They come alive again and with great vibrancy! Just like the trees in the spring. 

            I am wishing you all a beautiful season of releasing what no longer serves you. May you feel empowered to just release and trust the magic of new beginnings and new, joyful experiences people, and more! 


Workshops • Learning • Experiences
2021 Fall Silent Retreat
Book time for yourself to renew, restore, relax, and energetically cleanse in so many ways!

FALL: Sept. 10-12 

Check in 4-5pm Friday
Check out 3:30pm Sunday

Lial Renewal Center in Whitehouse, Ohio

Silent retreats provide space for participants to experience the powerful impact of having an extended time and space to restore. Past participants are so amazed at the power of this retreat and many have attended more than one! The foods are wholesome and delicious (vegan/gluten free), the grounds are stunning and so calming, and the guided meditations and practices will restore and relax you. Diana shares many techniques for finding balance, and her private energy sessions are powerful for those that choose to add them on.

Private Room with own private bathroom:
$450 (includes both nights and all 6 meals)
The Chakras & Taoism
Creating healing and balancing of the chakras and meridians

with Diana Spiess, M.S., CMES, NBC-HWC, AADP, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Psychology Master, Licensed Sound Therapist
see more here: Diana's Web Site

Diana Spiess has offered a yearly fall workshop covering the chakra system and it has been very popular. She has now completed training in Taoism as she works on her Doctorate Degree in Natural/Integrative Medicine and is very excited to bring so much useful and practical information into her fall series. Participants will learn: 

  • The foundations and details of each of the main chakra/energy centers along with others that are not often spoken of
  • What the marvelous vessels, kouas, and meridians are and how to use many meditates to balance the yin/yang 
  • A deep understanding of how the seasons and elements play a role in healing and balancing the entire body. 
  • How to use yoga poses, crystals, essential oils, chromotherapy, and self-acupressure using fingers or a crystal wand to self-heal and balance the chakras, and meridians.
  • How to accomplish refilling the marvelous vessels with Chi/Prana and, thus, filling the kouas for the meridians. 

Each participant will receive a care kit with the supplies for each session. This series is available both in-studio (with limited spaces) and on Zoom. Please sign up accordingly online or when you call in. The course will give a foundational understanding to the certification Diana will be offering very soon in Taoism.
New Licensing Accreditation for
Essence Schools & Courses & Graduates!
Diana Spiess, founder and owner of Essence Mind*Body Studio and all of the schools and courses, has been honorably asked to become an instructor for the SHPLI! In addition, her courses have been approved to be accredited with this organization including: ‘essence of yoga’ YTT 200hr and 300hr certifications, her Reiki trainings,

and coming soon her Taoism practitioner and Crystal Healer courses! 

Licensing as a Spiritual Healer is important for those who work in such realms because no state agency is monitoring such practitioners. Having an accreditation board that sets high standards and teaches the full scope of ethics and more allows clients to feel assured they are working with highly trained and professional practitioners that meet high standards. Diana has been a Licensed Spiritual Healer for many years and is beyond honored to be asked to join such an amazing organization and to have her courses recognized at such high standards. More information is to come very soon! Please email Diana if you have more questions:

Are you ready to “Get-it-all-together” for your health and well-being? If so, here is a private program with Diana that you do NOT want to miss! 
This 6-month program with Diana Spiess has it all and more! What is included: 
Private Training Sessions with weight training, private Pilates, private yoga, health coaching and/or alignment work 
Private reiki, energy, aromatherapy, hypnosis (if needed), crystal healing, sound therapy, meditation, red light therapy sessions
  • Fitness evaluations, Kirlian Scans, and vital organ function scans with ultrasound 
  • A Brain Tap headset with training worth over $750
  • Hearth Math sensor for heart rate variability training worth over $300
  • 2 Functional Diagnostic Tests to investigate hidden internal stressors
  • Access to Diana’s health coaching group program 
  • Heated, weighted massage pad with jade crystals worth over $150
  • and MORE! 
This is all worth over $5000! Diana is offering this for only 2 clients max over the next 6 months that are serious about getting all that is needed to genuinely care their entire being. Please email her if you are interested and she will send you the details and payment options. 

This is on a first-come-first-booked basis. Diana can only take 2 clients per 6 months... do not wait if you are interested. Email Diana for more details if interested
Sign up today!

**The Pilates Essential/Beginner Reformer Course is now available!

Yoga Training Opportunities
2022 YTT Weekends
  • Jan. 21-22
  • Feb. 18-20
  • March 18-20
  • April 22-24
  • May 20-22
  • June 24-26
  • July 22-24
  • August 19-21
  • Sept. 23-25
  • Oct. 21-23

Full details to see the course running this year :

If you are interested in joining us for 2022 in January or for the 300 hour training, please email Diana asap... folks are already reserving their spots!

Our 300hr program can be started at any time. It is for those that have completed a 200hr program already.

Take a look at what one, current student has experienced in the training: 

"Working with Diana on my 300 hr YTT certification has been enriching and so informative! She is highly skilled not only in yoga but also extremely talented in the areas of anatomy, Pilates, energy work, sound therapy, nutrition and trauma. My teaching has improved specifically in regard to safety and effectiveness and my students recognize my passion for learning.  Diana’s cueing is second to none!! The thing with Diana… she leads by example and reinforces the need for continuous education so that we can better serve our students on their journeys, on and off their mats.” ~ Lori Smith
Essence of Wellness Health Coaching

"My experience with Wellness and Health Coaching through Diana Spiess has transformed my life. Through the changes that I have made this past year, I feel 10-15 years younger. Minor aches and pains that I attributed to normal aging have disappeared. Her program goes far beyond diet and exercise to address your mind, body and spirit providing guided meditations and up-to-date health information. Diana meets you where you are, providing an abundance of resources, group support and individualized plans to help ensure that you have the tools to be successful. If you have been wanting to understand all the latest research regarding healthy eating and lifestyle, for yourself and the planet, Diana continues to do the research to provide her clients with the most current science based and study driven information to protect what we have all come to realize is our most precious possession, our health." ~ Carol DeJong

I have been with Diana for nearly 10 years and in many ways she "saved" me. I first visited Essence after my second go-round with chemo. My mind was racing and I was full of anxiety. I wanted to try yoga to calm my mind, but what I received was so much more. I was not very good at yoga at first -- both with the breathing or the actual poses. Diana encouraged me to stick with it and within three months I could see the difference -- physically and mentally. By six months, I was addicted. When I go without yoga for more than a few days, I can feel it.

In the years since, Diana has helped with nutrition, auto-immune disorders, gut health, psoriasis, and alignment issues. Her keen eye for looking at you and knowing that your hips are off, your shoulders aren't straight, etc. is amazing and her skills with helping folks get realigned are unmatched -- as good as any chiropractor or physical therapist but using her own, functional techniques. She is passionate about health, wellness and helping others. I will be forever grateful and I look forward to many more years of yoga and personal training sessions with her!" ~ Tana Benford
Cost for Health Coaching Program is $650
  • Save $150 by signing up for the group program before September 15th!
Cost for 5 private sessions with Diana is: $582

This is a 5-month-long integrative, functional, and all-inclusive health coaching program from your own home or anywhere you are! The program is flexible so you can start at the beginning of any month. Start now— what are you waiting for?

Join a community specifically focused on improving health and well-being and begin to feel empowered to make life-style, nutrition, exercise, and many more life adjustments that you find might help you live a healthier, happier journey.

See all of Diana's credentials and experience here: Diana's Web Site
Zyia at Essence
Zyia Now at Essence!
Take a look at this amazing new line! Size inclusive for women, men and kids! To purchase, use this link. If you have questions, please reach out to Diana. Her clients have LOVED their items and are already asking to get more!

Savory + Sweet Recipes of the Month
Ranch Dressing

This recipe will win over even dedicated ranch fans!

Super Healthy Snickers Pie

You might make several of these because they won't last long...

Pranava Joy Podcast
Diana's newest podcast will be launched Monday. September 6th!

Listen to episodes at:
New Mask/COVID Guidelines/UPDATED 8-1-21
Please take the time to read all....
New Mask/COVID Guidelines Effective August 1st, 2021
Due to the increase in COVID numbers and the Delta variant along with the newest information on the current vaccines not being effective for stopping the contraction or spread of this newest variant, we may need to adjust our mask and studio policies soon and quickly. We recommend that you leave your mask on at all times if you can. We are doing all we can to keep all safe and continue to be open to serve all of our clients. Our policy for any time you can take it off is listed here:
All entering the studio will need to sign and agree to these policies before participating in classes and private sessions.
While coming into the studio and moving around through the lobby and when not exercising, all must have a proper mask on covering nose and mouth fully. Masks MUST be worn and only taken off at the beginning of a class workout and put back on as soon as the workout is over. Please do not leave your space without your mask on. Due to the proximity and all she must take into consideration for her work and family, while working with Diana in private sessions, a mask must be worn at this time. This allows her to be able to offer assists and physical alignment work or reiki. While practicing in our classes, your mask may be taken off only during the workout/class and then replaced when completed and leaving your space/equipment. Please bring a plastic bag to put your mask in when it's off or put it in your personal bag. When your class is happening in the yoga and cardio/strength room, please do not go back into the rest of the studio without your mask on. Hot yoga classes will ONLY exit the back outside door to the yoga room and once all are in the room no one will be able to come back out into the studio. 
It is especially important that you do not come to the studio with any COVID symptoms or if you have been with people who have been exposed. You will not be charged for canceling if this is the case. Our staff will adhere to this as well. We will be maintaining spaciousness in our classes as we adapt and watch the unfolding of all the changes. Please keep distance between yourself and others while moving through the studio. We will continue using air purifiers and our UV lighting between classes and will be diligently sanitizing our equipment and all at the studio. 
We will still be offering Zoom classes. Please see the details at the bottom of this newsletter.
Please understand that we have clients and staff that are not and cannot be vaccinated at this time. The staff will be wearing masks while working and not exercising and many will still be wearing them while teaching even if exercising. We encourage anyone who feels the need to wear a mask to be comfortable doing so. K-N95 masks are recommended if you feel you need protection. We will continue to evaluate all as we continue and transition into the fall. We will adjust our policies as we feel they need to be. 
As we have traveled this journey with COVID, I (Diana) have learned much from many situations, professionals, and my continued education. Please consider these things as you continue your journey to wellness:
  • There are many folks who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions. 
  • Being vaccinated does not mean that you cannot spread or acquire the virus or all the variants.
  • We have a few clients who were thought to be fully vaccinated (had both shots) and did not develop titers. Their physicians initiated these tests. The CDC has advised them to not get revaccinated at this time. I (Diana) have recommended to several of my clients and staff to discuss with their physicians getting titer tests to be sure they have developed or sustained titers if they are depending on the vaccination for protection. 
Join Us Online for Great Classes on Zoom!
Important Zoom Class Reminders: 

  • For those participating via zoom, you must be visible on camera. We can not allow participants coming on with us without a camera option going forward for safety reasons.
  • Be signed up at least 2 hours before the class begins
  • Zoom link will be sent about 1 hour before class begins to your email 
  • Be signed in 15 minutes before class 
  • Ask all in your home to be off the internet for best reception for Zoom classes 
  • You will be on mute during Zoom classes and can send a chat message to the instructor if needed. 
  • For yoga classes, please leave savasana at the beginning or stay on the entire time to avoid being disruptive to the class. 
Here are links to products that Diana uses daily!

Reminder! Keep your Valuables Safe.

Please consider keeping valuables and things you do not need in your trunk or at home when coming to the studio. Due to space and safety concerns, we cannot have extra belongings in the rooms while classes are going on. Although we take pride in our amazing community and studio, Essence is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and we are hoping to help you prevent any issues while also keeping the studio safe and spacious for everyone.
Studio Policies

No recordings, photos, or copying of classes, workshops, or private sessions without written permission from the owner. Please leave all cellular devices on silent/off and in your bag during sessions/classes.

In order to make the space comfortable for everyone, please refrain from wearing colognes or perfumes to class.

Thank you! Namaste!
Normal Reception Hours
Please call the studio during these hours, but do not come in to the studio unless you are signed up for a class, private session, or by appointment.

Mon-Fri 8:30-11:30am • Mon-Thurs 4:30-7:30pm • Sat 7:45am-11:30am