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Hello Stacey,

Serving USA has long seen the value of transformational education in leading men and women to become effective advocates for kingdom living. The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leaders for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. They focus on those called to evangelize, disciple, plant, and pastor churches in unreached urban neighborhoods.


This training, in partnership with Prison Fellowship, has been equipping those incarcerated to relaunch their lives, first inside prison, and then outside in their community. These transformed individuals become a light in their community while rediscovering God’s purpose in their lives.


Recidivism rates for the general prison population is between 60-70%. Graduates of TUMI return only at a rate of 4%. Serving USA is proud to work alongside World Impact (who developed the curriculum), Prison Fellowship (who teaches the curriculum), and our many transition partners who provide transitional housing for TUMI students and graduates.

In the month of February, a handful of Serving USA's women in recovery partners will be partnering with the Super Bowl. Keep reading to learn how!

The South Los Angeles Anti-Trafficking Committee (SLAATC) was established to work with the National Alliance group during the 2022 Super Bowl. Fourteen anti-trafficking organizations were vetted and recruited to provide direct services to areas throughout Los Angeles County where human trafficking and prostitution are most prevalent and to ensure victims of human trafficking receive trauma informed services and support.

The ILO estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. Large sporting events such as the Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four are prime targets for human traffickers because of the number of people who converge onto a city during these events.

Members of SLAATC will work together and is committed to:

1.    Creating a uniformed approach to outreaching in Inglewood and hot zone areas known for prostitution and human trafficking.

2.    Establishing and identifying partners to provide direct services, outreach and wrap around services for victims of human trafficking during and after the Super Bowl.

3.    Working with local Law Enforcement (LE) agencies to coordinate an immediate response during sting operations.

4.    Coordinating trainings for committee members, volunteers and LE entities.

5.    Working with local city government to raise awareness in and around the city of Inglewood.

6.    Working with the National Alliance to establish key stakeholders both locally and nationally.

Several of the organizations who are participating are proud partners of Serving USA, such as Forgotten Children Inc., NorthEast Of The Well, CherishedLA, Qualified, Treasures, and more!

For More Information On How To Help
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In 2021, NorthEast has made over 2000 initial contacts with women and youth who we have identified as victims of human trafficking on the streets of Los Angeles. Last year alone, we hosted 6 anti-human trafficking trainings for various organization leaders, distributed 140 meals, given out 1500 rescue bags, and held hands in prayer with many more.

Through these outreach engagements, we have built invaluable relationships where they look forward to seeing us on a weekly basis. Going into 2022, we are more hopeful than ever and fully expectant that God is going to do more than we can think or imagine.

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Kimberly grew up in the church. And while her parents were deeply committed to their Christian faith, she strayed as a teen. “I chose drugs and blamed everyone else for my problems.” From age 14, Kimberly would run away from home for weeks at a time. “I was a complete wreck,” she says. Her problems followed her through life, resulting in three failed marriages, a total of six years of jail time, and three decades of drug use.

For most of her adulthood, Kimberly battled not just addiction but also its devastating impact on her life. She rarely had more than 30 days of sobriety in a row. The result was a lifetime of chaos, fear, and uncertainty. “I haven’t had a stable home in more than 20 years,” she says. “I pretty much lived in motels. And the only way I could do that was to also sell drugs.”Knowing that her life would only continue to spiral downward, Kimberly says, “I decided to stop pointing the finger and see my part in all that’s been going on with my life.”

While in jail, she got down on her knees and asked God to help her—and He did. Kimberly heard about the Rescue Mission while in jail. She knew immediately this was what she needed. “The reason I wanted to come here is because it’s a Christian program. I knew I needed Jesus in order to change.”

So she contacted one of our outreach coordinators and arranged to come to the Mission upon her release. Thanks to your support, Kimberly has been able to find peace, a sense of accomplishment, help with her mental health issues, and coaching on accountability and good decision-making. “I am walking boldly in the Lord. The Holy Spirit is guiding me every day,” she says. “I’m not in fear of tomorrow anymore. I’m going to continue on with school so I can get better job opportunities.” Looking back at how much her life has been transformed in the past year, Kimberly says, “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the Rescue Mission’s donors. The Lord has put these people in our lives to help us better ourselves. Because of their generosity, I’ve been able to heal, grow, and learn. Thank you!”

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