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Providing Grace and Redemption through Christ

for Prisoners, Women in Recovery, and Military Veterans. 

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Hello Stacey,

Across the country Serving USA has partnered with faith-based organizations as well as government entities to support successful reentry for ex-offenders. This mission is based upon Serving USA’s heartfelt belief that we are all called to Love Your Neighbor.

Reentry of ex-offenders impacts all of us as a community, and through our partners we have formed a strong and effective group of service providers who work every day to ensure their clients secure their freedom and reunite with family and community. We have witnessed thousands of lives changed by the dedicated work of our partners, and we have men and women who previously lived a life of chaos who are now honorable and respected members of their communities.

Many individuals and most families have been affected by drug use, crime, and bad choices that have led to incarceration, court ordered supervision, and or parole. The person subjected to any form of criminal accountability faces a lifetime of obstacles that can limit employment opportunities, travel, housing, etc., and often overcoming these obstacles can appear to be overwhelming. This is where Serving USA and our partners play an essential role in assisting individuals to make life changing decisions. Providing academic education, faith based moral rehabilitation, teaching coping skills for the stress life presents, forming mentoring teams and giving back to the community are all tools used to guide everyone onto their path of successful reentry following incarceration. Our reentry partners all deliver services and programming based upon the specific needs of their clients, and Serving USA proudly supports each of these partners in their endeavors.  

Our partners are too numerous to include in this newsletter introduction, but each can be found on our website at . Please visit our website and take a few minutes to become familiar with our partners, and feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance with someone you love. 

If you are interested in financially supporting our mission to support those who assist men and women who have been impacted by incarceration, or veterans battling PTSD, or women who have been subjected to human trafficking and or abuse, Serving USA will match your donation and direct those funds to our partners so they continue serving not only their specific clients, but also our communities. Any gift that you make, goes into Serving USA's general funds that provides support to all 67 partners. To be clear, we cannot allocate a gift to one certain organization.

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Celebrating Successes

In the month of February, a handful of Serving USA's women in recovery partners, achieved successes in partnership with SLAATC (South Los Angeles Anti-Trafficking Committee).

In total...

  • 70 adult victims were rescued
  • 8 minors recovered
  • 34 people suspected of trafficking or exploiting sex workers were arrested
  • 201 buyers arrested
  • 16 of 38 missing children found

Who is SLAATC?

The South Los Angeles Anti-Trafficking Committee (SLAATC) was established to work with the National Alliance group during the 2022 Super Bowl. Fourteen anti-trafficking organizations were vetted and recruited to provide direct services to areas throughout Los Angeles County where human trafficking and prostitution are most prevalent and to ensure victims of human trafficking receive trauma informed services and support.

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Throughout 2021 Guardian Group has observed another increase in women and minors being trafficked online, following the dramatic increase in 2020.

Over the last two years many people across the country experienced financial hardship, the educational system was devastated, and the mental health of today's youth was compromised. This has created an environment that allows for human trafficking to flourish. Traffickers prey on the most vulnerable...seeking to exploit those that are experiencing poverty, abuse or simply young people that suffer from lower self-esteem and are easy to manipulate.

As our nation continues to adapt to the rapidly changing environment law enforcement remains spread thin. 150,000 new escort ads are posted online daily. Law enforcement nationwide rarely has the time or resources necessary to identify and locate these women and children before they are moved to another jurisdiction. Resource constraints, lack of time and expertise combined with the transient nature of this crime creates a gap in the system that the PURSUIT™ Team naturally fills.

In 2021 the goal of Guardian Group's PURSUIT™ Team's efforts was maximizing output and increasing impact. With this in mind we were able to focus our time and resources on law enforcement partners that were actively conducting recovery operations. This resulted in less states covered but a greater impact.

Sex trafficking lead development increased by 48% from over last year due to the addition of one analyst hired in late 2020. Identifying 161 victims in 2021.

Looking for innovative ways to scale our efforts to match the scale of the problem has always been the challenge. In 2021 we made strides in the right direction to achieving this goal with the introduction of the PURSUIT™ Volunteer Training and Assessment Course. This course provides sex trafficking recognition training that enables volunteers with open source intelligence (OSINT) skills to confront sex trafficking of minors in their own back yards. Since its inception in late 2021, 217 volunteers have joined Guardian Group in this fight across 39 states.

Together we are making change. Until all are free.

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I had gotten myself into a destructive pattern of drinking as my only form of amusement. My apathy for anything else could only be described as intense and profound. Intense, abject apathy commanded isolation. Boredom commanded more alcohol and, ultimately, a trip to the ER. From the ER I was admitted at the hospital for alcohol-induced heart palpitations and spent several days in a medically supervised detox when one of the attending physicians and behavioral health clinicians introduced me to the notion of The Bridge. At that point my decision was no more complex then, “Eh, why not?”

When I got to The Bridge I didn’t care one way or the other. I could have left at any time, or I could have stayed. Neither decision was appealing and neither decision was objectionable. I hated being a drunk. I loved getting drunk but not being drunk and certainly not being “a drunk.” I was aware of it, and I knew I could stop it. “Who needs a higher power?” I was uninspired, however, to make that commitment with any real passion. No previous attempts at recovery meant anything to me, and I never made any promises to myself or anyone else that I was done drinking.

I had fond memories of my walk with God as a younger man and was open-hearted enough to listen again to the familiar words and accept the genuine care of The Bridge personnel as well as the long-abandoned elements of discipline required for a conscientious walk with the Lord. For the first time in years, I started setting little goals for myself. This was happening simultaneously with my brain and body chemistry recovering from their assault when I recalled my favorite verse from back in my early 20s. Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” I began to pray again, earnestly, thoughtfully, and daily for the Lord to come back into my life. I joke that He let me twist in the breeze for a few weeks before bringing me on board, but the truth is that though I spoke the words, my heart wasn’t ready. But then something happened. I knew it the second it occurred. I’d been brought back on board and my first prayer was my personal expression of gratitude to The Bridge and the men and women who had saved my life by bringing me back to God.

While at The Bridge I worked primarily in the kitchen preparing meals for residents, Sunday morning restaurant service, and occasionally special events at the church.

I learned to soften my proclivities toward impatience and dismissiveness. I learned to accept imperfection in myself and embrace the contributions of others. I learned forgiveness and recognized that I have been the recipient of forgiveness more than I ever cared to acknowledge.

- Greg Miller, The Bridge Restoration Ministry

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Exodus 15:13

"In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling."

Deuteronomy 4:37

"Because he loved your ancestors and chose their descendants after them, he brought you out of Egypt by his Presence and his great strength"

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Nothing is set aside or allocated for overhead or general administration. Any gift that you make, goes into Serving USA's general funds that provides support to all 67 partners. To be clear, we cannot allocate a gift to one certain organization. 

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