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Support Pamela  Evette in her run for Lt. Governor of SC!

Pamela Evette has been a special friend and colleague for many years. As a prominent member of our PEO Industry, Pamela is the President & CEO of Quality Business Solutions. She understands firsthand how small businesses face challenges such as regulation, taxes, and legislation. She understands the importance of PEO/HRO Services for the business community. Learn more about her bid and how you can show your support.

John Slavic is hosting a Fundraising Cocktail Reception for Pam at 6pm Sunday May 20th before the  NAPEO  Capitol Summit. I hope to see you there. Please click below for details and to RSVP.

Also,  If you have not registered, here is the Link to the 2018  NAPEO  Capitol Summit

Register here for NAPEO Capitol Summit

PACE 2018 Annual Conference Presentation

I was honored to share my thoughts and ideas in a presentation at the PACE 2018 Conference called "Building with the End in Mind" ---  "Saying goodbye to your company, Saying goodbye to your life, And the journey in between."  Millions of dollars will not make you happy if you do not understand how fragile life is and if you do not know what you want your personal and professional life to look like. Set goals now - what are you waiting for??

I developed this presentation based on 25 years of working with business owners on planning and decisions that make for a successful exit. With the close of our  53rd  PEO  deal  in April -- I am so fortunate to work with each of you.  I look forward to many more years and many more deals.

Reach out if Silva Capital Solutions can assist you with planning for the future. Our Benchmark Valuation Program and our Client VIP Days are a great way to set the stage for the future. I will develop a plan that works specifically for you.

The Emotional Side of Selling your  PEO

Completing a transaction is extremely complex. Once you make the decision to divest or sell, Silva Capital Solutions handles all technical aspects of the transaction from the initial decision to the close of a transaction. Many people do not consider the emotional side of selling your company. Selling your company is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and one of the most stressful. Separation anxiety, a roller coaster of emotions,  courtship with new executives ---- normally calm  CEOs  can become tense, anxious and unhinged. 

Professional  advisors  like Silva Capital Solutions provide a buffer throughout the process. We not only manage the technical aspects of the deal, we also help you get through the emotional side of selling your  PEO . We go on the journey together. I look forward to sharing more in future articles and/or when I next see you in person. Until then -- 


Wanda Silva

Upcoming Events
  • May 21 - 24, the 2018 NAPEO Capitol Summit where Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. will sponsor the lunch presentation by Donna Brazile on May 23rd. For more information and registration click here!
If you are interested in attending, participating or have other questions about these events, please email Wanda at wanda@silvacapital.com.
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