Market Results for or all of Zip Code 77441:   It’s easier to write these reports when the market is booming and Sellers are happy. Obvioulsy, that is not the situation today. The market is challenging and it is very stressful for Sellers not knowing when their home will sell. Many feel like the “walls are closing in” and feel relatively helpless. Especially, if their homes are “show ready” and updated. Then, there really isn’t much either the Seller or Agent can do to attract Buyers that simply don’t want to buy. The silver lining to September results was that the number of Active Listings dropped, which is definitely good news. However, this was overshadowed by a dramatic decline in the number of homes that Closed. I’m pleased that I had (9) Transactions for the month; respresenting nearly 25% of the total. Rewarding, yet it would have been much better if I had 10% of 100 Sales! Then, everyone would be happy.