"Smoke Day" Today, Back to Work Tomorrow
What a week last week was. It started with the worst landscape damage due to a windstorm along with a firestorm that impacted us; all followed by the most hazardous air quality in the world. We responded to all the down trees early in the week and then started our clean-up of sites at the end of the week. Due to the hazardous air conditions, we shut down production on Friday, and again today. Our goal is to get back to work tomorrow and hopefully complete our property cleanup by the end of this week.


The smoke significantly cooled our weather the end of last week and through the weekend. With rain in the forecast the end of this week, we finally get a break from our near record setting hot and dry weather throughout the end of summer. If you remember, last year it rained on September 7th and frequent rain through the end of September ended our irrigation season early. Who knows what this year will entail as we still have a fair amount of potential dry season through early October. However, we are working this week to significantly turn back our irrigation; all our properties with weather-based irrigation will do that automatically. Water bills will be higher than normal for the second half of the summer due to the hot dry conditions that we experienced that led to the fires. All in all, after a warm and dry spring followed by a cool and wet June, and then our hot and dry July, August, and September, the air will end up drier than average.  


It is always different from year to year but the wide variance in daily and monthly weather is why weather-based irrigation makes so much sense. You've heard it before, but if you don't have weather-based irrigation, it will save you significant operational dollars.