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Choose from a list of over 20 options led by various members of your IBSA Leadership Teams...


Practical, cutting-edge, useful training that is designed to equip and strengthen your church's ministries... 


Prayer workshop for churches that believe in prayer!


The 2011 Engage schedule and locations:


    �August 20, First Baptist Church, Woodlawn

    �September 10, Second Baptist Church, Marion

    �September 24, Broadview Missionary Baptist Church, Broadview

    �October 8, Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Rock Island

    �October 15, First Baptist Church, Ramsey 



This is an excellent way to get as many people as possible trained in as many areas of ministry as your church has.

Tons of free resources and materials will be handed out.  


Begin recruiting a van full of folks and participate in this year's "ENGAGE CONFERENCE" in your area.  


For more information, contact Cathy Waters at (217) 391-3124 or





Ready to become a "Praying Church"?  


IBSA Prayer Ministries can help you schedule or format a:

  • Prayerwalk into your neighborhoods and communities  
  • Prayer Adventure Weekend to equip outward focused prayers  
  • Staff Prayer-Focused Retreat
  • Prayer event for the entire Association
  • Solemn Assembly focused on the Lord's Supper
Reach for heaven  in 2011,

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Issue: 752011 Illinois Mission Offering

Special Edition
2011 Illinois Mission Offering 

Illinois Mission Offering




IBSA churches will receive promotional materials for the Illinois Missions Offering (IMO), an annual emphasis to support nearly 100 missionaries across the state. Suggested dates for this year's offering are Sept. 18-25, but churches are encouraged to plan a week of prayer and offering date that works best with their calendar.


The state-wide IMO goal is $430,000; last year, Illinois Baptists gave $390,229 to the IMO, $20,000 more than the previous year.


Gifts to this year's offering will be spent next year to make it possible to do more missions including supporting nearly 100 Illinois missionaries, starting 25 Southern Baptist churches, training 20,000 church leaders, initiating more and supporting 30 existing campus ministries, providing salary support for associational directors of missions and partnering with 33 local associations.  


Promotional materials include a planning guide, posters, prayer guides, offering envelopes and a DVD with four videos that can be shown in church services or mission group meetings are being mailed to churches in August.  Some of these materials are also available below.

For more information call (217) 391-3116 or email IMO@IBSA.org.






Illinois Mission Offering Videos



2011 IMO - Nate Adams

Why Support the Illinois Mission Offering? - IBSA Executive Director Nate Adams' response will help churches and church members answer this important question. More information 


2011 IMO - Matt

Changing Lives of Students - IBSA's many student conferences and camps, supported by gifts to the IMO, are an investment in the the lives of students as well as the future of Illinois Baptist churches. More information


2011 IMO - Brooke

Brooke and Emmaus Church - Brooke was a college student who had never been to church before an IBSA collegiate church planter, supported by the Illinois Mission Offering, knocked on the door of her dormitory room. More information


2011 IMO - Erica

Erica and The Church in Dekalb - The story of Erica and her three Bibles shows the impact your gifts to the Illinois Mission Offering can have in changing lives. More information

Impact Communities for Christ




2011 IMO logo


Churches Planting Churches






IMO: Church in Dekalb builds Gospel-centered relationships
Illinois Mission Offering

By Meredith Day, associate editor


When Erica Kelley started attending 

The Church in Dekalb (TCD), she thought she had Christianity figured out.

"At the beginning of the process, I thought I was a Christian. I wasn't," said Kelley, who attends the IBSA church plant started two years ago by Pastor Jamie Page. "Honestly, nobody had ever really taught me the Gospel...I didn't fully understand. I knew Jesus died for my sins, but I guess I hadn't fully let all of that in." Read more 






How I decide when to give


Nate AdamsBy Nate Adams, IBSA Executive Director

When someone asks you for a donation, or to give a special offering, how do you decide whether to give, or how much to give? That's what I asked myself recently as we were preparing promotion materials for this year's Illinois Mission Offering. With all the good causes out there, and all the questionable ones, how do you decide when something or someone deserves your financial support? 


Read more




Illinois Mission Offering






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