Christina Community - We Did It!
Our Community Rocks!
On behalf of Christina School District and its Board of Education, students, families and staff members, we want to express our gratitude to our community for its support of the Referendum. The fact that the Referendum was given such consideration and support during a vote with record turn-out and a great number of issues on a national, state, and local level is truly a reflection of the work of an incredible team and a community that cares deeply about our students.
Words cannot adequately explain our heartfelt appreciation for the work of an amazing team of students, parents, community members, elected officials, teachers, school leaders, principals, district staff, business and community leaders who helped our community understand the most pressing needs of our school district and be approved by the voters. We look forward to the opportunities we’ve been afforded and thank you for your investment in us.

Together We Are Stronger!
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