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April 2020 Volume 139
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Some people have asked me if astrologers had foreseen the Covid-19 Virus event. Well, yes and no. For a very long time, astrologers knew that a big-deal challenge was coming to the world stage when Saturn and Pluto would connect (make a conjunction) by mid-January 2020. Some astrologers even called it The X-Event , and targeted it as beginning on January 12, 2020. But almost none had predicted a global disease of this nature. There has been a slew of other deadly diseases, but the particulars of this virus have qualities that affect individuals and nations in a whole new way (some believe it is a bio-weapon gone rogue), that are causing or contributing to a profound change in our modern way of life.
People have wondered how it will affect our nation in the long run, and if we’ll be able to return to “normal” any time soon. Since it’s a global phenomenon affecting (as of this writing) almost every continent, it’s allowing us to see how interdependent the whole world has become. That’s a good thing in terms of seeing ourselves as One, but surely a negative thing regarding nations returning to isolationism for survival! And it would be most ironic if the alleged perpetrator (China) gets a reality bite back in terms of diminished manufacturing demand!
The U.S. is being strongly challenged by this phenomenon, especially regarding money and business, the economy and the stock market, and big institutions such as banking, corporations, and the government. It’s an Election year, and the political sides are in a mortal war! So, which came first… the astrological aspects or the partisan combat? Are all bets off? It seems that the Wuhan Virus and the Election Year shenanigans are going hand-in-hand in perfect reflection of the celestial drama.
Any ephemeris tells us that Saturn has let go of Pluto by now, as it has gone into Aquarius. However, it returns to Capricorn in July. (The two planets never quite meet up again in this era, though.) That might indicate some temporary let-up in danger and disruption to our populace and our institutions this month. In further good news, Jupiter has conjoined Pluto by now, which should help the world situation, including ours. I also like a nice pattern from Uranus this month that can bring a respite of good fortune and helpful changes.
In short, my sense is that Americans will join forces for awhile to overcome this tragic disease, separate into differing camps from time to time as the virus curve flattens while the enforced need for isolation lessens, and ultimately reinvent our corporate/financial/and government structures to benefit individuals more than their “overlords”.
Each of us will face the challenges of these patterns in individual dramas and unique ways. That would be determined by our karma and our conscious choices. We need to be wise, strong, compassionate, and visionary. If possible, ride it out!

Smiles and love as always,
Judi  from Del- Aware  
P.S. Look for my newest article ,   "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine , to be archived later.
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For the World, especially during Week 1 and on the 25 th , major projects and investment are likely ( Pluto conjunct Jupiter ), but there is also uncertainty, mass confusion, false information and illness, no doubt from the Wuhan virus ( Neptune conjunct Mercury ). Blockages and limitations kick off the month ( Saturn conjunct Mars ), but the overall economy is helped ( Saturn trine Venus ). The 12 th brings good planning ( Mercury sextile Saturn ). The 18 th shows overall cooperation ( Full Moon in Libra ). The 23 rd can be positive for inventiveness but difficult for smooth progress (tough “roadblocks”) ( New Moon conjunct Uranus, square Saturn ).

The U.S. deals with an intense period of new thinking required to solve problems of caretaking and financing of institutions ( Pluto in Capricorn conjunct U.S. progressed SN, opposite U.S. Mercury ), but is generally stabilized ( Saturn trine U.S. Midheaven ). People may be agitated or resistant regarding money matters ( U.S. progressed Moon in H2 quinqunx Mars ). The first half of the month brings sudden luck ( Uranus sextile U.S. Jupiter ), and there is financial recovery from the 6 th – 14 th ( Venus in Grand Air Trine to U.S. Midheaven and progressed Midheaven ). The 8 th displays our military might ( Full Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Mars in H10 ) as well as on the 10 th , compassion ( U.S. progressed Moon trine U.S. Neptune ). The second half of the month is fortunate for the economy ( Jupiter in H2 opposite U.S. Fortuna in H8 ). The 23 rd indicates a pleasant new start for entertainment ( New Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Venus in H5, sextile U.S. Venus ). Month’s end sees much legislation or deals ( Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Mercury in H3 ).

President Trump sees success though over-commitment in Week 1 ( Jupiter trine his Midheaven, square his progressed Jupiter ) along with frustration of some goals ( Mars opposite his Saturn ). Week 2 may see him enjoy a healing rest, perhaps at Mar-a-Lago ( Jupiter opposite his Venus; Venus trine his Neptune, conjunct his progressed IC ). Week 3 finds him re-energized regarding a power struggle, “feeling his oats”, and attending to money issues ( Mars trine his progressed Mars, opposite his Pluto; Venus trine his progressed Mars, opposite his Pluto ). By Week 4, he is strong, inventive, charming, and lucky ( Mars in Grand Air Trine to his progressed Jupiter, and Uranus/NN; Venus opposite his Mercury, in a Grand Air Trine to his Jupiter, Uranus ). However, he is unclear about his best direction ( Neptune square in NN ). On the 25 th , he feels much financial pressure but is more empowered than ever ( Pluto SRx trine his Midheaven exact, opposite his Saturn/Venus, square his progressed Jupiter exact; Mars trine his progressed Venus ).

Joe Biden is overly talkative in Week 1 (J upiter conjunct his progressed Mercury ) but depressed regarding his kid (probably Hunter Biden) ( Saturn square his Moon in H5 ). He can be erratic but inventive this month ( Uranus square his progressed Pluto, trine his Mars ). From the 8 th – 11 th , intense anger activates his abusive nature ( Mars opposite his Pluto, natally square his Moon ), and he can be bullying on the 18 th ( Mars square his Mars ). On the 25 th , the need to watch his words is paramount but he can’t control it ( Pluto SRx conjunct his progressed Mercury, opposite his Jupiter ). Any popularity he’s had declines as the year goes by ( progressed Venus squares his progressed Saturn ).

Ex-Duchess Meghan Markle , harboring anger against females ( natal Mars square her Moon/Saturn/Jupiter ), hears upsetting news during the first half of the month ( Uranus square her Mercury ). Week 1 brings problems in her marriage ( Saturn conjunct her SN in H7 ). There are harsh words but patience from the 8 th – 9 th ( Mars opposite her Mercury, trine her Saturn ), and a big fight on the 18 th ( Mars opposite her Sun ). Previously forecasted difficulties in this union have begun to emerge!

For more forecasts, check out my articles:  "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets" , now posted on my website.  

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