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February 2022 Volume 159
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I used to write articles in the now-defunct Dell Horoscope magazine when I would see a Big Pattern forming, and wanted to communicate that. I have only this forum at the moment. The issue that I’d like to talk about is that I won’t feel astrologically comfortable about facts and fiscal transformation until the end of 2024! That’s when Pluto stops doing its number on our nation’s institutions and when Neptune stops serving us a non-stop diet of fake news and suppressed truth. Until then, we’re being played… not only by ill-intentioned Players, but by the universe itself. What with CGI, photoshop, A.I., digital surveillance, 5G, and even talk of alien encounters, nobody knows what’s real or what’s safe!
A new day will dawn in ’25, hopefully for the better. That’s when the two great energy patterns now afflicting our lives (Pluto finishing its transit through Capricorn, and Neptune finishing its opposition to our nation’s Neptune) will be over.
I say all this because I’m hearing from many who are apprehensive and unsure. Things seem chaotic and uncertain, and it’s affecting people’s health as well as everyday lifestyles. War, nuclear threat, inflation, tyranny, viruses – how can you blame anyone! But when you’re on edge and anxious, you can make poor choices and bad decisions. You can even sabotage your best opportunities. So, let’s talk about countermeasures and antidotes.
The best way to move through this current energy pattern is to build faith. That does not necessarily mean through religion. I’m talking about faith that you’re in higher hands, and that by keeping your heart open and your mind relatively logical, you’ll be guided and protected by your Angels, Guardians, and Elders to your best and safest route. Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) will occur to validate that you’re in the flow. (I’d love to hear about these incidents!) And no matter what’s happening in the news, you’ll be in your own bubble of happiness and peace. That should start to make a big difference.
Furthermore, the world is in a great 26,000-year pattern called The Yugas in which the light is currently increasing for humanity and Gaia (Earth). You may have heard that we’re coming out of the Kali (dark) Yuga. Things are on an upswing! The biblical End Times may just be the ending of all this darkness. Here’s an article I wrote about some of this:
Here’s one last tip: you and only you control your thoughts. If they are in Runaway Agitation Mode, tell yourself to stop! If you are going around in circles in your mind, and revving up the creation of disturbing thoughts in your inner dialogue, you can halt this pattern. You have the power to switch thoughts, and to calm their production. This is a technique of empowerment. You’ll be less likely to get sick if you’re tranquil. You can even shrug off your fears for at least today. If you need more money, ask your guides and wait for the manifestation. Become the powerful co-creator, even during challenging times.
So, be of good cheer. Enjoy music, Spring, good eats, pets, sunshine, and charitable efforts. Go for walks, feed the birds, do some stretches, take some photos, plant some flowers, hug a friend. We’re alive! We’re alive until we’re not. What the heck! 😊 So be it.
Blessings to all.


BTW, I came across an entire Astrology course on CDs that I taught over the years. Beginners to Advanced. There are 75 discs (40 hours). (CD player required.If anyone reading this is interested in purchasing all or part, please let me know by email so I can give you a GREAT sale price.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 

P.S. Check out my various articles from the defunct Dell Horoscope magazine, now archived on my website.
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The World is overly idealistic or compassionate in excess from early to mid-month (Neptune conjunct Jupiter, sextile NN) but may move into denial in the second half (4 planets in Pisces including Venus). The 16th brings a peak of pressures (Full Moon square Pluto). The 18th shows unexpected news regarding tech or inventions (Mercury conjunct Uranus). Week 3 indicates upbeat excitement (Uranus sextile Venus) and the importance of information (NN conjunct Mercury). Week 4 starts glum (Mercury square Saturn) but soon moves to good news and an energetic new start for money matters (Mercury sextile Jupiter; Solar Eclipse sextile Mars). Positive transformation of Big Business/Big Government/Big Banking and the economy is emphasized on the 29th (Pluto station direct at 28 Capricorn sextile Jupiter/Venus).
From month’s start through the 21st, the U.S. must deal with unrealistic hopes and rising inflation (Jupiter opposite its Neptune). But the 9th indicates a big change leading to greater freedom (Uranus sextile its Sun). Angry words and cross emotions run high on the 11th (Mars conjunct its Moon) but there is good news on the 13th (Jupiter trine its Mercury). The 18th shows much prayer and inspiration (Neptune trine its Mercury) but the 22nd is bad for the economy, for cash flow, and for others’ support (p2 Venus opposite its p2 Saturn). From the 24th-26th, disruption and even explosions are possible (Mars square its Uranus) but month’s end brings less blockage, improvement for the stock market, and positive transformation regarding its economy and values (Jupiter sextile its Pluto; Pluto SR in H2 at 28 Capricorn conjunct its Pluto).
Ukraine (8/24/91, Kiev, 5:31 PM?) has a very challenging horoscope/energy pattern showing a propensity for corruption (Pluto/MC in Scorpio in Grand Water Cross to Vtx/Jupiter/Mercury/Venus), and greed (Moon in H2 afflicted by same). Last month brought some blessings of aid and compassion (t.Jupiter in Pisces sextile its Neptune; t.Uranus trine its Neptune), and then assistance (t.Jupiter trine its MC), but a harsher experience of sadness and restriction follows now (Saturn conjunct its Moon in H2 triggering GWC). When the Ukrainian public regains its power, it is strongly suggested that they revise their charter in order to be reborn under more propitious aspects!
Vladimir Putin (10/7/52, St. Petersburg, Russia, 9:30 AM) is becoming more empowered and protected (p2 Sun trine his p2 Pluto), and (believe it or not!) more and more humanitarian (his NN in Aquarius), but may suffer a threat on his life in Week 1 (Saturn/Mars opposite his Pluto). Russia (12/25/91, Moscow, 5:25 PM) receives benefits this month (Neptune sextile its Pluto/Venus; Uranus trine its Jupiter). However, like the U.S., it too does not have the world’s approval now (Saturn square its Venus).
Donald Trump remains uncertain in Week 1 (his p2 Moon conjunct his p2 Neptune) but is very busy and successful (Mars sextile his Moon, opposite his p2 Mercury, in a Kite/Grand Air Trine to his p2 NN/Sun/p2 Uranus, and trine his p2 Venus). Week 2 finds him over-generous but dreaming of practical results (Jupiter square his Sun; Neptune trine his Saturn); also, under cautious but good results in business (Saturn trine his Sun; Jupiter trine his Saturn). Mid-month, teaming up brings him action and success (Jupiter sextile his MC; Mars conjunct his DSC). Week 3 brings sudden luck, excitement, and cause to celebrate (Jupiter trine his Venus: p2 Venus trine his p2 Uranus). At month’s end, he’ll have to compromise regarding pressures from others (Pluto SR quinqunx his Mars/ASC).
Kamala Harris may be shaken up and trying to control herself or dark outer forces, even the threat of possible violence (Pluto SR in t-square to her Sun/p2 IC, and Moon/p2 MC). By May, she will be questioning her beliefs (Uranus opposite her Neptune). 
For more forecasts, check out my article: "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets", now posted on my website.  

(c) 2022 by Judi Thomases.
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“Judi: God bless you for having the courage to speak the truth. You are living proof that being someone so intimately involved with and having such a mastery of the spirit world, one can still maintain a firm grounding in the secular world as well. I am always of the belief that true “smarts” which necessarily includes wisdom, cuts through irresponsible sentimentality, and sees below the surface to the foundation of what is right and wrong and true. Just knowing something is one thing, but also being able to express it clearly and cogently is something else, that is what you do so well. Trusting all is well with you and yours, With great affection.” – P.L., NJ
Hi Judy, Can you sent me a free Mercury Retro Card? I enjoy your Monthly News Letters.” – D. Martin, MD
“Hello Ms. Judi! Thank you for your March newsletter, it was well written as usual. Hope your health continues to improve. I especially liked the channeling from The Brotherhood of Light. It is an inspiring message and very comforting. Thanks again!” - Diana K., CA

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