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August 2020 Volume 143
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Personally, I think we’re very far from the ideal of One World. Why? Because too many people are spiritually unevolved. They haven’t achieved control of thought and mastery of emotions. They yearn for material things or they lust for power over others. The desires of some types are base, and they are at their mercy. And as of now, these young souls outnumber the older, wiser ones. According to “Michael” (a spirit guide), the whole world nowadays is primarily a young soul planet, with only a few pockets of mature and old souls. Many may espouse high ideals or think their actions are creating a better new world, but if they aren’t in a good place in their own consciousness, they won’t be truly able to manifest it. I remember an example back in the day, of a speaking engagement where a passionate older woman actually screamed in anger because there was no world peace yet! 😄
In this era when dark forces are broadly active, we need to move away from division caused by anger, fear, and intolerance, and get a handle on our emotions and thoughts to come into a neutral place. (There are techniques to do this.) Then, we can rebuild unity… unity of self and of the world. It feels so much better to the individual when you find within yourself the “place” of peace, gratitude, and love. It’s a pleasanter feeling. You’re happier on a day-by-day basis. That’s what really makes the whole world nicer. And by the way, that’s what lifts the planetary vibration.
A good way to stay in your neutral place is via meditation, of course. But if that’s not your thing, or you can’t use it during daily activities, at least try to stay continuously mindful. Which, I guess, is like a walking meditation.
I’m speaking from direct experience. I’ve repeatedly faced the challenge of feeling a strong negative emotion towards another person (family, neighbor, someone on the news), and just as repeatedly shifted quickly into a peaceful place. For me, the emotion is usually anger, but for others it could be grief, guilt, depression, anxiety, and so forth. When I return to my peace, I feel energetic and open. For sure, this helps my immune system. It took me years to learn to do this on a regular, continuous basis, no matter what’s happening outside me. I live in a bubble of okay-ness, in a sweet reality as much as possible. I highly recommend it!
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my newest article, "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, now archived.
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For the World, the month begins with smooth going (Jupiter sextile NN) but may see a sudden explosive event on the 3rd (Full Moon square Uranus). Mid-month indicates anger with likely violence (Mars square Pluto), and on the 15th, disruption regarding money matters or real estate (Uranus station retrograde in Taurus). The 19th shows delays in resolving chronic problems (New Moon quinqunx Saturn exact, sextile NN). Week 4 brings up much frustration against authority (Mars square Saturn).
The U.S. should hang onto its hat because the month shows quite a ride (U.S. progressed Moon conjunct U.S. Pluto in H2)! This pattern is very transformative regarding finances, and can bring the release of negative influences and a reset of the economy. The first half of the month advises against investment; it calls for re-evaluation against depression (Saturn conjunct U.S. Pluto/progressed Moon), while the 2nd half is still negative for the stock market (Saturn opposite the U.S. Fortuna in H8). The 4th is too idealistic (Venus square U.S. progressed Neptune), and there is much planning or discussion from the 6th-8th (Mars sextile U.S. progressed Mercury). Week 2 offers pleasantries (Venus conjunct U.S. Venus/Jupiter) and helpful actions (Mars sextile U.S. Mars). The last third of the month shows an awakening (Pluto trine U.S. Neptune). Week 3 shows quarrels (Mars square U.S. Mercury) but also delights (Venus conjunct U.S. Sun). Things get extreme in Week 4 (Jupiter square U.S. progressed Mars), and the month ends with much rage and violence (Mars square U.S. Pluto/progressed Moon). [Sorry, I’m just the messenger!]
President Trump will find the month challenging in dealing with organizations, as well as restrictive on enjoyment (Pluto opposite his Saturn); he may also remain unclear as to his right path (Neptune square his NN). He is very generous during the first half (Jupiter square his progressed Venus), and active if overdoing things in Week 1 (Mars opposite his progressed Venus, sextile his NN). In Week 2, he is inventive, bold, and triumphant (Mars sextile his progressed Uranus/Sun). But mid-month is frustrating (Mars square his Saturn) with turbulence regarding new starts (Uranus station retrograde square his Pluto). By Week 4 (Republican National Convention), his energy and confidence are sky-high and he might overspend (Mars trine his Mars; Jupiter square his Jupiter).
Ghislaine Maxwell (12/25/61, time unknown, Maisons Laffitte, FR) wants to be somebody (Sun in H10, Leo Moon/NN) but has found herself in a heap of trouble, certainly imprisonment (loaded solar H12; Saturn return). She is savvy and might be able to trade her secrets for leniency between now and December (Uranus/Pluto trine Mars/Sun/Mercury) but karmic comeuppance brings a reality check by Spring ’21 (Saturn opposite her Moon, square her Neptune).
Prince Andrew (2/19/60, 3:30 PM GMT, London) is in massive trouble between now and early October (Pluto SD square his Midheaven; Uranus SR square his Ascendant). He may evince a bad health problem (Saturn conjunct his Venus/Mars in H6; Mars SR square them).
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