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January 2023 Volume 169
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Fate vs choice – what if you “by chance” incur a disease or have an accident that harms you? What if it’s “in your chart”?

I got to thinking the other day (not for the first time) about fate versus choice. I did this because, in looking at a client’s chart, it became obvious that she would be having an event connected to serious illness. So, the question arises: did the person just happen to get this life-threatening disease by accident, or because it was clearly shown to happen around that period of time in the person’s life? Was it destined? Could the person have made different choices to side-skirt or prevent the experience, or was it going to happen in one form or another?

At the root of this conundrum is the age-old question of free will. Because as an astrologer I sometimes work with newborns’ charts and can foretell the patterns of certain incidents that will happen in that child’s future life as an adult, I certainly believe in fate or destiny. In readings like this, I might not be able to tell the specific type of incident or the exact date and age, but I will be able to see the generalized energy pattern and what it probably will entail. So, in that sense, I have faith in destiny.

But when something is predicted during a life, whether it’s for an infant or for an adult, the person still has the choice about how to handle it: to be optimistic and see the silver lining, or to be pessimistic and fall into despair. And the person can also change the outcome somewhat by doing inner work ahead of time to mitigate or soften the event. An aware person can thus alter the situation mildly or greatly, even if it’s “destined”.

Now, free will – or the chance to make choices all the time with whatever comes at you – has to be operative, or you wouldn’t be able to gain insight from the consequences of your choices. I mean, without free will, there’s no path to wisdom! But there is such a thing as fate built into your chart. Maybe it all goes back to the choice you made before you incarnated, during that period when you decided the general terms of your life, and how you were going to handle your karmic debts.

Okay, then this will also apply to nations, corporations, or any other entity that had a birth. Sometimes, the date and even the time of the start is planned. In my field, it’s called Electional Astrology, and offers a measure of control over fate. And sometimes, the start happens because of many other causes, after which the entity must deal with the consequences, willy-nilly. I was thinking about our nation, and the turmoil and changes we’re going through lately, shown very clearly in the nation’s horoscope (called the Pluto Return, which happens only once every 246 years). If that pattern didn’t exist in the chart, would any of what we’re going through have taken place? So, what came first, the chicken or the egg?!

In order for the complex of events that is now occurring to manifest, did it have to be shown first in the chart? Or, if it wasn’t shown visibly in the chart, would many of these things even have happened? (I read that many of these efforts to fundamentally change the U.S. were attempted in the past and could not proceed. Was it because the pattern didn’t exist yet in the horoscope?) Fate versus happenstance! Which is it?

For an individual, I think we have to make choices as to what we’re allowing to take place in our lives, what we are predisposed towards, if not, destined for, and how we interpret it. There is choice, but there is also fate. I leave you with a profound quote on the subject:

“When the understanding is great enough, one sees all events as inevitable.” – Builders of the Adytum

Blessings to all.


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Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 

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The World feels pretty good in Week 1, possibly having something to celebrate, or news that’s hopeful, spiritual, or inspired (Venus sextile Jupiter; Neptune sextile Mercury). New beginnings are ahead now (Jupiter enters Aries). Domestic matters and caring linked to new tech for the home are in focus on the 6th (Full Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus). The 8th-10th indicates more pleasant energy along with positive news or innovations (Venus trine Mars; Mercury trine Uranus), while the 12th brings fresh energy into helpful talks (Mars SD in Gemini trine Venus). Week 3 is all about currencies, and technical inventions that can benefit humanity (Uranus SD in Taurus; New Moon in Aquarius).
In the U.S., chaotic changes are indicated on the 1st, 12th, and 24th (Mars station direct conjunct U.S. Uranus in H6) yet financial matters look good on the 6th and 21st (Full Moon conjunct U.S. Jupiter in H8; New Moon conjunct U.S. p2 Pluto in H2). Individuals or government might splurge on the 14th (Jupiter square U.S. Venus). The 18th brings upsets but is great for communications about business (Mercury SD in Capricorn, trine U.S. p2 ASC in Virgo). The 22nd sees much liberation but with restricting adjustments (Uranus SD sextile U.S. Sun/p2 Jupiter, quinqunx U.S. Saturn). People might be angry on the 26th, or martial action taken (Mars square U.S. p2 ASC). The month ends with improving circumstances yet maybe some overdoing (Jupiter sextile U.S. p2 MC, square U.S. Jupiter).
The Federal Republic of Germany (5/24/49, Bonn) faces hardships such as an energy crisis this March and April (Saturn square its Sun; Uranus conjunct its Mars) but will be rejuvenated by Spring ’24 (Pluto SD trine its Sun, conjunct its Jupiter).
Australia (1/1/1901, Sydney, NSW) is completing a disruptive phase (Uranus SD conjunct its MC exact on 1/22/23). But unrealistic hopes may increase this Spring (Neptune t-square its Neptune-Jupiter opposition).
Kari Lake (8/23/69, Rock Island, IL) has past-life karma of persuasive and influential communication skill (SN conjunct her Pluto/Mercury). Her stated intention to sue against election fraud may bear fruit in ’24 if not sooner (Pluto trine her Uranus; Saturn into Pisces triggering her Grand Earth Trine).
As-yet-uncrowned King Charles has felt stymied (Saturn square his Sun). Matters are unsettled from March to April, and perhaps untenable (Uranus t-square his p2 Mars and Pluto; Pluto square his Moon).

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