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July 2020 Volume 142
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I’ve said before: when the astronomers renamed dwarf planet Xena and her sidekick moon Gabrielle, changing them to Eris (chaos) and Dystopia (discord) respectively, all this craziness began! Please, guys, name these little planetoids back again, and maybe our world will regain some sanity! (As above, so below.)
Odds are, no astrologers are surprised by the recent turmoil – now labeled by some “insurrection” – that’s been occurring in our nation. That’s because tiny planet Pluto, with the heart-shaped outline on its “skin”, and its diminutive size, nevertheless packs an extraordinary punch in anyone’s horoscope when it conjoins a natal sensitive point. And it’s looming over America’s chart now! We are primed for some kind of revolution – hopefully, the benign kind that creates a better result than it upended – that will not soon just “go away”. A question I’m often asked nowadays is, “Do you see this chaos ending?” and “When?” And my reply is always, not until Pluto leaves the sign of Capricorn… which just happens to coincide with the next presidential term, into 2024. This usually elicits groans. But I just tell it as I see it.
Pluto dredges up the darkest secrets, the dirtiest scum. In Capricorn, it focuses on Big Business, Big Government, Big Banking, Big Institutions, and Bigshots! It brings things to the light, and that’s not comfortable. It’s ugly to watch. Since it rules the Underworld, some things have to die. Since it is psychological in nature, emotions are activated and deep transformations of personal realities occur.
After this purge (because that’s what’s happening), I’ve been shown a nicer world. We may be living through the age-old vaunted “End Times” of biblical prophecy, but even so, the ultimate outcome is a better society. Equality and “brotherhood” are the keywords of the new, Aquarian Age. Somehow, after 2024 we’ll find the journey of humanity on planet Earth happier, healthier, and more enlightened.
What should YOU do? What to do now? What to do in the face of division, destruction, and defiance? Can you be safe? Can you help each other to evolve, and the planet to grow kinder? A client recently asked for such help for his own struggles, and the Brotherhood responded that one should label one’s blockages, one’s stubborn beliefs, and ego structures, then gently dissolve these building slabs of personal reality, and start to do the inner work to become more open so that the Guides can penetrate your consciousness and aid you in your journey. They say it’s a two-way street, and a 50-50 effort.
Don’t endorse “virtue signaling” or guilt-driven prostrations. Own your karma! Some of it – the good stuff like privileges or blessings – was earned by you in your past lives. Embrace your gifts! On the other hand, own your hardships. You chose your lessons; you designed your whole life. If you harm another now (and many are doing so) or remove their free will choice, you are just creating bad karma for yourself in your next life/lives.

It is foolish to grasp this and still do it. And if you don’t grasp it yet, hurry up and learn! What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” If you do not have a perfect life (who does?), you have only yourself to blame. Shape up or ship out! Whatever you’re laying down now, righteous as you believe it to be, you’ll be facing when karma bites you later.
So, my little revolutionaries (if any of you are even reading this!), remember to fight for your cause but remember not to wreak harm in doing so. Pluto can kill you! Karma will stick it to you! Life’s struggles will get harder, and you’ll be dealing with America’s Pluto transit at the same awful time!
Smiles and love as always,
Judi  from Del- Aware  
P.S. Check out my newest article ,   "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine , now archived.
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For the World, Week 1 begins with brilliant ideas that can aid investments and large-scale projects ( Mercury sextile Uranus; Jupiter conjunct Pluto ), along with a conclusion to a phase regarding business or governmental matters ( Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ). The 12 th green-lights plans but can indicate arguments ( Mercury station direct square Mars ). The 20 th sees new delays and frustrations for families ( New Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn ), but Week 4 can bring inspiration and hope ( Jupiter sextile Neptune ). The month ends with peaceful mediations or imaginative ideas ( Mercury trine Neptune ).

July is exceeding active for the U.S. , beginning with good news and an upbeat feel ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Moon, opposite U.S. Mercury ) even while protests continue and old issues activate legal pressures ( Mars conjunct U.S. IC; Pluto retrograde opposite U.S. Mercury, conjunct U.S. progressed SN ). Nevertheless, mostly luck prevails ( Uranus sextile U.S. progressed PF ). During Week 1 and the July 4 th holiday, strong feelings arise that hinder sociability ( Mars square U.S. Venus ), but much gets done because of a conciliatory attitude ( Mars sextile U.S. progressed MC; Venus square U.S. Ascendant ). The 5 th brings a wrap-up of a difficult situation involving funding ( Lunar Eclipse in H8 opposite U.S. Sun exact, square U.S. Saturn ). Some attempts are too pushy ( Mars square U.S. Jupiter ). Mid-month shows optimism, inventiveness, and getting back on the right track ( Jupiter trine U.S. Neptune; Mars trine U.S. NN, sextile U.S. Uranus ). Week 3 is mixed: pleasantry on the 16 th -17 th ( Venus trine U.S. Ascendant ), anger and conflicts especially against authority ( Mars square U.S. Sun, opposite U.S. Saturn ), but strength as well ( Mars trine U.S. Ascendant ). The 20 th indicates the beginning of forced changes re funding for domestic care and food supplies ( New Moon in Cancer H8 opposite U.S. Pluto ). Week 4 offers diplomacy ( Venus trine U.S. progressed Mercury ) vying against fighting and restrictive reevaluations ( Mars opposite U.S. progressed Mars; Saturn conjunct U.S. Pluto ).

President Trump , uncertain about his path and facing turbulent new beginnings, finds the month challenging ( Neptune square his NN; Uranus square his Pluto ); however, especially in Week 1, he is continuously more empowered, able to use financial controls, and enjoying his role ( Pluto/Jupiter trine his Midheaven ). Week 2 is busy but good for pacing himself ( Mars trine his progressed Saturn/progressed Midheaven ). On the 13 th , he has excellent ideas and engages in useful talks ( his progressed Mercury trine his progressed NN ). A quiet time of reflection is recommended ( Mars opposite his Neptune ). Week 3 brings therapeutic venting and much activity ( Mars trine his Pluto, opposite his progressed Mars ). Month’s end is excellent for debates and high confidence ( Mars trine his progressed Mercury, sextile his NN, and opposite his Jupiter ).

Joe Biden is depressed and lethargic during Week 1 ( Saturn square his Moon; Mars opposite his Neptune ). He is struggling with brain and language challenges ( Pluto conjunct his progressed Mercury ). Yet he is feisty from the 9 th -10 th ( Mars square his progressed Mars ). Week 3 is better for cautious communications ( Saturn sextile his Venus; Jupiter trine his Mercury ).

Kamala Harris is totally stymied and saddened ( Saturn square her Sun, t-square her Moon ). Is she left out of the running mate choices?

Nancy Pelosi has been blocked since mid-June through Week 1 of July ( Saturn opposite her Pluto, square her Saturn ). Mid-August will bring a shock of some sort ( Uranus station retrograde opposite her Moon ).

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