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June 2020 Volume 141
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The idea that everyone has their own particular reality has become more accepted and understood in our age of quantum truth. As I just discussed with one of my sons, we may all agree that there is a vase on a shelf in our room, but your notion of what a vase is may be different from my notion of what a vase is, or for that matter, what a shelf is. And taking it a bit further, we may both agree that the vase is yellow, but who can say what your perception or version of the color yellow is versus mine?
In my study groups, I sometimes talk about 3-D consensus reality in which people who are considered sane and/or “normal” hold a belief about the nature of the world we live in, including solid objects and certain restrictions such as time or gravity as well as other more tenuous concepts such as connecting with the deceased. Three-D consensus reality is that which the non-insane all adhere to and live within in daily life.

Nowadays, a new concept is raising its head – that of “cognitive dissonance”. At root, this means that new facts arrive in some way such as deduction or revealing hidden matters. These new facts can, and do, clash with our built-up ideas of reality. When faced with certain new facts like these, many people have trouble accepting the new truth because by its very existence it implodes our previous construct of reality. It is so dissonant to what we have believed that we can’t wrap our mind around it. Thus, the phrase “it blew my mind” because what it blows apart is the previously adhered-to construct of personal solid or sensible worldview.
In the face of certain incongruent or inconceivable facts that come to light, many people resist. The effect is that of having our world turned topsy-turvy. Very uncomfortable at first. Yes, the world does fall apart… but what world is that? Well, as we started saying, it’s our personal reality, or, when a group must confront such newness, it’s the consensus reality that everybody agreed was true.

Anyhow, at the present time the world stage is full of new facts coming to light that are highly uncomfortable to look at, no less to integrate into our own personal new reality. There is even a new catch-phrase, “Take the red pill!” No less a figure than Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame has just advised his followers to do! Take the red pill comes from the movie, The Matrix (Part 1), in which Mr. Anderson/Neo is given the choice of staying with the blue pill in his own doctored reality or swallowing the red pill after which the truth, crazy at it may seem, unfolds.
When many of us have taken the red pill voluntarily, another concept comes into being that is being called The Great Awakening . I wrote in last month’s newsletter of some different types of awakening. So, anyone who wishes to investigate either of these phrases – “take the red pill” or “the great awakening” – is welcome to look into them. We are in this age standing at a threshold: what will our new age, our new world bring? And how awake do we want to be?

Smiles and love as always,
Judi  from Del- Aware  
P.S. Check out my newest article ,   "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine , now archived.
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For the World, there is brilliant innovation on the 5 th as well as potential to optimistically resolve differences of values ( Uranus sextile Mercury; Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius square Mars, opposite Venus ). However, on the 18 th plans can be more emotional than logical ( Mercury station retrograde in Cancer ). From the 19 th – 21 st , much energy goes into projects, offering progress for humanity ( Mars sextile Jupiter/Pluto ), along with a fresh start regarding domestic matters and food supplies ( Solar Eclipse in Cancer ). The 22 nd indicates idealism and compassion ( Neptune station retrograde in Pisces ). The last quarter is beneficial for investments, large-scale projects, and recovery ( Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn ). Lively social activity is shown on the 25 th ( Venus station direct in Gemini ).

The U.S. experiences much pressure, emotional stress, and power struggles all month ( Pluto opposite U.S. Mercury ) yet during the first half great optimism, stability, and serious goal-setting ( Jupiter trine U.S. progressed Neptune; Saturn trine U.S. Midheaven ). The first two days bring boldness and belligerence ( Mars trine U.S. Sun, square U.S. Ascendant ). The 5 th -6 th shows military strength ( Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Sun, trine U.S. progressed Jupiter ), and is nice for real estate as well as behind-the-scenes constructive action regarding legal or foreign matters ( Lunar Eclipse in Sag H12 sextile U.S. Saturn ). Old financial dealings crop up by the 9 th ( U.S. progressed Moon conjunct U.S. progressed SN/progressed Moon ). Excitement and fun can be had from the 12 th -16 th ( Venus retrograde conjunct U.S. Uranus ) but there is discouragement from the 14 th -16 th , possibly Covid-19 infections rising again ( Mars square U.S. Mars, opposite U.S. Neptune ). The second half of the month crimps spending and socializing ( Saturn square U.S. progressed Venus ). The 18 th is mostly helpful for renegotiating commerce and reevaluating insurance, stimulus money, and loans ( Mercury station retrograde conjunct U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter, trine U.S. progressed Sun, square U.S. Saturn exact ). The 19 th gives strong words and aggression ( Mars sextile U.S. progressed Moon, trine U.S. Mercury/NN ). The 21 st -22 nd shows a slump for oil or energy ( Neptune station retrograde square U.S. Mars ) but is nice for restaurants and food (S olar Eclipse in Cancer H7 conjunct U.S. Venus ). Week 4 looks mostly happy ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Moon ). On the 25 th , we can act forcefully ( Mars sextile U.S. Pluto ) and react to exciting news indicating either breakthroughs or break-ups ( Venus station direct in Gemini conjunct U.S. progressed Uranus, square U.S. Ascendant ). At month’s end, people can revolt whereas infrastructures can be repaired ( Mars conjunct U.S. IC ).

President Trump can feel uncertain, especially on the 22 nd ( Neptune station retrograde square his NN ), yet is more empowered and strategizing well ( Pluto trine his Midheaven, square his progressed Jupiter ). This is a period in which he is serving the world’s needs via his ideas and leadership ( NN sextile his Ascendant ). The first third shows brilliant ideas ( Uranus sextile his Mercury ) although some upsets around the 8 th ( Mars square his Uranus/progressed NN ). The 13 th is great for plans, speeches, or signings ( his progressed Mercury sextile his Jupiter ). Extravagance is shown mid-month around his birthday ( Jupiter opposite his Venus ), and he can relax from the 17 th -21 st ( Mars trine his Venus/Saturn ). The 25 th is a lovely day ( Venus station direct in H10, trine his Neptune exact ). He is blessed but over-active during Week 4 ( Jupiter trine his Midheaven, square his progressed Jupiter ).

Joe Biden continues to feel mental pressure, and babbles away ( Pluto/Jupiter conjunct his progressed Mercury, opposite his Jupiter ). The second half of the month shows him disliked by women but making gradual changes ( Saturn square his Moon, trine his progressed Uranus ).

If Michelle Obama is under consideration as Biden’s replacement, she would lose on Election Day ( Saturn conjunct her Sun exact; Mercury station direct square her Sun exact on November 3rd 2020 ).

Nancy Pelosi keeps pushing a project all month ( Pluto/Jupiter trine her Mars ). She is deluded on the 22 nd but can gain funding ( Neptune station retrograde trine her Uranus/Venus but square her progressed Ascendant ). The second half of the month finds her very blocked ( Saturn opposite her Pluto, square her Saturn ).
For more forecasts, check out my article:  "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets" , now posted on my website.  

(c) 2020 by Judi Thomases .
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