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March 2020 Volume 138
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First off, you may notice that this newsletter looks a bit changed now. That’s because Constant Contact has updated its editing software so that mailings work better on newer devices. This costly alteration works better in some ways but not so great in others. I’ve tried to maintain my traditional format, colors, and overall look, but some items are just going to be different! The newsletter may evolve further in coming months. Please bear with me, but be sure to let me know if any portion is giving you trouble so that I can work with their tech support to fix things.

In the news, everyone is freaking out about the Coronavirus that might even turn into a pandemic (which, by the way, just means appearing in more than one country, I’ve learned). There are rare and harsh astrological configurations in the world chart nowadays (Saturn and Pluto conjunct, Mars soon to follow, and Neptune in its own sign) that might be the underlying agency for this challenging event, but there are also protective ones (Jupiter and Mars sextile Neptune) as often happens. The Guides and Elders require that Earth and humanity continue to evolve…so there’s that. Some people are ready to leave; others have work to do here still. The soul chooses.

And since consciousness continues after physical death, the wise ones tell us to relax! Do whatever is needed to stay healthy and of good faith. Become aware of your own energy patterns in the year ahead (transits and progressions), and if they conduce towards stress, take steps to offset that consciously by using meditation, good nutrition and lifestyle, positive thoughts, and a kind heart to neutralize anything negative in your system before you might be exposed to a virus. Fear is a great weakener of our immune systems, love and light a great strengthener.

Personally, I have faith that the world’s brilliant medical minds and acute care facilities will come up with a cure or even a vaccine before long. There may be glitches in the supply chain or economic ramifications, but there may also be humbling lessons for nations that pursue power lust or greed! Keep those citizens in your prayers, and send out as much healing as possible. You have no idea how shielding it is when you become that kind of beacon!

Smiles and love as always,
Judi  from Del- Aware  
P.S. Look for my newest article ,   "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine , to be archived later.
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For the World, Week 2 brings opportunities for deals to go forward but over-optimism or deceit is possible ( Mercury SD; Full Moon trine Jupiter, square Neptune ). L ots of innovation is indicated in Week 3 ( NN sextile Uranus ). On the 23 rd - 24 th , intense power struggles are seen ( Mars conjunct Pluto ) but there are serious goals forming regarding Big Tech and non-profits ( Saturn into Aquarius) and a fresh start pitting pioneering efforts against home and hearth needs ( New Moon in Aries square NN in Cancer ). The 29 th is excellent for economies and prosperity ( Jupiter conjunct Pluto; Venus trine Pluto/Jupiter ).

The U.S. sees a windfall in Week 1 ( Uranus sextile U.S. Venus ). Financial matters are under scrutiny all month, perhaps by the Supreme Court ( Pluto opposite U.S. Mercury, involving H2, 8, and 9 ). Week 2 brings a mixture: some are quite happy (J upiter conjunct U.S. progressed Moon ) but many are frustrated and up in arms against authority ( Mars opposite U.S. Sun, square U.S. Saturn/progressed Mars ). Mid-month brings restrictions that negatively impact the economy ( Saturn conjunct U.S. progressed Pluto in H2 ) but also optimism and religiosity ( Jupiter trine U.S. Neptune ). The same mixture of arguments and attempts to heal prevail in Week 3 ( Mars trine U.S. Neptune, opposite U.S. Mercury/progressed NN ). Month’s end brings curbed speculation, much discussion, exciting opportunities, yet the chance of violence ( Saturn square U.S. progressed Venus in H5; Jupiter opposite U.S. Mercury; Uranus sextile U.S. Jupiter; and Mars square U.S. progressed Mars ).

President Trump is more empowered now and uses financial leverage to gain his ends ( Pluto trine his MC, square his progressed Jupiter ). He begins the month quite popular, feeling freer, being extravagant, and experiencing positive changes ( Venus trine his Ascendant; Jupiter square his progressed Venus ). Week 2 brings a risk of over-optimism ( Jupiter quinqunx his Sun/progressed Uranus ) yet much pleasant diplomacy and the chance to re-do a deal ( Venus sextile his Mercury, trine his progressed Moon; Mercury SRx conjunct his Fortuna/Descendant ). He may feel loved and also rejected ( Venus trine his progressed Sun, square his progressed Saturn/progressed MC )!  Week 3 indicates financial issues causing pressure ( Venus square his Pluto ), and a caution to avoid over-commitment ( Jupiter opposite his Saturn ).  Week 4 indicates good aspects for plans, ideas, and communications, savvy business results, and much good will ( Mercury trine his Mercury; Venus sextile his Saturn/Venus ). The month ends with lots of success ( Jupiter trine his MC, square his progressed Jupiter ).

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh ( 1/12/51, 7:50 AM CST, Cape Girardeau, MO ), having recently announced that he is battling lung cancer, may in some ways have gotten past the worst of things ( Saturn/Pluto past conjunction to his Sun, square to his Neptune; progressed MC leaning into a trine to his Saturn; Uranus past the square to his Saturn ) but may face further upsets in April-May ( Uranus conjunct his natal Uranus ). He will find his faith greatly increasing in coming years ( Neptune conjunct his NN/Moon, ruler of H6 ).

Ex-President Barack Obama finds Weeks 2 and 3 replete with sudden bad news ( Uranus opposite his progressed Mercury ).

Nancy Pelosi gradually realizes her dream is over ( Neptune leaving conjunction to her Mercury ).

For more forecasts, check out my articles:  "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets" , now posted on my website.  

(c) 2020 by Judi Thomases .
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