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May 2020 Volume 140
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How are you holding up during the quarantine? Do you feel ready to venture out once more, using common sense, or would you rather stay safely but wearyingly cocooned?

It seems that many people are experiencing this period (while healthy themselves) as more about intense non-health stresses than about the virus. Other astrologers have reported, as I’ve seen too, more clients calling for readings than in quieter times. Many clients are on edge. There is a tie-in, of course: the same intense energy pattern that “brought forth” the health crisis has also brought forth the very individual and personal challenges that people are coping with. It’s as though everything is happening at once. Health, finances, freedom, and relationships are all under pressure. I believe it is a Design that’s meant to accelerate our evolution and awakening.

Awakening can mean a lot of different things. It can mean becoming more aware of what’s really going on around you and in the world. Are there secret things going on that you weren’t cognizant of? Awakening can mean seeing things from a larger and more elevated perspective. Were you too wrapped up in your ego’s drama to realize the Big Picture? Awakening can mean making a deeper connection with your higher self. Is there God and if so, what is your relationship to that?

It’s a good word… and a good thought. But awakening can sometimes be startling, even shocking. Not for the faint-hearted! My guides teach that we don’t evolve during periods of comfort and complacency. We need the prod; we need the catalyst.  “Suffering is the abrasion that produces wisdom,” they have taught. I guess a bunch of us are learning that right now!

In tough times, I turn to my math. It shows that we have some protective energies and lots of spiritual vitality now too. Now can be the perfect time to come more alive, to help each other, to be kind, courageous, generous, and stalwart. The very hardest work is to remain centered and self-mastered during the Storm.

Cheers to your Awakening!

Smiles and love as always,
Judi  from Del- Aware  
P.S. Check out my newest article ,   "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine , now archived.
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For the World, Week 1 brings a worldwide switchover from attention upon domestic matters, family, and homeland as it has been since November 2018, to socializing and communications which will last until January 2022 ( NN enters Gemini ). On the 7 th , we may hear about dark matters involving secrets, sex, and the occult ( Full Moon in Scorpio )! The 11 th is good for sensible plans, critical thinking, and technology or science ( Saturn station retrograde in Aquarius trine Mercury ). The 13 th indicates issues that are deceptive or over-romanticized ( Venus station retrograde square Neptune ). From the 14 th -15 th , there is a positive shift that is rejuvenating and good for economies ( Pluto trine Sun; Jupiter station retrograde conjunct Pluto ). The 22 nd shows practical new beginnings, with some restrictions being discussed ( New Moon trine Saturn ). The 25 th offers inventions and innovations ( Uranus sextile Mars ).

The U.S. is on the rebound and quite hopeful all month, especially on the 14 th ( Jupiter station retrograde conjunct U.S. Pluto exact, trine U.S. progressed Neptune ), but must deal with deep feelings and old problems regarding the people’s money, taxes, and the stress on the stock market; there is a clamor for needed change ( Pluto conjunct U.S. progressed Moon/progressed SN, opposite U.S. Mercury ). Anger or military action is shown on the 9 th -10 th ( Mars conjunct U.S. Moon ). On the 11 th , there is stability but financial losses ( Saturn station retrograde trine U.S. Midheaven exact, square U.S. progressed Venus exact ). On the 13 th , compassionate action and diplomacy are indicated ( Venus station retrograde conjunct U.S. Mars exact in H7, square U.S. Neptune, trine U.S. progressed Mercury ). Mid-month brings more liberation but high drama regarding the entertainment industry ( Uranus trine U.S. progressed Ascendant ). From the 18 th -22 nd , a lively fun period is possible ( Mars trine U.S. Venus /Jupiter ). Week 4 shows an emotional-versus-logical tug-of-war regarding financial matters, perhaps involving the Federal Reserve ( U.S. progressed Moon in H2 opposite U.S. Mercury ). Month’s end can bring accidents, or upsets regarding employment, legalities, and/or travel ( U.S. progressed Uranus square U.S. progressed Ascendant ).

President Trump feels confused about his right path this month, and is hampered financially but has greater control as well ( Neptune square his NN; Pluto trine his Midheaven, opposite his Saturn/Venus, and square his progressed Jupiter ). Week 1 brings in lots of money ( Venus trine his progressed Venus in H2 ). He is angry and proactive from the 9 th -10 th ( Mars opposite his Mars ). On the 13 th , friction can be reworked into teamwork, and he is popular and eccentric, overdoing things because it feels right ( Mars conjunct his Descendant, trine his progressed Ascendant; Venus station retrograde conjunct his Sun/progressed Uranus/NN, opposite his Moon ). In Week 4, he has brilliant ideas and offers interesting information ( Uranus trine his Mercury ). The 28 th is especially great for communications ( NN/Mercury trine his Ascendant ).

The Republican Party ( 3/20/1854, Ripon, WI ) shows an organization that’s good at business ( Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Chiron, sextile Sun, trine Saturn; Pluto sextile Venus ), compassionate ( 3 planets in Pisces including Venus ), too idealistic ( Neptune square Moon ), and resolving karma (S un at 29 Pisces ). Confusion is leaving ( Neptune past its Neptune-Moon t-square ), and strengthening is coming ( Pluto conjunct its Jupiter, trine its Saturn ).

Joe Biden seems lucky but ill, and will probably be nominated ( Jupiter station retrograde sextile his Sun exact/Venus; Saturn station retrograde in grand air trine to his progressed Uranus and Neptune but square his Moon ). He is under mental pressure and very confused, likely suffering dementia ( Pluto conjunct his progressed Mercury; Neptune conjunct his IC ).

Nancy Pelosi remains confused and very blocked ( her progressed Ascendant square her progressed Neptune; Saturn station retrograde square her Saturn, opposite her progressed Pluto exact ). Nevertheless, she has high hopes ( Neptune sextile her Uranus/Venus ).

Ex-President Obama is under psychological pressure ( Pluto opposite his progressed Moon ). He also experiences much restriction ( Saturn station retrograde in grand fixed cross opposite Mercury, square his Jupiter in H12, square his progressed Mars ).

Bill Gates ( 10/28/55, 10 PM, Seattle WA ) cannot move forward with his plans ( Saturn station retrograde triggers his fixed t-square of progressed Uranus, progressed Neptune, and Chiron ).
For more forecasts, check out my article:  "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets" , now posted on my website.  

(c) 2020 by Judi Thomases .
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"Saturn's Vanishing Rings" - a look at NASA's findings against vast cosmic cycles, and what they mean to us today.

"A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets"    - A look at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in late Capricorn.
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~ New Feature ~ Letters to the Editor ~

Your feedback is welcome
Boomer Remover...
  Judi, My name is Dan Weaver, I am 67 years old. I have studied Hellenic astrology since 1970. Of course, I noticed the pluto return aspects some years ago and have tried to integrate the insights into my own life. Imagine how surprised I must have been when google searched -Sibley "pluto return"- and up popped your article from Dell Horoscope entitled 'Clash of Values'. 
   I am sure by now you are well apprised of the covid-19 pandemic and the fervid politics that surround it in America today. Many on the Left have come to refer to covid-19 as the 'Boomer Remover'. 
Do you remember writing this?
'The spiritual thrust that was seen towards the end of the 20th century has been eclipsed by the divisive and dark emotions now stirred up. It’s hard to predict what outcome will prevail until things settle down much later in this new century, because we must remember that Pluto itself will enter Aquarius by 2023, thus further triggering very challenging patterns to the large generation born with Pluto in Leo, by then aged 65 to 84, including some patriotic stalwarts who may find these energies overmuch, and thus decide to leave Planet Earth!'
How prescient! Yours must be the first reference to the phenomenon! I am one of those 'patriotic stalwarts' and you seem to wish hope will 'leave Planet Earth!' I love that exclamation point.
This may be your wish for me and my cohort Miss wish for you is insomnia til you take your own life.
Cheers! Don't you love THIS exclamation point?" - Dan,
Hi Dan,
 I sleep great!  
I love humanity.
Here's a quote from my guides: "The soul chooses its exits and entrances." Do you understand what that means?
You seem mean-spirited. My hope isn't that you leave Planet Earth prematurely. It's that you find more light within.
Thanks for writing.

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