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October 2022 Volume 166
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No doubt we’re living through a challenging and extraordinary era in our nation (and in many parts of the world), what with inflation, supply chain shortages, censorship clashes, and border problems, to name but a few. This has got me thinking that what’s going on in this country couldn’t be manifesting so strongly if it didn’t have cosmic support for the happenings! And sure enough, the United States is under unprecedented aspects for transformation, deceit, confusion, and rebirth (a Pluto return; Neptune opposite its Neptune, square its Mars; etc.). Okay, then, my next thought was: Why is the cosmos supporting this chaos and negativity? In a benign universe (which I believe this to be), there would always have to be a good reason.

I’ve been reading about ancient Rome until and through Caesar, and the parallels to our era are amazing. For example: “But the Senate had long been in bed with the business classes…. Corruption in the Republic threatened to putrefy the world.” – Rubicon, Tom Holland

Pretty similar, huh?

Maybe the hardships are designed to illustrate how bad it could be again, and give the contrast we need to see? Maybe it’s to accelerate our spiritual evolution? Benjamin Franklin told us how tentative freedom can be: “A Republic…,” he said, “if they can keep it.”

It reminds me of a vision I had years ago, which I included in my book, The Wisdom Keys, in which vast humanish/godlike entities were surrounding the beleaguered Earth, yet instead of cradling or supporting it, were calmly intensifying the energetic pressures on it. How mean!, I thought. But the simultaneous message given was that humanity was not to be babied but forced, not coddled but pushed onward. The benign purpose was to drive our spiritual development preliminary to the onset of the New Age.

Ancient Rome existed during the Age of Aries (Mars, God-of-War-ruled). That was the bottom of the 27,000-year cycle of Precession of the Ages, and also corresponded to the Kali Yuga, or darkest time. Things were at their worst, and life was brutal, filled with war and bloodshed, competition and aggression; patriarchy – Yang, or male energy – was in its glory. (Before that, matriarchy had been in ascendance.)

We are nowhere in that energy now! The new Age of Aquarius will foster equality (neither male/Yang nor female/Yin), new technology, communications, and invention. Aquarius is humanitarian, and raises the group over the individual. It probably spells the end for monarchs or heads of churches. It won’t happen all at once but it does promise greater light and less egotism. An Age is roughly 2100 years. It should also promote astrology, which Aquarius rules.

“To use a pet phrase of an old astrologer, ‘If they play with astrology, it will play with them, and if they try to make a fool of it, it will surely make fools of them.’” – Richard Bland in Today’s Astrologer 2022

I hope these musings help to make some sense of what we’re living through at the current time. We’re in flux, and I believe that at the moment of greatest shift we will begin to see much more, rather than less, light. We are being forced to grow up.

Blessings to all.


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Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 

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The World enjoys some harmony via the arts or music (Venus in Libra). Information and/or transportation matters are helped on the 2nd (Mercury SD trine Pluto). Week 2 indicates continuing transformation of institutions and Big Business (Pluto SD in Capricorn), plus sensible bold results for new attempts (Full Moon in Aries). Week 4 has continuing blockages but smart planning (Saturn SD square Uranus, trine Mercury), and further compassion or love (Jupiter back into Pisces; Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus exact). The 30th is unhelpful regarding infections or military actions (Mars SR square Neptune).
The U.S. is undergoing a shift regarding SCOTUS and laws, returning to its ideals (Pluto sextile its p2 Neptune) but remains confused and deceived about the media, educational matters, and beliefs (Neptune opposite its Neptune in H9). Nevertheless, most of the month (especially the 5th-6th) is pleasant (Venus trine its Uranus/p2 MC, sextile its NN). Week 1 indicates splurging (Jupiter square U.S. Venus), with a mixture of delusion, cleverness, and inspiration (Mercury SD conjunct its Neptune, sextile its Mercury exact). The 5th begins a new 2-year cycle regarding military news (Mars return trine U.S. p2 Mercury); the 12th, important talks and lucky changes (Mercury conjunct U.S. MC; Uranus sextile U.S. p2 Sun). Week 4 brings serious goals but delays (Solar Eclipse conjunct U.S. p2 Saturn in H11), and benefits for the economy (Jupiter sextile U.S. p2 Pluto).
Trump is highly charged and must act throughout the first half of the month (Mars opposite his Moon, trine his p2 Venus/p2 Jupiter, conjunct his NN/Sun). On the 30th, his energy and confidence are sky-high (Mars SR sextile his Mars, trine his p2 Jupiter).
Putin is inventive, happy, responsible, combative, and following his beliefs (Uranus sextile his Uranus; Saturn conjunct his NN; Jupiter sextile his Moon, trine his Mercury; Mars opposite his p2 Sun, trine his Neptune/Mercury). The 25th will be important for his personal issues and role (Solar Eclipse conjunct his ASC/p2 MC).
Nancy Pelosi is thrown for a loop now (Uranus opposite her Moon, and sets off her natal opposition). By March she suffers a big loss (Saturn SD t-square her Moon exact, square her Uranus).
King Charles III’s reign may not last long but will face a crisis by late March (Pluto will soon square his Moon, then his NN; Uranus will oppose his Sun). He is finishing up a cycle of lives (Jupiter and Uranus both at 29 degrees) but has always been confused regarding his home and roots, with difficult karma about females, communications, and selfhood (Neptune conjunct his IC; Grand Fixed Cross to Moon/NN – ASC - Mercury). The Proclamation of his ascendancy shows trouble on the homefront, especially via women or partner, i.e., Camilla (Sun t-square Mars, Moon; Saturn in H4 square Uranus in H7).
For more forecasts, check out my article: "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets", now posted on my website.  

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