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September 2020 Volume 144
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One of the perks of writing a free newsletter is the chance I get to rant, or vent – whatever term you’d like to use. My venting today has to do with many changes that I’ve been encountering in the marketplace, brought on by this Covid fiasco.

First of all, just in the last couple of months so many products that I’ve used (purchased) for years have gone missing from the shelves. I’m not talking only about cleaning products and soaps – that’s understandable. But the other day I looked for the small bottle of Carbona Spot Remover that I’ve used and relied upon for decades! Well, it looks like it’s discontinued, even via a complete internet search. Bathroom toilet wipes have been wiped out. Cosmetics… things that were always available, promoted, or found in specialty stores… some items are just gone, without any consumer alerts!

This abrupt paucity was astounding and disturbing enough, but a manufacturer whose products I’ve used for years – ladies, you’ll recognize the name L’Oreal – was more outrageous than all because it posted on Facebook as a self-described “L’Oreal advisor” the following:

“Your existence, privilege, and success as a race is built on the backs, blood, and death of people of color. Your entire existence is drenched in racism. Racism isn’t learned; it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth, then we can talk.” – billed as L’Oreal Advisor’s Message to White People. [I saved a screen shot of this disgusting tirade.]

Even after I brought this to the attention of David Group, President of L’Oreal USA, in a letter stating that as a white woman who is totally offended, no response whatsoever was forthcoming. (And I think I’d be offended even if I wasn’t white.) So, I’m left to deduce that this company now has no use for its white formerly-loyal customers.

This is an example, along with the Portland OR riots and the NYC economic decline, of evidence of a broad shift in our nation (and maybe in the world) in these last few months. It’s dangerous; it’s sad; it does not bode well for humanity. And I believe it’s all rooted in one and the same mindset: prejudicial, uncaring, perhaps even deliberately undermining. And I don’t like it, and I will fight against it.

From the nation’s supermarket shelves to its shaky economy to its attitudes towards traditional values and responses, and perhaps even to some kind of outside attack upon our lifestyle, I’ve been pushed to fight with words against the direction that this is taking and against any cohesive movement that is affecting me, my loved ones, my neighbors, and my countrymen in this sort of daily way.

You may or may not be aware of anything that’s been happening that is changing your status as a citizen, your value as a consumer, and your expectation of a lifestyle that you enjoy. But it is happening in subtle ways. It is something insidious that is growing secretly behind the scenes. A message now, therefore, is to not shrug it off, to not turn a blind eye, to hold responsible any corporation, any government entity, or any person that may contribute to this gradual eroding of our American path.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my newest article, "Saturn's Vanishing Rings" in the January/February 2020 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, now archived.
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For the World, September 7th offers a chance at diplomacy (Mercury sextile Venus) but frustrations explode on the 9th (Mars SR square Saturn). The 13th indicates hopeful optimism (Jupiter SD sextile Neptune) but the 16th shows compromising situations and separations (Venus square Uranus). A new start for caution, realism, and maturity happens on the 17th (New Moon trine Saturn exact). Communications go poorly on the 23rd (Mercury square Saturn), with arguing on the 24th (Mercury opposite Mars). Some headway is shown on the 27th (NN sextile Venus). A mixed pattern on the 29th offers help for relationships (Venus trine Mars) yet frustrations, blockages, and stymied anger that can lead to anger and even violence (Saturn SD square Mars).
 The U.S. experiences less and less delusion with the potential of realizing a dream all month (Pluto trine U.S. Neptune); it shows the beginning of prosperity especially in regards to real estate and banking (progressed Venus entering Taurus). However, since August and through October, the nation endures much pre-Election pressure (U.S. progressed Moon conjunct U.S. Pluto/progressed Pluto). An important announcement is shown on the 6th (Mercury conjunct U.S. Midheaven) followed by extravagant spending, pleasant times, and polite efforts at diplomacy that likely fail on the 7th-8th (Venus square U.S. progressed Venus, trine U.S. Midheaven; Mercury square U.S. Venus, trine U.S. progressed Midheaven). There is much discussion on the 9th (again on the 16th) (Mercury square U.S. Jupiter) but also an explosion of rage and violence on the 10th (Mars station retrograde square U.S. Pluto). The 13th shows extremism (Jupiter station direct square U.S. progressed Mars) but also exciting and lucky, and beneficial for Hollywood (Venus sextile U.S. Uranus, conjunct U.S. NN in Leo). The 15th indicates lots of talks and debates (Mercury square U.S. Sun) despite confusion regarding government, legal issues and beliefs (New Moon in U.S. H9 conjunct U.S. progressed Neptune). On the 18th-19th, people will enjoy extra money in a steady economic pattern (Venus trine U.S. Ascendant, sextile U.S. Saturn). The 20th and 23rd indicate strong communication with a plethora of information and lots of debates (Mercury trine U.S. Mars, square U.S. Mercury). The 25th mixes two energies: one is smooth and pleasant, the other intense (Venus sextile U.S. Mars; Mercury trine U.S. Moon, square U.S. Pluto). The 29th shows some kind of finale to sad news and old problems (Saturn station direct conjunct U.S. progressed NN, opposite U.S. Mercury).
President Trump finds himself dealing with unpleasant blockages, especially in Week 4 (Saturn opposite his Venus) but is very dominant and courageous on the 9th, possibly executing military action (Mars station retrograde in H9 trine his Ascendant/Mars, sextile his Fortuna, conjunct his progressed Descendant). From the 12th-13th, he is very persuasive and blunt even while over-spending (Mercury sextile his Pluto, conjunct his progressed Mars; Jupiter station direct in H2 square his Jupiter). The 16th-19th sees effective and influential communications (Sun trine his Midheaven, sextile his Venus; Venus conjunct his progressed Pluto, sextile his progressed Mars; Mercury conjunct his Jupiter, sextile his progressed Mercury, trine his NN). The 22nd indicates brilliant ideas and magnetism (his progressed Mercury sextile his Uranus) while the 23rd shows high energy and guts (Mars trine his Mars). Week 4 is turbulent, and he is pushy (Uranus square his Pluto; Mars square his Venus).
Kamala Harris is very assertive on the 9th but she can attract strong enemies too, even an attack (Mars station retrograde conjunct her Aries Moon, opposite her Libra Sun).
Joe Biden is cocky on the 28th (Mars square his Jupiter) but struggling with obstacles regarding communications and cognition (Saturn station direct opposite his Jupiter, conjunct his progressed Mercury). By month’s end, he is behaving oddly and erratically, with abrupt changes (his progressed Moon square his Uranus). Will he be replaced then?
Obama can be inventive yet angry and upset on the 9th (Mars station retrograde trine his progressed Uranus, square his progressed Moon). But the 28th is problematic, even indicating an indictment (Saturn station direct conjunct his Saturn/progressed Midheaven exact in H12).
Hillary Clinton’s date for testifying, the 9th, is either delayed or she somehow eludes it (Pluto sextile her Moon, trine her progressed NN/Descendant, sextile her Mercury; Jupiter conjunct her progressed Mercury, sextile her Venus/progressed Midheaven in H12). The time is not yet upon her for a reckoning (Neptune trine her progressed Midheaven, sextile her progressed Mercury). However, it will go much harder for her in late January after the next Inauguration (New Moon conjunct her progressed Ascendant; Pluto conjunct her progressed Ascendant; Saturn square her Sun) – perhaps an indication of a Trump win!

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(c) 2020 by Judi Thomases.
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